Family-Friendly Doesn't Mean Losing your Style

Hi Friends!  First, thank you all SO much for the sweet comments on our maternity shoot yesterday.  You all make me feel so special...especially during a time where I am feeling more like a beached whale, than a glowing preggo lady!  ;)  It really means a lot to me, so thank you!

I have a special treat for you all today...the talented peeps over at Houzz have written a guest post for all of us...talking about something pretty pertinent to my life right to live in a family-friendly home without sacrificing style.  Hope you all enjoy!

Hello everyone! My name is Becky and I'm a contributor at Houzz, a home design site focused on helping design professionals and homeowners manage the remodeling and decorating process. Thanks so much to Natasha for having me! 

 Beautiful home design and having kids around — often it seems like these are two things that cannot coexist. However, just because your home is filling up with backpacks, toys, diaper genies and science fair projects, it’s no reason to lose track of your own personal style. Popsicles, GoGurts and Capri Suns will have to live alongside your sofas and rugs, so it’s best to toughen up your interiors a bit. Here are five tips for going kid-friendly without losing your own sense of style.

Marina Living Room modern living room

Use durable fabrics. The wide variety of outdoor fabrics on the market today makes this easy. Ali Davin of Jute Interiors decorated this entire flat with the clients' toddlers in mind. She used durable outdoor fabrics almost everywhere throughout the space.

Modern nursery modern kids

Go for sophisticated wallpaper. As your family grows, you'll likely be shuffling bedrooms and offices around. Thus, you should think beyond duckies when decorating a nursery (actually, you should be thinking way beyond duckies anyway!). Choose a wallpaper that you know you'll love for years, whether the room is a nursery, an office, a guest room or an older child's bedroom.

Choose neutral colors for the big, permanent pieces. Jennifer Jones of Niche interiors has wisely chosen a beautiful dragonfly paper in a neutral color palette and added color via more portable accessories. This is always a wise move in a room that will need to grow and change with your child.

Playroom modern kids
Have a place for everything, and teach your kids to put everything in its place. Interior designer Rachel Reider flanked the fireplace in this playroom with shelves for books that include baskets for toys. Establish a strict "one in, one out" policy for toys and keep a donation container handy for those that are on the way out.

Use carpet tiles in kids' spaces. If one is stained or otherwise damaged, it's a cinch to tear out that one tile square and replace it rather than having to buy a whole new area rug.

Have any great tips for going kid-friendly without sacrificing your design aesthetic? I hope you'll share them below!

Find more kid-friendly inspiration for your home from San Francisco interior designers and more design professionals at Houzz. many great tips and things that I hope to instil in our home, once the little guy gets here!  A special thanks to Becky for her post today!

xo natasha

Maternity Shoot

I'm so pleased to share our maternity photos with you today.  They turned out beautifully and will be such a great way to remember this special time during our lives.  The talented Darcy Rodriguez of Artyard Photography took these for us.  She is also 9 months pregnant with a son, so I am excited for our little guys to meet here shortly, but also grateful she was able to take these for us!  Hope you enjoy...

 So glad that Wilson got to make the shoot!  :)

The photos were all taken down at Camp Richardson on the lake.  The white dress is actually a skirt and top and the second dress is the same one I wore to my baby shower

I'm sure we'll frame some for the's hard to pick my favorite though!  :)

xo natasha

36 Weeks: One Month Countdown!

How far along? 36 Weeks
Baby Size: The size of a honeydew!
Total weight gain: 24 pounds
Maternity clothes? Lots of maxi this one.

Stretch marks? No, but this would be the belly just keeps getting bigger!
Sleep: I'm starting to struggle more and's hard to get to sleep...he always seems to get hiccups right about the time I'm dozing off!  And shifting around/getting up to use the bathroom is becoming more difficult!
Best moment this week: Having my first weekly checkup with the doctor!  He said baby is starting to move down, which means he could come early!  That would be nice!  And we also got our maternity photos!  Can't wait to share them with you tomorrow!
Miss Anything? All the usual things...drinking, bending over, feeling "normal".  But I have to say, it's all worth it.  No complaints!
Movement: Lots and lots of movement.  He's an active little boy!
Food cravings: Fresh fruit, angel food cake with whip cream and strawberries, Frosted Mini Wheats! 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really
Gender: BOY!!!
Labor Signs: Nope...nothing yet.  The doctor also said I did not show any dilation, but my cervix is starting to soften.  Hoping after an active weekend that I'll show signs of progress this week!
Symptoms: Lower back pain, lower stomach/pelvic area pain, sleepy, low energy...pretty typical!
Belly Button in or out? halfie
Wedding rings on or off? on
Mood: Getting more crying for no reason!  But really happy overall!  And excited for his impending arrival!
Looking forward to: Baby's arrival!  It's crazy to think that he could be here any time now.  We'll be 37 weeks tomorrow...full term!  Yipee!!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend!

xo natasha

PS...I'm over at Gaby's sweet blog today talking about what's in my makeup bag!  Check it out!

Happy Birthday My Love

Wishing my husband a happy happy birthday!

Here's a sneak peek from our maternity shoot...more photos next week!

xo natasha

Friday Fancies::Memorial Day Madness

Memorial Day Madness

Necklace // Wedges // Lipgloss // Dress // Earrings // Swimsuit // Tote

Yay for a three day weekend!!  And yay for the hubby's birthday tomorrow!  ;)

We have good friends coming up this weekend to help us celebrate, which I'm pretty excited about.  The weather, however, doesn't look like it's going to cooperate {there's a chance of snow!}, but we won't let that damper our time together.  It really feels like the last hoorah before baby gets here!  And if the weather were perfect...I would wear this outfit...pregnant or not.  I LOVE this maxi dress!  And the ruffled bikini is adorable.

What are your plans for the long weekend??

xo natasha

Thoughts for Thursday

Hi Friends!  How is your week going?  I swear, as I draw closer to my due date, the days and weeks seem to get slower and slower.  I need things to speed up...but I guess I should be careful for what I wish for, right?  We still have a lot to do in anticipation of the baby's arrival, which makes me anxious!  Just a combo of mixed emotions I guess! are some random thoughts for today's post.  

I saw this mint J.Crew scarf on Natalie's blog yesterday and have now fallen in love.  But how do I justify yet another scarf of the 103983487 I already own??

Something else mint green, that I could afford, and probably need, are these knock off DV sandals from Target.  If only they were available at my local Target last weekend!

Ummm what to say about this book??  I'm currently reading it to see what all the hype is about, but honestly!  This is some of the most crude and graphic stuff that I have EVER read.  To say I'm blushing is  a major understatement!!  And how in the world are they going to make a movie about it??   I swear I'm not a prude, but this is just beyond me!  Seriously ladies...what's your take on it??

I saw this and thought it was pretty funny:

So I can kid a little bit about it...only a little though!  ;)

Speaking of babies...

Here's a sneak peek of the baby's gallery wall in the nursery.  We're SOO close to being done...cannot wait to share it with you!

Last, I wanted to slow down for a second and say THANK YOU to all my new followers...I've noticed that you've been stopping by and I can't tell you how thankful I am for all of you.  And to my loyal readers, thank you for your kind and supportive comments, emails, and tweets.  I am behind on returning a lot of your sweet comments and visiting your blogs, but I promise I read every single one of them and truly appreciate you stopping by to say hi!  I'm guessing it's not going to get easier over the next several months, but know that I do care and really love hearing from you.

Ok, enough thoughts for today!  Have a great Thursday!!

xo natasha

9 Months: What I've Learned So Far

Pregnancy Must Haves

{Click set for more details}

I've officially entered my 9th month of pregnancy today, and I'd like to think I've learned a thing or two along the way.  I really enjoy reading posts on "pregnancy must haves" and advice from other expecting mamas-to-be, so I hope this will be helpful for those on the maternity journey!  

Books: There are a ton of pregnancy books out there...many of which I own.  By far, the most straight forward and helpful to me has been What to Expect When You're Expecting.  It sits on my bedside table and has literally been like a bible during this time.  I learned early on to avoid reading the message boards on the pregnancy websites...they are too many scary {and quite frankly, negative} posts out there that made me more paranoid than anything else.  For me, this book gave it to my straight and I appreciated the matter of fact tone throughout.

Wear:  In the beginning, I was so excited to buy "maternity" clothes to show off the bump and couldn't wait to go on a crazy shopping spree!  But over time, I realized that today is actually a good time to be pregnant, as a lot of fashion already caters to pregnant bodies, ie: long tops, maxi dresses, leggings, blousy tunics, etc.  I have always loved Havaiana sandals and they've proven to be just as comfortable in the late stages of pregnancy.  I also LOVE Liz Lange's long lean tanks.  I own several and will most likely wear them post-pregnancy too.  They're nice and long, but don't scream maternity.  Last, this is really random, but I swear by Gilligan & OMalley's thong undies.  I wore them before I was pregnant and they are still ultra comfortable now.  They're low rise and super soft and stretchy, which as been accommodating with my growing belly.  The best part is, they make nursing bras and tanks I have already started stocking up on those as well.  Really, Target is king when it comes to maternity wear!

Sleep: During the winter, I would get stuffy noses and be more congested.  The Crane humidifier was great for helping me sleep at night, especially with how dry it is up here.  I also bought the snoogle pillow, but honestly, it felt like I was wrestling an alligator.  Such a waste.  I now sleep with a pillow between my legs and on my side and do just fine.  I've also heard great things about the Boppy pillow.  Maybe next time?

Drink:  Of course, I drink tons and tons of water {key for staying hydrated, which means less cramping and swelling}, but it's nice to have a "fancy' type drink since I'm not indulging in cocktails right now.  I love Izze's sparkling juice...particularly the grapefruit flavor.  

Body: I've been fortunate not to have experienced any stretch marks yet {knock on wood!} and I attribute this to applying lotion every time I get out of the shower.  I've always used Johnson & Johnson Shea and Cocoa butter lotion, which smells great and includes the cocoa butter that are in a lot of the "stretch mark creams".  Additionally, I apply Mustela's stretch mark cream on my tummy, chest, and thigh area.  Palmer's works great too.

Etc: I haven't experienced too much heart burn during my pregnancy, but Tums Smoothies do the trick when I do.  I also love EOS lip balm to keep my lips moisturized.  And one last tid bit...I've been flossing religiously {kuddos to you if that's already part of your regular routine!}.  Since I can't whiten my teeth and dental is a big part of your overall health & well-being, I've found that flossing has kept my teeth pearly white {not to mention the elimination of wine and coffee!}. 

It's crazy to look back over the last 9 months and see how far I've come...and what I've learned.  I'm grateful to have had a relatively easy pregnancy and positive experience overall.  I'm hoping these last 4 weeks go by quickly and easily!

So tell me mamas and m2b's, do you have anything to add to this list?  Any questions?  Let me know!

xo natasha

My Colortopia + $2,500 Dream Nursery Giveaway!

As many of you know...I am expecting our first little one this June and have been neck deep in planning, decorating and anticipating his arrival.  By far, the most exciting, yet challenging, aspect of welcoming a baby is decorating the nursery {you can see my progress so far, here}.  There are SO many ideas online...that it can become a bit overwhelming.  Well...I wish I had known about this little tool by My Colortipia in the beginning:

The widget above actually allows you to take the quiz to figure out what color scheme is best for your nursery...and it works too!  Check out my results:

It definitely included the teals, grays and oranges that I'm using in Baby Schue's nursery.  Plus, it's a fun little quiz to capture great inspiration as a guideline for planning.

You probably noticed the What to Expect When Expecting {only in theaters} logo above...I actually had the pleasure of seeing the movie on Friday night with the hubsters.  We both loved it {there are some great parts for the guys too} and it made me all that more excited for our impending arrival.

Well, here's the the movie What to Expect When You’re Expecting {only in theaters}, a couple picks out paint colors for their baby’s new nursery. Find paint colors that you and your little 
one will love with Glidden® Brilliance Collection™ Paint, available at Walmart.  That's right, Glidden paint is welcoming you to enter their giveaway via Circle of Moms for a $2,500 Wal-Mart gift card towards your dream nursery {um, hello!}!!!  You can find out more about the details on My Colortopia, but basically all you need to do is pick your favorite nursery board {as put together by three super talented blogger-designers}, comment on the post, and login in order to win!  

Here are the boards you get to choose from...

Which one is your favorite?  {PS...You will notice that when you click over, that our crib is featured in two of the designs!  Pretty cool!!}.  The contest runs May 17 to June 7, 2012 and the winner will be announced on My Colortopia the week of June 18th!  Now hop on over and place your vote by writing a comment, here!

Good luck!!

xo natasha

I have been sponsored by Glidden brand paint to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

35 Weeks: 30 days to go!!

How far along? 35 Weeks...only 30 days to go! WOW!
Baby Size: The size of a coconut or honeydew melon.  According to the doctor last week...he's about 4.5 or 5 pounds.  We need him to keep cooking so he can chunk up!  :)
Total weight gain: Still around 23 pounds
Maternity clothes? Let's just say that the end of my pregnancy could not have arrived at a better time.  Living in the one above.  It's non-maternity, from Hurley.
Stretch marks? Nope...and praying it stays this way.
Sleep: Still sleeping well...only getting up once for a bathroom break.  I'm definitely the queen of pillows though!
Best moment this week: Starting the official countdown...30 days seems appropriate right?  Did the baby's laundry...Dreft smells heavenly and all his clothing is SO sweet and little!  Did a BIG Target run for more baby stuff.  Started putting together the diaper bag.  And I still need to pack our hospital bags.  Lots of lots of progress!  Also...about 99% done with the nursery!  Just need to find the final piece over the crib!  :)
Miss Anything? Feeling like a "normal" person...everything is pretty much more of a chore at the moment!
Movement: Lots of rolls, kicks, and somersaults!  
Food cravings: tamales candy, scones, mint chip ice cream...but is becoming less and less appetizing.  There's just no room in there.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing new
Gender: Bouncing Baby Boy!!
Labor Signs: Still nothing...
Symptoms: Just the usual aches and pains...a back rub sounds SO good right about now {and every hour on the hour...hubby can only do so much!}.
Belly Button in or out? Out on the top...flat on the bottom
Wedding rings on or off? On
Mood: So so happy and excited!  
Looking forward to: Starting my weekly doctor visits...can't wait to hear how he's progressing every week!  :)

xo natasha

Friday Fancies::Weekend Wear

Weekend Wear

Tank // Clutch // Bracelet // Sunglasses // Shorts // Lip Gloss // Necklace // Sandals

We've had a heat wave here in Tahoe, which is pretty unusual for this time of year.  It makes me want to jet off somewhere tropical and Cannes, France {anyone watching the Cannes Film Festival coverage?}!  Sounds nice right?  If I were jetting off somewhere exotic...I would definitely wear this outfit.  I'm totally digging the ikat shorts and ASOS sandals.  An easy breezy top and fancy accessories would be the perfect way to pair the shorts.

Unfortunately, my plans are much more low key...I'll be staying cool so as not to swell up and watching the time tick by in anticipation of Baby Schue's arrival in a couple short weeks!  ;)

Have a great weekend friends!

xo natasha

Travel Schue::San Diego

Hi Friends!

I'm super excited to introduce you to a new blogger and new city, as part of my Travel Schue series!  This week we're traveling to San Diego.  Having grown up in Orange County {which is about an hour north}, I have an affinity for Southern CA, especially San Diego.  I have several friends and family who call it home and I love to visit.  I'm excited to know that next time I'm down....I can meet up with these sweet girl:

Meet Alexa from The Short and the Sweet of It!  She and Kirby write an adorable blog filled with fashion, food and tons of inspiration!  I can't think of anyone better to tour us around San Diego!


Hello sweet Schue Love readers! I was so excited when Natasha asked me to guest post on her adorable little blog and even more stoked that I get to share a little bit about my home city of San Diego! In all fairness I don't live in San Diego proper, so you're getting a dose of La Jolla, Pacific Beach and Del Mar (all of which are less than half an hour from downtown).

Full disclosure: I'm kind of a Northern California girl. My heart is in San Francisco and that's where it will always be. However, San Diego is by no means sloppy seconds. I have fallen in love with the casual beach style, the temperate weather, which is the best for al fresco dining and the smell of salt air. Seriously, there are not many things that are better than the smell of the ocean.

I have a lot of love for small local boutiques, and Capricorn in La Jolla is one of my favorites. Just look at that sweet strapless dress!

One of the reasons I miss San Francisco is the diversity when it comes to dining options. Oh Burma Superstar how marvelous you are. But Sbicca in Del Mar has outdoor dining with a view of the ocean. And on Thursdays all wines are 50% off! I mean come on.

My laptop and I hang here three days a week. I drink chai lattes and listen to their tracklist of old- school Stones and Bob Dylan tunes. It's pretty awesome.

I snapped this photo at the Americana Restaurant in Del Mar because everything about this shot is so  "Beach Style California." From the succulents to the dog biscuits to the old funky mailbox. I love it.

Lastly, the beaches are amazing. The top one is right near the playground Mila and I go to and the bottom one is during a stroll along La Jolla Shores, the perfect spot to say "I Do."

Thanks for having me over Natasha. I am getting so excited for you and the arrival of your little boy!


Ok, I'm so ready to dine al fresco at Sbicca and go shopping at Capricorn {my sign!} aren't you?  Can't wait to get back there!  Thanks so much Alexa for showing us around!

And in case you've missed our previous travels:

San Francisco

xo natasha sure to stop by Amy's blog to learn more about the evolution of our kitchen!  Amy is moving into her new home this I'm hoping this inspires some reno projects!  ;)

Showered in Tahoe

This past Saturday was my second baby shower in Tahoe.  I was super blessed with gorgeous weather, especially being in May.  I'm pretty sure it was snowing this time last year!  Ryan's mom and Grandma hosted the shower for me and it could not have been more perfect.  Here are some photos from the day.

 Gift bags for the game winners!

 Wishes for Baby Schue...I'm putting together a book for Baby Schue to read one day!
Blue beads for the "cute" game!  :)

 Tissue poms, handmade by my talented Mother in Law!  :)

 Adorable onsies to greet guests at the door!  

View of the front yard...spring is here! 

 Baby Photos...wonder who Baby Schue will look like?

 Gorgeous day!  We got to take in this view while eating brunch!

 Delicious cupcakes from Sugar Pine Bakery.  Carrot and chocolate...both were delish!

 How cute is this picture of Ryan?  All the kids take a photo in these cute outfits at age 4.  Can't wait for our little guy to have his picture taken!  :)

 Me with the gracious hosts...Baby's Grandma and Great-great grandma!

From left to right:  Baby's great aunt, great grandma, me, auntie, and grandma!

My dress is from Anthropolgie

And here are my shoes.  They were surprisingly comfy considering my state!

The party favors: cake pops!  And boy were the amazing!  My co-worker and good friend made these for the shower and they were just as good as they look.  And how cute is the sign?  :)

 Opening gifts....notice the cute little guy front and center!  He is almost exactly one year older than our bun in the oven and I'm sure they will be best friends!  :)

And a sweet gift from Baby's Aunt Lauren!  He is already so so loved!  :)

Sorry for the lack of "people" pictures...clearly I was too busy enjoying the day!  But it was a ton of fun...and made me feel so so special!  This little man has a lot of family and friends who spoiled him rotten...he's one lucky little baby!

You can find pictures from me first shower here.

I'm officially 35 weeks today!  Getting closer...update to come on Monday!

xo natasha