2012 Year In Review

Hi Friends,

I truly can't believe 2012 has come and gone.  So much has happened this year...my life has completely changed.  And I'm so grateful I was able to document it here.  My blog has truly evolved from a fashion/food/decor blog to ALL things baby...with some of the former sprinkled in.   I just can't help it!  But I wouldn't have it any other way...and I am so appreciative to all my readers who have stuck with me and to all my new readers who have popped in to say hello.  I anticipate 2013 to be a big adventure as we watch our Baby Schue grow!  

So here's a little recap of the last year...enjoy!


I celebrated one year of blogging.
We found out Baby Schue is a BOY!!!


Discussed my maternity diet.
Made some mini key lime tarts!
Made a couple decor updates in our living room.


Saw Baby Schue in 3D {and he smiled!}
And had my first baby shower.


Entered into my third trimester!
Made some delicious banana cream cheese muffins
Got crafty and put together the nursery curtains {which involved pipes and shower curtains}.


Put together the perfect cheese platter
Had my second baby shower in Tahoe!
Took our maternity photos!


Shared my baby registry essentials 
Gave you a tour of Baby Schue's nursery:

And of course the biggest and BEST news of the year...we welcomed our son Ethan Grant on June 26th!


I shared Ethan's birth story {makes me emotional every time I read it!}
And I listed our First Month Favorites:


Gave you some ideas on nursing apparel.
Celebrated our three year wedding anniversary.
Shared Ethan's newborn photos


Shared my thoughts and tips on traveling with baby and my hospital bag essentials.
Made the most delicious butternut squash enchiladas {favorite recipe of the year!}


Came up with some inspiration for little boy's clothing.
Shared our two and three month favorites.
Celebrated baby's first halloween!


Shared Ethan's 3 month photos

Made a delicious breakfast pizza and pumpkin scones!
Celebrated Baby's First Thanksgiving!


Decorated for Christmas!
Celebrated Baby's First Christmas!
And last, we celebrated my birthday and Ethan's 6 Month birthday...how have 6 months gone by already?!

It's crazy to think that the first part of the year I was rocking this bump:

And now I have a six month old baby!  I simply cannot wait for the next year ahead.

Many thanks to all my readers for their love, support and encouragement this past year.  I am so blessed to be a part of this amazing community of moms and women.

Cheers to 2013!

xo natasha

Happy 6 Months Ethan!

Dear Little Man,

Today you are 6 months old...and today I am 29 years old!  Happy Birthday to us!

How is it possible that 6 months have passed since you were born?  Though the seasons have changed and so have you!...I just can't believe you're half a year old today!  26 weeks on the 26th!  And half a year old on my birthday.  I love that you, me and Daddy are all 26 babies...pretty cool!

Where to even begin on this last month?  You just blossom by the day and we are constantly told what a cute baby you are...and what a good baby you are!  You are always smiling and laughing...we can't get enough of you!

We stopped swadling you this past month and you've done really well with it.  You actually prefer to sleep on your right side, which is adorable.  And you're normally only wake once a night...while also taking two naps during the day.  You've also been known to snore on occasion as well!  It's the cutest!

You're so ready!

Some exciting milestones happened this past month!  You had your first bite of solid food {baby oatmeal} on the 22nd and ate it right down!  You loved it so much and would start squawking immediately for more.  You also blew bubbles with the food...which we all thought was pretty funny.  I can't wait to introduce more food to you...I'm actually hoping to give you a veggie tonight for our birthdays!  Exciting stuff, I know!  ;)

You had your first overnight with Grandma and Grandpa Schue so Daddy and I could go to San Francisco for the night.  We saw a musical and did some last minute Christmas shopping...but of course, we talked about you pretty much the whole time.  Grandma and Grandpa said you did great...not that we would expect anything less.

We also celebrated your first Christmas!  It was a winter wonderland-type of a day...complete with snow!  We opened gifts from Grandma Kidman and Great-Grandma Higgins at home and then went over to Grandma & Grandpa Schue's for more presents and dinner.  You were definitely more interested in the paper and ribbons than the toys and clothes themselves...who can blame you?  And of course, having your cuzzies around was fun too!

Last, you got to meet Bochy, the new goldendoodle puppy that Grandma and Grandpa brought home this past week.  It really made for the cuuuutest Christmas ever...puppies and babies...I don't think we can top that!  

You sit up pretty well on your own now and roll like a champ...I just can't believe how quickly you're developing.  You love your feet and put them in your mouth.  Really, you put everything in your mouth these days!  You love toys that light up and have music.  You really love music...you were even singing in church on Christmas Eve!

I am loving this stage and really trying to enjoy every single day of it, instead of anticipating the next stage, but it's hard with how much you change on a daily basis.  You're such a little love...always snuggling and smiling...we absolutely adore you and feel so so blessed to have you in our lives.

This is definitely my favorite birthday yet...getting to spend it you is such a joy.

Love you to the moon and back!

xo Mom

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

xo natasha

{Photos by Artyard Photography}

{Christmas Cheer} Recipe Favorites 2012!

A special thanks to all that linked out to our Christmas Cheer linky party this year!  I had a ton of fun going through all of the recipes and wanted to share some of them with you...perhaps it will inspire a last minute recipe, just in time for Christmas!  :)

Peppermint Cupcakes {One Perfect Room}

S'mores Cookies {Pinterest Told Me To...}

Candied Cinnamon Sugar Almonds {Dimples and Tangles}

Chocolate Peppermint Blossoms {House of Hoff}

The Cranberry Claus {Savor Home}

Christmas Cupcakes {Flaxman Chronicles}

Peppermint M&M Pudding Cookies {What's Cooking, Love?}

Linzer Cookies {Taste of August}

Nutella Kiss Cookies {In the Pink and Green}

Vanilla Bean Spritz Cookies {Haute Apple Pie}

So are you hungry now, or is it just me!?  Thanks to everyone that linked up!  And if you get to baking this weekend and want to share, the linky party will be open until Christmas Day!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Weekend...we'll be staying put in Tahoe and enjoying the snow!

xo natasha

Dressing for Christmas Day

Welcome to our final day of our Christmas Cheer Link Party!  If you missed any of the previous parties, you can still link up!  Click the icon below to see the past parties!  :)

Today is all about Holiday Fashion, and in true Schue Love form, I've put together some inspiration boards for both Christmas morning and dinner!  I included something for everyone...and let me just say that I would be broke if we had a little girl right now!  ;)

For Him: Plaid Pajamas
For the Babies: Fair Isle and Sweet Treat Pajamas

Of course, Christmas morning is all about snuggling up in pajamas!  You better believe I scored the polka dot set for myself...and I'll be rocking it that morning.  And I am a firm believe that babies in jammies are the cuuuutest!

For Her: Plaid Shirt | Feather Skirt | Hunter Boots
For Baby Boy: Plaid Shirt | Pants | Raindeer Hat
For Baby Girl: Bow | Sweater | Ruffle Tights | Uggs
For Him: Plaid Shirt | Wool Pants | Chukkas

By dinner time, it's nice to get a little dressed up!  I adore this outfit for her that was inspired by Jessica! And I'm a pretty firm believe that there is no better time to rock plaid than Christmas!

Still not over those cute ruffle tights or that deer hat.  I think I'll miss all the themed outfits of the holidays!!

So now, it's time to link up your favorite holiday outfits or inspiration over at Michaela Noelle Designs!

And check back tomorrow for my favorite picks from our recipe linky party!

xo natasha

PS...only two more days to enter to win $50 to Lulu & Georgia!

Baby Ethan: 25 Weeks

Weight: We've got to be pushing 14 pounds by now...maybe more?  We won't find out officially until early January.

Health: A little stuffy nose here and there, but healthy overall!

Sleep: Just when I think it can't get any worse...it gets better!  The last two nights Ethan has slept 6 hours straight, which has been awesome.  We started topping him off with a 2oz bottle of formula right before bed and I think it's helping.  Fingers crossed!

Social: As I reported earlier this week, we hosted a holiday party and Ethan did great!  He was up for over 7 hours and didn't fuss once.  Just a social little butterfly...letting everyone hold him and smiling like always.

Diet: Mainly breast milk, with a supplemented formula when I'm in the office 3 days a week.

Clothes: 3-6 and some 6-9 months.

Baby Gear Love: Anything that makes noise or music and flashes brightly.  He has also taken a keen interest to my hand.  Seriously...I clinch a fist and then pop it open and he thinks it's the greatest thing ever!

Crying: I should probably retire this section soon...Ethan really only cries when he's tired.  Though, I'm sure as I say that, he'll probably start to teethe and we'll have to bring this right back!

Likes: His hands!  He has also taken a keen interest in his hands.  Closing and opening them and staring at them intently.  It's so cute!

Postpartum: Just a little stomach bug this past week.  It's hard not feeling 100% when you have a baby to take care of.  

Milestones: We discovered he can hold his own bottles!  Oh and he throws his paci's...or anything he holds while in his swing or carseat.  He's also showing signs of reaching for us too, especially when he's being held by others.  

Otherwise, we're having fun watching him sit now and be able to balance more and more.  Can't believe how big he's getting...he's going to be 6 WHOLE MONTHS next week!  Where has the time gone?!

xo natasha