Monday, March 21, 2011

Do You Turtle?

I've been to a couple flea markets in my day...and I've seen a good amount of different and eclectic things, but the one that always stands out to me is the elusive {and faux I might add} turtle shell!  I've seen them as a design element in a house or two, and I have to say, I think they're pretty cool!  Different-yes, but super cool!

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Before anyone jumps the gun here, I just want to make it clear that I, in no way, accept or condone the harming of any animals, let alone turtles!  But to be able to display the resin version in your home  to admire their beauty, seems like a great way to celebrate them.  If you must have an authentic shell, then please do your research and find a reliable source to purchase a naturally shed shell.  This is a humane practice and allows the digntity and respect of these animals to stay in tact.

I think the architecture of the shell is just so beautiful and unique.  Kelly Wreastler designed this restaurant at The Tides la Marea in order to display them.

Something a little more subdued...

I've also seen them on stands...which looks great on a bookshelf or even on a side table, perhaps behind the sofa?

I am a fan of hanging 3 of them in a row, as opposed to one singular one.  However, this space is truly lovely and eclectic.

Ballard Designs had these resin turtle shells about a year ago....unfortunately, they are no longer available.  I've not seen this design element go it's definitely a special treasure to find one.

Let me know...what do you think?  Would you ever consider display turtle shells in your home?  I think if I lived by the beach, I would definitely be interested.

xo natasha


  1. Very different. I have not seen these before.

  2. This is such a funny post. I used to collect turtle shells as a kid and then I just stopped. I wonder where all of mine are now???

  3. I think that this is very neat! You read my mind though, my first thought was 'how mean I wouldn't want to harm a turtle for decor' but thanks for educating me on the options! I really like this! :)

  4. So different!! I love that eclectic look! It's like tortoise shell is the new deer antlers! haha...or something like that! ;)

  5. You're too cute- DON'T HURT THE TURTLESSSSS! Ha! But seriously, turtles are definitely my favorite animal! And I don't see any harm in displaying old shells or fake shells on the wall. They'd look amazing in a man's study.

  6. o wow! v interesting, ive never thought about using turtle shells to decorate. i always think of finding nemo when i think of turtles ;) v cute. xoxo jcd:: cornflake dreams

  7. I've never seen this before - so cool!

  8. what an awesome idea! i grew up on the beach but never thought about using the shells as decoration - very prettty!

  9. Have I been living under a shall??? I have never seen this amazing idea. You rock!!!

  10. No... I have pet turtles =) hehe! I couldnt say no when they got stranded after a hurricane. My little living decor =) haha

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  11. Interesting! I hadn't noticed a lot of this, but now I will, I'm sure! I wanted to thank you for reading about my project on Modern Jane and for leaving a comment. As a new blogger, I sooo appreciate that!

  12. Loving each and every one of these images; in fact I think I have them all bookmarked as inspiration. I love the look of shells but of course want to be responsible. I recently came across this source, perhaps you may like:


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