Decor for the Big Boy Room

It's been on my mind to update Ethan's room.  I first posted about his big boy bed, but of course, Ethan is still sleeping in his crib, and we'll keep it that way for as long as possible.

I've also started to think about updating some of his decor.  While I never aimed to have a "baby" theme to his nursery, it's clear that it's more baby that big boy.  Here are some of the elements I would like to update:

The gallery wall

I love the idea of adding fun and modern prints to update Ethan's room.  Minted has some amazing options and you can buy each print with a frame of your choice.  Win-win.  I'd also like to break up the gallery wall with some rustic decor, like the deer antlers and letter.

The rug

Speaking of modern, I want to swap out his rug for something a bit more graphic.  It may be overdone, but I freaking love this Ikea rug...and it will be mine Ethan's.

The next thing to figure out is the bedding and window treatments...good thing I have time {fingers crossed!}.

Have a great weekend!

xo natasha

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Design Showcase: A Multipurpose Room

I love a great challenge and Kate reached out a couple months ago to see about getting some advice for her mom, Wendy.  I'll let her explain the challenge in more detail...

So I was telling my mom about your post and she asked if I could message you for her. (Hoping you can help because this room has gone on too long un

Her and my dad live in a cute bungalow and have this awkward room off the kitchen eating area.
My dad works from home so they are thinking a functional space for a desk and also some storage for work files etc...but also a space for when having people over some could sit in there or my mom could cozy up and read a book in there...and even a bar cart area/liquor storage..She isn't wanting your typical "office" look but a space for my dad cause right now he's working from the kitchen table :(
She just can't find a good desk/table that would work.

We're in Canada so don't have all the same stores as you guys but she likes Ikea stuff...we recently got a Target and as you know great stuff there..we have a Homesense (which is just like your Home hit and miss but getting some great things in now for spring)

Her and I have very different taste as she's more into the neural beiges...she's loving the blues in greens in the rug in there now (from Target) and their flooring is a brown house is all greys and more modern so hard for me to help her sometimes.

The thing I like most about this room is that it needs to serve several office, a sitting area, an entertaining area {especially being right off the kitchen}...and it needs to look like it makes sense all at the same time.  I love Wendy's neutral palette and classic style...but I thought it allowed for some fun pops of color.  Here's what I came up with:

Shelf // Arm Chairs // Side Table // Pillow 1 and 2 // Vase 1 and 2 

I would plan to keep the existing area rug in the room and have the large shelving unit either go against the far wall or the one opposite the windows, depending on the dimensions. I think the desk would look great on whichever wall the shelf doesn't go on. And the chairs would nest along the wall with the windows. This current design might be a bit more modern than what Wendy wants, but I think the pop of the lime color helps to keep the space fresh and bright.

I personally love bringing traditional and more contemporary looks together...I would say, invest in the pieces that you want to last a long time, like the bigger pieces of furniture and try to find deals on the accent decor.

I think I will be taking a break from this series for a little while.  If you emailed me originally and would still like me to take a go, please let me know.  I am happy to work with you...I just want to make sure you're still interested.  Hopefully I can bring some more ideas over the next couple of weeks.

xo natasha

Would You Wear Wednesday: Matching Separates

Since I missed Trendy Tuesday yesterday, I'm bringing in Would You Wear Wednesday.  Same concept, different day!

Matching separates have been on the scene for a little while and I am definitely intrigued by this trend.  Sometimes I think it looks super cute.  And other times, a bit too cutesy cutesy, matchy matchy.  What do you think?

Look Linger Love



You can shop this look here:

So...would you wear this trend?

xo natasha

Ethan is 23 Months!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  We had fun celebrating Ryan's birthday over the weekend, and of course, Ethan celebrated 23 months yesterday.  Twenty.Three.Months.  Wow.  I just can't believe my baby is going to be TWO next month.  I swear this last year just flew by.  It feels like just yesterday that we celebrated his first birthday.

But I must say, every month brings more fun and Ethan's little personality comes out more and more.

So...what's new this month?
Well, Ethan has officially learned how to say "no".  Before, he would shake his head no if he didn't want something.  But now he'll say it very gently...not in a bratty way, if that makes sense.  I'm sure that's to come.  But he'll say no when he doesn't want something and YEAH when he does.  Quite the communicator.  ;)  Ethan has also been battling yet another ear infection.  This is the fourth one in a couple short months.  We're hoping that the summer will finally kick it to the curb, but if not, we'll probably have to consider removing his adenoids and inserting tubes.  Other than those two things, Ethan is loving life...he loves being outside and playing with bubbles!

Still lots of 12-24 month clothes but I swear he just went through a growth spurt and a ton of his pants are too small now.  Also his long sleeves now look like 3/4 length sleeves...oops!

Ugh, this is such a tough one.  With his ear infection and fever, his appetite is non-existent.  The only way he'll really eat is on-the-go, with things we set out for him like Cheerios, fruit pouches and string cheese.  I honestly don't know how he gets enough, but he still will drink whole milk, so I guess that's something?

We've got another tooth...the bottom right canine I believe?

More and more mimicking.  And "no" as I said above.  

Ethan LOVES bubbles.  He loves being outside.  He loves the pets and will try to cuddle with them at any given time.  I also predict he will love the beach this summer.  

Oh man, he HATES and I mean HATES getting his medicine.  He used to love it and now we literally have to hold him down to take it.  It's horrifying!  And makes us feel like total assholes for doing it.  :(

We've been having GORGEOUS weather lately so Ethan has been the park, on walks, to the beach, etc.  Like I said, we're going to love the summer this year!

xo natasha

Friday Five

Happy Friday Friends!  And Happy Memorial Day Weekend!  Any fun plans?  Our weather is supposed to be really nice {knock on wood} so we plan to get outside and hopefully enjoy the beach.  Also, Ryan's birthday is on Monday, so I'm sure we'll have fun celebrating as well.  ;)

I'll leave you with these five things today...

Of course, I can't kick off the weekend without showcasing my top Nordstrom Half-Yearly Sale picks.
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Peonies have officially hit the stores here in Tahoe and I am loving it!

Does anyone else still watch The Bachelorette?!  I am still obsessed.  I did think she kind of got a cast of guys that seem just kind of, meh...but I will still watch until the bitter end!

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Have a great long weekend!

xo natasha

Design Showcase: Paisley Guestroom

After a little hiatus, I'm back with another design showcase!  This time, it's for Tammy's guest bedroom.   For me, guest bedrooms are like a blank can really do anything your heart desires in there, especially if you want to add some feminine touches {no husband to try to compromise with!}.  Here's a little more from Tammy:

We recently moved into a new home and I have a guest room that is needing a major overhaul. This bedroom has a big pretty window looking out the front of our house, it's own full closet and full bathroom for guests, so I want it to be inviting. There is a queen size bed that stays, the remaining furniture is pretty ugly (husband's bachelor pad days set) and I'll probably be Craigslisting it soon. 

I can get you room dimensions if you'd like. I'm attaching some pictures. The headboard is new from Target and is very blah, but I'd like to work with it. I'm open to painting/light fixture change/pretty much anything! Budget-wise, I guess depending on furniture (because I know that will increase it fast!), I'd like to stay around $1,000. 

I like these two duvet covers from PB (apparently I have a thing for Paisley?), but have no idea where to go with them. I'm definitely open to other ideas too! It might be fun to do something more contemporary/bold...

See what I mean?  Blank canvas!  Knowing she wanted to incorporate the paisley duvet, I built a room around that.

I love mixing more traditional elements with some modern elements to keep a space fun and exciting.  This contemporary rug adds just the right balance and the stripes keep the space filling young.  I am also loving that beach art...isn't it beautiful?

I definitely got some ideas for my own bedroom...loving the blues {no surprise there!}.  Thanks to Tammy for letting me take a spin on your room!

xo natasha

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Minted for Men: A Father's Day Guide + $200 GIVEAWAY

Many of your are familiar with Minted for adorable Christmas cards, birthday invitations, and chic prints to hang on the wall.  What you might not know is that they have some pretty cool items for that special guy in your life too!  Whether's it's for your dad, husband, brother, boss or bestie, there's something for everyone.  Here are some of my favorite picks!

I believe that every man should own his own set of handsome stationary.  It's a rarity these days to get a handwritten note from a man, don't you agree?  I think this stationary can really turn that notion around.

And in an age where everything is electronic, it's refreshing to still use a planner.  How cute would it be if you wrote in special dates and birthdays in advance so your honey is sure never to forget another anniversary?  ;)

Of course, personalized calendars for the office are always a hit.

Or a personalized card...much better than browsing the card isle for hours upon hours {or is that just me!}.

Last, I am totally digging these personalized wrapping paper...LOVE!

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xo natasha

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Trendy Tuesday: Pineapple Persuasion

There are so many fun trends out there, and love them or hate them, they're definitely fun to talk about.  I'm starting a series called, Trendy Tuesdays...and you get to weigh in on whether you love it or hate it. 

Today's topic: pineapples!  They're everywhere!  Here are some of my favorite pineapple looks...

I'm LOVING this cute pineapple dress...perfect for summer!

I'm sorry, but I am just DYING over this adorable pineapple purse for the young ladies.  Girl moms, please do me a favorite and buy this now!

So what do you think?  Love this trend, or hate it?  Weigh in, in the comments below!

xo natasha

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What's In My Toddler's Bag + Giveaway!

We have officially graduated from carrying a diaper bag, and instead have a toddler backpack.  You saw me last talk about this transition here, and as you can see, and you can see below what backpack we chose:

We ended up buying both a toddler backpack and a lunch pail that have worked well for daycare.  We include snacks {and lunch too}, a book and a couple toys, a change of clothes, and of course diapers and wipes.  If we remember to bring anything, it's the diaper and wipes!

Speaking of wipes, have you seen the new Huggies Clutch 'N Clean Wipes?  Aren't they cute?  Who knew baby wipes could be so stylish...the striped version even matches my picnic blanket!  ;)  And the thing I like most about them is how portable they are with the fun strap, which makes them versatile and accessible anywhere- from the diaper bag, to the stroller or the car, and more!

And with the days warming up, we are definitely on the go, constantly!  I envision many trips to the park and beach this summer...and I love having these on-the-go wipes, which will make our many trips, that much easier.  ;)

And because I want to share the love, I am giving away two of these new Huggies Clutch 'N Clean wipes, plus some fun things for you and baby, like this fun "Boho Summer" nail polish, travel make-up brushes, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See book...Ethan's very favorite!

Simply visit Huggies website and tell me which Clutch 'N Clean pattern is your favorite!  Be sure to enter below:

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Many thanks to Huggies for sponsoring today's post and inspiring me to stay stylish on-the-go!

Shoe Love: Spring Sandals

Oh Happy Saturday!  It's SO good to be back with my two bubs.  I missed them!

It's also nice to be back to some warmer weather in Tahoe.  I am having fun browsing through all the cute spring sandals...whether it's flip flops, flats or dare I say...birks?  There are lots of fun staples and newbies to the scene this season.

Which are your favorite?

xo natasha

My Mother's Day Weekend

Hello from Vail!

I wanted to stop in quickly and tell you about my Mother's Day.  While it's cold and snowy here, the weather has been really beautiful in Tahoe.  I'm talking high 70's by the end of this week...hello spring!

We went on an awesome little hike this past Sunday which looked out at the snowy mountain range, and also took us along a beautiful meadow and river.  Gotta love Tahoe!

And of course, Wilson loves any excuse to get outside.

I got to break in my new running shoes, which are so light and comfortable, by the way.  Also, loving my kitchen rug.

Ryan got me beautiful roses and made a mean breakfast brunch.

That night, we went over to our family's house for dinner.  I wore my new neon pink J.Crew blouse.  I also changed out my iPhone's on major sale now!

Me and my little man...he loves saying "CHEESE!".  Such a ham.

And my favorite two boys.  I miss them!

I hope you're having a great week and thanks again to Megan for guest posting yesterday.  Be sure to check out her post and enter to win one of her beautiful necklaces!

xo natasha