Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Everyone


Christmas is NEXT Friday...can you believe it? I hope your shopping (and shipping!) has gone smoothly so far. We're probably about 85% there...just need to order and shop for a couple last minute things.

If you're stumped on stocking stuffer ideas, then look no further! Many of these items are some of our favorite tried and true products!

Srunci Pack: How cute is this set? A great gift for all the girls in your life (I love them so much--but then again I am a total child of the 80s/90s!).

Dog Chew Toy: We can't forget about our furry family members--Walter can use all the chew toys he can get his paws on! And it's really helped curb chewing on other things so far...knock on wood!

Beauty Blender: I love this for evenly applying my foundation (when I actually wear foundation, that is!). I've also heard really good things about this magic makeup eraser washcloth!

Key Chain: Rolling this over from my Men's Gift Guide...this is actually a great unisex item for most anyone!

Wine Stoppers: These little guys really do help prolong an open bottle of wine...and I love the neutral colors in this set of four.

Magnetic Slime: Stress relief for the whole family...and you know we can all use a little relief these days! Our boys especially watching the slime crawl over to the magnet!

Soap Rest: This was a super random buy but we really needed something to rest our bar soap on (the plastic kids cup was no longer cutting it) and this thing works really well! No slip and easy to clean too.

Santa Bubble Gum Tape: My kids love bubblegum, so why not make it fun?

Truffle Hot Sauce: The packaging alone had me at hello! Love the idea of truffle and hot sauce--sounds amazing for eggs, tacos and avocado toast!

Shower Mist: We have this and love it for the shower--it turns your mundane bathroom into a tranquil spa with just a spritz or two! Our boys love it too. It's very relaxing!

Bath Bomb: We can never have too many both bombs around--though baths for the boys seems more like a luxury these days!

Yeti Water Bottle: Perhaps the best thing about this water bottle is that it's DISHWASHER SAFE! Yes, you read that right. 100% worth it!

Good luck with finishing your shopping!

Bonus item: This weighted ball phone charger helps make sure your charger never falls off your nightstand!

xo natasha

Gift Guide: For Him


Can you believe Christmas is TWO weeks away?? Where is the time going??

Here's a gift guide for the hardest person to shop for and I think there are some solid options here, so if you're stumped, here ya go!

Lined Crocs: These are the bad boys that inspired my Gift Guide for Kiddos crocs. My husband swears by them for house slippers and going in and out of the backyard.

Ball Cap: Classic for every guy on your list!

Christmas Vacation Socks: How good are these socks? And you know they're good quality because they're Stance! Top notch!

Running Shoes: I swear by Flyknit running shoes and I love that these just slide right on. Whether your guy runs or not, these would even be great for "running" errands!

The BEST Joggers Ever: My husband is OBSESSED with this brand (and you should be too!). All of their stuff is so great and buttery soft! It will be a win, no matter what item you purchase. I particularly love the color of these joggers for the winter!

Move Sonos Speaker: This is admittedly a little bit of a splurge, BUT, we love this thing. We move ours around the house and even outside in the summer to bring a little extra ambiance. I have mine playing holiday tunes as I type this!

Keychain: Easy stocking stuffer idea! :)

Massage Gun: I know there are a lot of these out on the market, but this one is tried and true! It may be my husband's favorite buy of the year! He loves it!

xo natasha

Gift Guide: For Her


AKA all the things on my wishlist this year! :)

Byredo Perfume: This is a true splurge but SO worth it. I can't tell you how many compliments I get when I wear this brand. My favorite is Mojave Ghost, but I smelled this recently and loved it too!

Personalized Bracelets: I love the idea of wearing these with my Apple watch as a way to take it up a notch. Especially loving the "MAMA" with heart charm!

Ugg Slippers: Let's be real--slippers are the real MVP of 2020. I LIVE in mine and realize that it may be time for some new ones. These look so cozy!

Cute Weights: I love getting outside to walk and clear my mind. These would help me step it up a notch!

Coffee Table Book: I have started to really appreciate quality coffee table books for filling all sorts of decor needs. This one looks particularly pretty! Also eying this one!

Candle: Another thing I've noticed working from home is that quality candles are 100% worth it! I like to light one at the end of a long work day to try and unwind!

Beauty Sleep Cream: I've come to really like Tula products and this one is next on my list to try!

Artis Brushes: Bloggers and influencers everywhere SWEAR by these brushes and I am a sucker for good marketing so I have already bought a set to try. Can't wait to try!

Happy Shopping!

xo natasha

Gift Guide: For the Kiddos


I'm kicking off my holiday gift guides this week...I can't believe Christmas is just 3 weeks away! Whew, time is flying!

I find the boys can be harder and harder to shop for, as they get older and start to like all the same things. My boys are 2.5 years apart but Wyatt mainly likes anything that Ethan does, we we plan to buy more joint gifts this year or two of the same things. Here are some ideas!

Binoculars: A fun away to encourage young explorers to take in their surroundings!

Seascope: I imagine lots of fun days out at our local lake and river with this seascope.

Cosmic Craft Kit: Another fun indoor activity to keep the kids busy on days they can't venture outside.

Early Reader Books: We have these books for Wyatt and they are great for early readers! The stories are silly and easy to read and they also come with stickers to use for each time they successfully read a book. Highly recommend!

Origami Kit: My boys love making ninja stars and fortune tellers out of construction paper. I think they would love this kit to keep them busy during the day.

Jellyfish Nightlight: It's a nightlight, but disguised more or less for bigger boys!

Snowmobile Sled: This would definitely amp up their sled game this winter!

Fur Lined Crocs: My husband has crocs which is great for getting outside quickly...and of course, the boys would love to copy their dad!

Socks: Stance Socks are well-made and I love the cute patterns.

ATM Bank: Our kids are both into earning money and saving it for a fun toy. This may help keep them a bit more honest in their "saving" endeavors.

Ninja Obstacle Course: I'm all for anything that gets our kids outside. We recently got them a slack line and I think this would take their outdoor adventures to the next level!

xo natasha

Pandemic Style: Thanksgiving

It will be a different kind of holiday season this year--who would have guessed that we'd still be coping with a full-blown pandemic?? I'm trying to embrace the idea of being home and cozy this year. It's a little less pressure and hopefully a lot more intimate. And I'm all about embracing the holiday season between the music, movies, decorations and yummy treats!

With Thanksgiving being less than two weeks away, I though I'd pull together some ideas on what to wear. I personally have this top and this top and will probably wear one with sweats jeans! ;) Though...that jumpsuit looks awfully tempting! Maybe for the day after!

xo natasha

Puppy Must Haves


One month ago, we welcomed our new golden retriever puppy, Walter, home! It's been so much fun, but also a reminder to how much work puppies are! Thankfully, Walter is settling right in--and with enough chew toys--we're hopeful to enjoy this short phase of puppyhood!

I received a request on Instagram to provide a list of items we've been using thus here you go! All the things that have helped us survive puppyhood!

Chew Toys: Lots of chew toys! Our personal favorites are this maple flavored stick, this chew rope octopus, these Nylabones, these star chew toy and this bone flavored chew bone!

Food: Our breeder recommended this dog food and we have also discovered these amazing dog treats...can you believe they're made with crickets? Apparently crickets are higher in protein than cows and chickens and are more sustainable. Who knew? We also love these digestive dog treats.

Pet Care: We love this collar and leash for Walter. The colors are great and they hold up well to a Tyrannosaurus Rex puppy! I also love this brand of puppy beds! And I should mention that we are crate training...and Ryan has been furiously reading this book!

Pet Clean Up: At first, Walter was a perfect little gentleman and didn't have any accidents. And that lasted all of 24 hours. He has accidents and we have acclimated quickly! This urine destroyer cleaner has been amazing...and we just invested in an actual machine too!

For Fun: And because Christmas is right around the corner, we HAD to get Walter his own pair of Pet Johns! To match the kids, of course! ;)

I hope this is helpful! And because you got through all of these, I'll leave you with a pup pic!

xo natasha

Favorite Fall Color


How is it fall already! September flew by in a flash as we patiently awaited the arrival of our new puppy, Walter.

This season, I find myself being drawn over and over again to this color. Call it pumpkin, call it nutmeg, call it acorn...I just love it! It's a great fall neutral and surprisingly abundant everywhere! I've also had my eye on this and this too!

And if you're not into the idea of wearing this color, I love this, this and this for home!

Happy Fall Shopping!

xo natasha

Top 5 Picks from the Nordstrom Sale


The annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially live to the public as of this morning, and I've rounded up the top 5 items I would buy/have my eye on.

I am less inspired each year as the sale items tend to look and feel the same each I don't personally feel a huge push to purchase anything. That said, I have had my eye on this PMD Microderm device and the price is worth grabbing it, IMO.

I will also say, that these booties are so classic for fall...wear them with a skirt or dress now and jeans later. 

I do love a great coatigan and layering necklace, in case you're in the market!

Last, this feather bra has also been on my list, though let's be honest, who's actually wearing a bra right now? #workfromhomeprobs

As always, items usually restock so if you have your eye on something, keep checking back!

Happy shopping!

xo natasha

8 Year Old Gift Guide

Ethan's 8th birthday is THIS Friday! I don't know where the time has gone or how our oldest is turning EIGHT! The name of the game for Ethan is anything and everything outdoors! He loves it! And it's the perfect season to encourage it! ;)

We're hoping to keep things small this year due to COVID but I'm just glad we can be outside.

I hope you're having a great week!

xo natasha

For the Dads

Backpack Cooler {of course there is always this one too} // Sunglasses

Father's Day is quickly approaching which is hard to keep track of given the fact that all days seem to just blur together! I am definitely more thankful than ever to have married such a hands-on dad. He is really the best so we are looking forward to celebrating him on the 21st!

xo natasha

For the Moms

Apron // Hat // Watch

Mother's Day is right around the corner and even though it will be a different type of celebration, I am still looking forward to spending the day with my boys and hopefully getting some fresh air.

This gift guide centers around a lot of what I'm currently enjoying right now: exercising, skincare and spending time in the kitchen!

Other ideas: this skincare kit, these joggers and this trio of perfumes.

xo natasha

Finding Comfort at Home

In such uncertain times, I'm trying to really lean into the things that bring me comfort. I'm a homebody, by nature, and these are the tried-and true-things that really help me. Not pictured: a cup of hot tea, a roaring fire in the fireplace, an old rom com on the TV {or binge watching Love is Blind!}, a surprise box of girl scout cookies that you found hidden in the pantry...and you know I love a nice glass of red wine at the end of the night too.

It's rare {and this kind of thing is flat out unprecedented} to get permission to stay home and halt life for a moment. I know it's hard and as social creatures, we crave daily interaction, but I really believe that if we do our part, we'll be able to reconvene sooner than later.

So for now, I hope you're finding comfort in your homes while spending time with loved ones. 

xo natasha

Spring Shopbop Sale!

Spring is in the air! And that also means that Shopbop is having their big, seasonal sale! The more you spend, the bigger the savings! As always, I've been eying investment pieces like some new sneakers or this one-size fits all swimsuit!

Happy Shopping!

xo natasha

Pretty Things for Valentine's Day!

Eye Mask + Swim Suit {love the bikini too!}

Throwing a quick little list of goodies together in case you need ideas for Valentine's Day! This year, we're planning to go out to dinner at one of our old favorites...which is especially nice this year since Valentine's Day is on a Friday!

I got this and this for the boys...I'm sure I'll throw in some candy too! ;)

xo natasha

Sunday Finds + Buys

The boys have gone skiing so I've got some time on my hands to show you what I've been shopping and finding online!

How cool are these boots? I'm not sure I could pull them off but I love the detail on them! Shop these for a look for less!

My friend has this highlighting powder in the "Fort de France" color and it is SO pretty! It's a great way to highlight cheekbones or add a touch of glow during these dull months!

I recently got this sweater for work and love that it's wash-friendly. The unique pattern adds some interest too...which takes it up a notch! It comes in tons of colors so I may go back from another one soon.

I got these boots on mega-sale last weekend and think they'll be great for work and weekends!

How cute are these foil leggings? And they're on sale too! Athleta is quickly becoming my favorite workout brand. I recently was gifted these and these an can't stop wearing them, both for working out and leisure!

If you're on the hunt for more affordable leggings, I've heard amazing these about these! And if shine isn't your thing, I've also got these in my cart and have heard equally as good things about the quality.

Since we're on the Amazon train...I also saw this sweater on another mom the other day and thought it was super cute for running errands or hanging with friends on the weekend. It looks long enough to wear with leggings or skinny jeans!

This is my favorite new shower hack! Get a couple spritzes of this eucalyptus spray during your shower and escape to your own personal spa! I especially love breathing it in and relaxing at the end of a long day!

Another favorite hack is throwing on one of these cute headbands on a bad hair day...or when you need to add a little something extra to your outfit! Bonus: they don't hurt your head!

Happy Sunday!

xo natasha

Wyatt Turns 5! A Gift Guide

Wyatt turns 5 today!

I'm a little late to the gift guide game, but if you're on the hunt for fun gift ideas, you're in the right place!

Having a birthday after the holidays are over is tough! Most people seem to be burnt out by this time of year! We try to make the most of it by hosting a small party (this year it was a Dragon's Love Tacos theme, with a hosted taco bar and churro flavored cupcakes!).

I hope you're having a great weekend!

xo natasha