Ethan is 24 Months!

What's new this month?
Oh boy...two has definitely made its debut!  Ethan continues to know exactly what he likes and does not like.  If you tell him no or deny him something he wants, he'll throw himself to the ground and whack his head back, no matter what surface he's on.  He will also do a low grunting to show his displeasure.  But just as quick as he melts down, you can offer him something he wants and he's over it.  We've learned to give him choices and it's funny to see the wheels turn in his head as he decides what he'll do.  We've tried time out this no avail.  Oh and he can open doors the round knob kind.  Fun times!  On the other hand, he's such a crack up.  He LOVES...and I mean LOVES to dance!  We call it his "nakey diaper dance" and he especially loves to do it before order to avoid bedtime, of course  He's saying so many more words now and loves talking on the phone.  He won't say much, but he can answer yes and no questions and just loves the interaction.

Still wearing 18-24 month pants and shorts but everything else is 2T.  Also, size 5 diapers and I think he's officially a size 5 shoe.

Ehhhh, still not the greatest eater but will eat on the go.

I think we can stop counting.  Most of them look like they've come in now.

Some new words this month:  barbecue (by far the most impressive!), vacuum, airplane, move, all done, Ethan (also pretty cool) and he's starting to count to 3 (though if you ask him how old he is, he'll say treeee).  But really, Ethan can communicate pretty much anything he needs to.  It's crazy how it seemed to happen overnight!

This kid loves being can find him mowing the lawn, watering the garden, rolling down his coaster, or playing at the beach.  He also LOVES the cat, who puts up with him pretty well.  He'd love to love Wilson more, but Wilson is still not much of a fan, unless...he's outside and throws the ball to Wilson...then Wilson loves him!  Ethan also uses the cat as a scapegoat...any time he gets hurt, you'll ask him if the cat did it and he'll always say, Yeaaahhh!!

Top of the list is being told no or taking away something he wants or bringing him inside when he'd rather be outside...or going to bed.

Anywhere and everywhere outdoors.  This kid is going to love every second of the summer.

I think this will be our last official monthly update, though I am sure we will check in every now and then.  Just seems kind of silly to keep counting the months...after all, we've got a TWO year old now!  ;)

xo natasha

Closet Clean Out Sale!

I'm cleaning out my closet and wanted to see if any of you are interested in these dresses and blouses.  Everything here is in great condition...some things have only been worn once.  All pricing includes shipping.  Comment or email me at schuelove (at) if you're interested.

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xo natasha

Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!!!

Today, our sweet boy turns two.  I can't believe we no longer have a 1 year old on our hands...and that our little has become a walking, talking machine.  I couldn't help but pour over Ethan's recaps from this past year, so for those of you who want to come you go!

Month 13

At 13 months, Ethan had his first bite of ice cream, says "dada" for the first time and transitioned into a toddler carseat.  He also began to see why we love Tahoe in the summers...little beach baby!

Month 14

We've got a walker!  Ethan takes his first steps right after his 13 month birthday.  We also visit Chicago and Michigan for his first visit to Great-Grandma Higgins.

Month 15

Ethan develops his love for the "blankie" and gains 2 months teeth.  He also started to learn how to follow directions and is starting to understand how things work, mechanically speaking.

Month 16

By 16 months, Ethan has begun to develop a flair for the dramatic.  He's also starting to communicate more through sign language and shaking his head no.  

Month 17

This month we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Appropriately, Ethan learns to hug and give us pats on the back {something he still does at 2} and blow kisses.  He starts to show his love for dancing.

Month 18

Month 18 is Christmas time.  We celebrated down in Southern California with my family.  Earlier in the month, Ethan got his first haircut {slight trim really}, he now has 12 teeth...and I turn 30.  Crazy month!

Month 19

This month, we started swim lessons which was just in time for our trip to Hawaii!

Month 20

We've got a copycat on our hands and Ethan can finally say "mama" clearly and with purpose.  He can rattle off a bunch of animals noises and also mastered the art of whispering.  We also traveled to Scottsdale this month.

Month 21

At 21 months, Ethan starts Montessori School and can smile on demand.  He also learns how much he loves our backyard.

Month 22

Ethan is starting to link words together...his first phrase is "Hi Mama!".  We also take a trip to San Diego and celebrate Easter.

Month 23

You'll notice Ethan still uses his pacifier {which he affectionally calls his "boopie"}.  We celebrate Ryan's 31st birthday.  Ethan officially learns to say "no" and isn't afraid to use it.  

Month 24

I'll go into more detail of what this last month has looked like, but we got to have an early birthday celebration last night and let's just say that Ethan LOVED being sung Happy Birthday to and he even blew out his own candle!  ;)

I just can't believe all that happened this past year and yet it feels like it flew by.  I'm excited to see what this next year brings.

Happy Birthday Ethan...we love you beyond words.

xo natasha

4th of July Tot Style

For Him:  Shirt // Shorts // Sneakers // Cap
For Her: Tank // Shorts // Bow // Sandals

I can't believe 4th of July is next week...this whole year seems to be flying by.  4th of July is the official kick off for the summer here in Tahoe.  The fireworks over the lake are quite the spectacle.  I love how festive this holiday is and of course, I love getting Ethan dressed up.  There is no shortage of patriotic apparel out there...there are some of my favorite picks!

Oh and what's even more unbelievable...Ethan turns TWO tomorrow!!!!  Ahhh!  Today is his last day as a one year old...I'll cherish every last second of it.

Happy Birthday Eve Ethan!

xo natasha

A Typical Day

Maybe it's just me, but I always think it's fascinating to see how people spend a typical day.  Sometimes, I even find that other people tend to get a lot more accomplished in a day and it makes me re-think how I might prioritize my time.  I'm not sure you'll find anything earth shattering here, but here you go anyway!  Oh and I tried to include pictures...some of which are old, but you get the point!

7:00-7:20 am
This is the time I normally wake up.  If I plan to workout in the morning, I'll usually wake up around 6-6:30.  And of course, the cat may end up scratching the crap out of the carpet {her version of a wake-up call...aka "feed me"} before then.  But I usually wake up around this time...and then proceed to check my email and Instagram.

Shower.  I wash my hair every other day.  So depending on whether I need to blow dry my hair, I'll adjust accordingly. 

Eat breakfast and read my morning blogs.

Poor kid got eaten alive by mosquitos this past weekend!

Ethan usually starts to stir around this time.  Yes, we're lucky...he typically sleeps in which is how I'm able to start my day pretty late.  Ryan and I tag team him in the of use gets him his sippy cup and changes him for the day, while the other makes lunch.  

I'll usually finish getting ready for the day.  Depending on Ethan's mood, we'll play and try to get him to eat breakfast.  

Leave for work.  Ryan always takes Ethan in the morning.  He goes to Montessori School two days a week, to Grandma's two days and week and to his nanny one day a week.  It's a crazy schedule, but I think it keeps things interesting for him and provides lots of socialization.

Work.  I try to run errands during my lunch break a couple times a week as well.  Some days I get in early or work all depends.

Pick up Ethan from school/Grandma's/nanny's.  

Snackimals were necessary to avoid a meltdown in the checkout line!

On Mondays, he's at school, so after I pick him up, we run to the grocery store for dinner that night.  This can be a looong process!

Get home and play/eat dinner/wait for Daddy to get home.  I'll try to do the dishes from the day before--but this tends to be the bewitching hour, so I never know what I can get done.

If Ryan gets home from work early enough, we go for a walk...which is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Bath time!  Ethan's favorite part of the day.  Usually, Ryan will start to prep and make dinner while I bathe him.  Afterwards, Ethan will proceed to do his "nakey diaper dance" and delay any signs of bedtime.

Depending on how much he ate when he got home {in yesterday's case, it was some snackimals and yogurt} we'll make some chicken or pasta and then get him a sippy cup.

Brush teeth, read a book {or 5} and play for the last time in his crib.

Ethan's bed time!

Dinner...this is optimistic quite frankly, but we aim for 8pm.  Sometimes, it ends up being closer to 9pm.  Awful but it is what it is!  I also like to shower again at the end of the day to wind down.

Write my blog post for the next day, check email and try to watch a show.

Bed time!  I'm such a night owl, it's hard to get to bed, but luckily...I don't have to get up super early.  

So...this is what a typical day might look like!  Every day seems to be different, if I'm being perfectly honest.  There are many days where I'll have an early morning conference or an after hour meeting that I need to attend for work.  On the days I pick Ethan up from his Grandma's or nanny's, Ryan will end up doing the grocery shopping {we really need to learn how to meal plan for the week} or we'll order in.  Some nights, we'll have a family engagement and Ethan might not get to bed until 9 or even 10!  We try to roll with the punches and not make Ethan's day too rigid.  But of course, that can backfire and we end up paying for it!  ;)

I have to say, in's a crazy week being a working mom and balancing life with a toddler...but I am sure many of you can relate!  We really look forward to the weekends, when we can just spend time together as a family.  Any yes I know things will only get more chaotic as Ethan gets into sports and such.  Oy!  It's all part of the adventure, right??

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

xo natasha

Our Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating a beautiful mama-to-be, Laura of Happily Ever Parker.  

The shower was hosted at the English Rose in downtown Pleasanton and was super cute and quaint.  We enjoyed apple cider crumble flavored tea, scones with homemade lemon curd, and tea sandwiches...yum!

Her Dress // My Dress // My Sandals {which you can't see but are worth the buy!}

We got to stay with our good friends and Ethan had a ball dancing and hamming it up for them.  I assure you that dance videos of epic proportion were being filmed Saturday night.

Ethan always has to check the video playbacks...

And take amazing selfies!  Who is this child??  ;)

Sunday morning we had brunch at Jack's in Pleasant Hill...Ethan loved the water fountain feature, naturally!

And that evening, we took Ethan's two year photos with the amazing Darcy of Artyard Photography.  She always gets the best shots of our I can't wait to see them!

Speaking of two, I just can't believe Ethan turns two this Thursday!  So crazy!  I'll have to do a little reminiscing this week to honor his second year...I swear it just flew by!

I hope you all had great weekends!

xo natasha

5 Mama Tips to Maximize Your Time

When people find out I write a blog, the number once question is, "But, how do you do it all?".  And I always say...I have no idea.  Ha!  But the truth is, I don't do it all.  Not even close.  Between working full time, being a wife and mama, and writing this blog, I don't have a lot of extra time.  The things I used to relish in--sleeping in, reading a magazine, getting pedicures, taking a bath--I have to work at much harder to make happen.  I know all of us mamas struggle to prioritize so I hope by sharing the below tips, they might help you as well!

Easier said than done, but when I was doing my 20 minute workouts in the morning before work, I felt so much more energized and ready to tackle the day.  And the best part was, I got to spend more time with Ethan after work, focusing on him.

It's ok...take a shortcut every now and then.  Yes, we order in dinner a couple nights a week.  Yes, I order something pre-made versus making it myself.  Yes, we sometimes put Ethan to bed without a bath.  But guess what?  It's the shortcuts that allow me to keep it together and maximize my time with my family.

Yes, this is advice I should follow more often.  But after sitting in front of a computer all day, coming home to blog and then watching a TV show, I swear I am always connected.  And let's not even get started with social media.  I often think about how our parents did not have smart phones or internet and we were all probably better off because of it.  Give yourself permission to disconnect every now and then.  You'll be a better spouse and parent for it.  And think of the time it will free up for you!

I don't know about you, but being a full-time working mama makes me feel guilty when I'm not spending every extra living and breathing second being with Ethan.  But I also know I am a better parent because I have that time away for myself...and the important distinction here is that while adult time at work is great, there is truly nothing better than having some adult solace during personal time too.  I guess my point is, it's ok to take time out for just you.

My last tip for maximizing your time is, shop online.  Save yourself the time and hassle from running to the store {with a baby nonetheless!}, fighting long lines and lugging large items like, diapers, to the car.  I am a huge fan of shopping online for baby essentials, especially at  You all know my love for Huggies and I would be remiss to not share with you that they're currently offering $12 off Huggies for first-time buyers.  Such a great deal!  All you have to do is enter the code WOWHUGGIES at checkout.  Easy and it will save you time and money!

So there you have I appear to be doing it all!  But in reality, I'm making sure to follow the above tips to maximize my time and keep it--mainly my sanity--together.

xo natasha

A special thank you to Huggies for sponsoring this post.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.