Design Showcase: A Multipurpose Room

I love a great challenge and Kate reached out a couple months ago to see about getting some advice for her mom, Wendy.  I'll let her explain the challenge in more detail...

So I was telling my mom about your post and she asked if I could message you for her. (Hoping you can help because this room has gone on too long un

Her and my dad live in a cute bungalow and have this awkward room off the kitchen eating area.
My dad works from home so they are thinking a functional space for a desk and also some storage for work files etc...but also a space for when having people over some could sit in there or my mom could cozy up and read a book in there...and even a bar cart area/liquor storage..She isn't wanting your typical "office" look but a space for my dad cause right now he's working from the kitchen table :(
She just can't find a good desk/table that would work.

We're in Canada so don't have all the same stores as you guys but she likes Ikea stuff...we recently got a Target and as you know great stuff there..we have a Homesense (which is just like your Home hit and miss but getting some great things in now for spring)

Her and I have very different taste as she's more into the neural beiges...she's loving the blues in greens in the rug in there now (from Target) and their flooring is a brown house is all greys and more modern so hard for me to help her sometimes.

The thing I like most about this room is that it needs to serve several office, a sitting area, an entertaining area {especially being right off the kitchen}...and it needs to look like it makes sense all at the same time.  I love Wendy's neutral palette and classic style...but I thought it allowed for some fun pops of color.  Here's what I came up with:

Shelf // Arm Chairs // Side Table // Pillow 1 and 2 // Vase 1 and 2 

I would plan to keep the existing area rug in the room and have the large shelving unit either go against the far wall or the one opposite the windows, depending on the dimensions. I think the desk would look great on whichever wall the shelf doesn't go on. And the chairs would nest along the wall with the windows. This current design might be a bit more modern than what Wendy wants, but I think the pop of the lime color helps to keep the space fresh and bright.

I personally love bringing traditional and more contemporary looks together...I would say, invest in the pieces that you want to last a long time, like the bigger pieces of furniture and try to find deals on the accent decor.

I think I will be taking a break from this series for a little while.  If you emailed me originally and would still like me to take a go, please let me know.  I am happy to work with you...I just want to make sure you're still interested.  Hopefully I can bring some more ideas over the next couple of weeks.

xo natasha


  1. love the shelves you picked out! super practical! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. What a great use of the space!. And love the yellow chairs!

  3. The shelves would be a great addition to that room and allow her to swap out different pieces of decor. Definitely agree to splurge on the furniture and not the decor. Especially as seasons change!

  4. Those shelves are great!! Such a fun series. It will be missed

  5. Great use of space! Love the shelves!

  6. cute! love those curtains and the fun colors...i'm a color phobe (what if i hate it in two weeks?!) but it looks great here!