In My Bag: Hospital Essentials

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This post is long overdue {by almost 3 months!} but several of you have asked what I packed in my hospital bag, so here you go!

We only live about ten minutes from the hospital, so I wasn't too worried about packing everything perfectly before Baby arrived.  Even so, I definitely overpacked...I used about half of what I brought.  So the above items are what I actually used and would recommend to pack.

For You: I would definitely recommend bringing your own shampoo, conditioner, soap, lotion, hair products, and hair blow dryer to the hospital.  Oh and makeup too!  Our hospital provided some necessities but after you deliver, you just want to have a little sense of normalcy, and a hot shower with the ability to put yourself together is just the ticket.

I also used a lightweight robe and slippers {or sandals} for shuffling around the hospital...both before and after the delivery.  I did not end up using my own underwear...the mesh undies they provide are SO much better and much more comfortable.  I also used the hospital gowns.  True, they're not super glamorous, but they're clean and plentiful and that's all I cared about at the time.

Also, bring some nursing tanks or bras to make the transition out of the hospital easier.  And of course a comfy going home outfit.

For Nursing: LANOLIN LANOLIN LANOLIN!  I cannot stress enough how important Lanolin is for those first few days.  Heck, start applying it before the baby arrives.  This stuff is amazing!  I never suffered any cracking, drying or bleeding as a result of this product.  Can't sing its praises enough.  We also brought a travel boppy, which may have been a little frivolous, BUT if you plan to use a nursing pillows, this one is great because it folds up which keeps the pillow clean and free of hospital germs.

You don't need to bring a pump.  My hospital provided one, which I did end up using because Ethan was taken to the nursery the first night, but otherwise, you don't need it because you'll be nursing your little one right away.

For Baby: I would definitely recommend bringing some Aden + Anais swaddle blankets.  They're so much softer and easy to use...our nurses were even impressed by them!  Also, the no-scratch mittens are a must.  Our hospital didn't provide nail files or clippers for us to use and it's surprising how long and sharp their nails are!  You don't want your little baby scratching up his or her face right off the bat!

Also, a cute going home outfit for baby!

Don't forget!  Don't forget your cameras, phones, laptops or iPads and of course the corresponding chargers.  You want to capture every moment and spread the news efficiently!

So there you have it!  Did I miss anything?  Any questions?  Fire away!

Have a great weekend!!

xo natasha


  1. This is great - I'm going to be packing my hospital bag in the next month or so, and this is perfect timing!

  2. Don't forget chapstick!! It was my lifesaver along with everything you mentioned! Great list :)

    So funny...our nurses were amazed with our A&A blankets, too!! I figured they would have seen them before, but nope!

  3. I was so unprepared with what I brought to the hospital the first time. This is a great list. Definitely checking out those blankets :)

  4. great, everything seems on board with what i have packed. i have 3 onesies for jonas for the going-home outfit because i have no idea how big he is going to be! i cannot fathom him being as small as the NB onesie, but i may be wrong!

  5. I have 6 weeks left and was just about to start my list of what I needed for the hospital. THank you!!

  6. Great list. I've love reading about what you've loved so far!

  7. aw i'm favoriting this one for one day :)

  8. I over packed too and didn't wear any of the things I brought until it was time to go home! I totally agree with everything on your list...especially the swaddle blankets and slippers!

  9. We just had our baby girl on Monday (today was actually her due date) and I think you covered the hospital bag essentials very well! I was so glad to have my toiletries, makeup, blow dryer, and nursing friendly tops to wear. And, of course, for the baby-- the Aden+Anais Blankets and some outfits were great too!

  10. Great list!! Here are my additions that are my personal must haves:

    - comfy shoes for daddy as the floors are hard, really hard. Like as in his tennis shoes, not his flip flops =)
    -cookie treats I bought at a local bakery in little cute cellophane bags for the nurses that rotate in (I got WHATEVER I wanted because of this)
    -a spa playlist and a soothing nursery playlist for your iphone/ipod (the nurses kept saying my room was so calming and peaceful bc of the music and it made the room feel less sterile
    -really comfy socks, the squishy soft kind
    -small fan (they keep the room really warm bc you have a newborn in there and I kept my fan on my little table by my bed THE WHOLE TIME
    - I slept in their gowns but during the day I wore gowns from to make me feel cute.

    xoxo Shel

  11. I love those bras, I got the same looking ones at target. They are by far my fav. because they feel like a sports bra & are super soft. I've never heard of the travel boppy!! We have a boppy, but that sounds cool :)

  12. Thank you so much for this post! I am almost to the half way point and I know I will be in desperate need of all this information here soon! :)

  13. Thanks for this great list Natasha! I have checked off pretty much everything you have here except maybe the travel toiletries. I also have heard great things about the nursing sports bras, so I may have to pick them up. I figure I will be wearing my havianas to the hospital because that is pretty much the only pair of shoes I find comfortable right now. Thanks again and hope all is well!

  14. What a great purchase especially when it comes to buying a bra online!!!! Wonderful! I was hesitant to order online but it exceeded my expectations! I wear just my size bras almost every day and its phenomenal!