Gift Guide: For Her


AKA all the things on my wishlist this year! :)

Byredo Perfume: This is a true splurge but SO worth it. I can't tell you how many compliments I get when I wear this brand. My favorite is Mojave Ghost, but I smelled this recently and loved it too!

Personalized Bracelets: I love the idea of wearing these with my Apple watch as a way to take it up a notch. Especially loving the "MAMA" with heart charm!

Ugg Slippers: Let's be real--slippers are the real MVP of 2020. I LIVE in mine and realize that it may be time for some new ones. These look so cozy!

Cute Weights: I love getting outside to walk and clear my mind. These would help me step it up a notch!

Coffee Table Book: I have started to really appreciate quality coffee table books for filling all sorts of decor needs. This one looks particularly pretty! Also eying this one!

Candle: Another thing I've noticed working from home is that quality candles are 100% worth it! I like to light one at the end of a long work day to try and unwind!

Beauty Sleep Cream: I've come to really like Tula products and this one is next on my list to try!

Artis Brushes: Bloggers and influencers everywhere SWEAR by these brushes and I am a sucker for good marketing so I have already bought a set to try. Can't wait to try!

Happy Shopping!

xo natasha

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