Wedding Weekend

We had a whirlwind of a weekend which included traveling to Pleasanton for one of Ryan's fraternity brother's wedding.  It's always super fun to get together with this group...who are now mostly all married and some have babies {or are pregnant!} now too!

 My Dress--which was perfect for nursing!  My sunglasses

The beautiful venue--Garre Winery

Ryan with two of his best friends...and Wyatt too!  ;)  Ethan stayed home with his grandparents.

Baby on board!

We're all about the carriers.  Ryan rocked the Baby Bjorn while I wore the Solly Baby Wrap {my favorite!}.  Wyatt always falls asleep in there!

Yes...this is how we do weddings now!  ;)

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Happy happy birthday to my main squeeze, best father, husband and partner for life!  The last several months have been a wild ride {hello two kids!} but I wouldn't choose to spend them with anyone else.

And today also marks 35 months for Ethan...he is going to be THREE this time next month.  Wow!

Happy Birthday Ryan...we love you!

xo natasha

Memorial Day Wear {ALL on Sale!!!}

Yay for a long weekend and an even bigger yay for holiday sales!  I'm hoping for some warm weather soon {right now it's rainy and dreary!}.  These are some of the items I've been eyeing...or have even purchased that dress {the back is super cute!}.  All of these items are from Nordstrom...they're having their half yearly sale!  AND if you want a chance to win $500, check out my Instagram to enter!  

We'll be pretty low key this weekend...I just got back from a three-day conference {sorry for the radio silence}.  What are your plans?

xo natasha

My Best Friend's Baby Shower

 This past weekend, we got to celebrate my best friend who is welcoming her first baby...a girl!...this July.  We hosted her shower at a family friend's beautiful home and all the details come together wonderfully!

The drink bar setup, complete with this adorable banner courtesy of Minted.  O'Mara is my friend's middle name and the name of her baby girl...isn't it pretty?

The mini cupcakes were delicious and were from SusieCakes.

One of the hosts put these GORGEOUS floral arrangements together herself...stunning.  She also used mismatched china plates, photos of the mom & dad as babies, and of course, lots of pink!

Another shot of the table, including the cute cookie favors.

I loved all the peonies!  And this handmade banner.

Her invitations are also from Minted...isn't the rocking horse darling?

The mama-to-be and the hosts!  My dress is from Nordstrom, in case you want to snag it for yourself.  It's extremely forgiving and flattering for postpartum.

I can't wait to meet this baby!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

xo natasha

The Perfect Way to Picnic

Getting outdoors is important, especially since having children.  With the warmer weather upon us, I've never been more excited to get outside.  I've actually been a fan of the JJ Cole picnic blanket long before now--it's the perfect outdoor blanket for kiddos--waterproof, portable and fun.  We beat our last one to death and so when JJ Cole reached out about reviewing their blanket and Caprice bag, I jumped at the chance!

I love the pattern of the Prairie Blossom's neutral while still being fun.

I am also love the Caprice diaper bag...the grey color is great plus there are tons of pockets and compartments for storage.  It's gender neutral which means that my husband would be happy to carry it around town too.  #winwin

Last but not least, JJ Cole has a really awesome carrier that is worth noting.  It's like a lot of the wrap-styled carries on the market right now, but without the hassle.  There is NO wrapping involved AND your baby can face forward.  I can't wait to test this out with Wyatt!

All of these items make for an easier outing with the kiddos--and like I said, with the warmer weather around the corner--I'm looking for any excuse to get outdoors!

How are you enjoying the outdoors?

xo natasha

**A special thanks to JJ Cole for allowing me to review these goodies.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!**

Happy 4 months Wyatt!

Happy 4 months Wyatt!  

Wyatt has really blossomed this past month!  He absolutely loves to smile and engage with other people.  He's happiest when others smile and talk to him.  Wyatt still has that temper too...and bottle feeding him while I'm away has not helped with his patience.  He is drinking about 5-6 ounces each time, which is incredible!  I don't think it's helping with his weight though...he's still a little peanut.  My guess is around 12 pounds or so.  He's starting to outgrow his 0-3 and 3 month clothes--and he's in size 2 diapers.

Wyatt still adores his brother {and Ethan adores him!}...but he can get distracted easily which also doesn't help with his patience!  I'm still nursing him when I'm with him--and he has had 100% breastmilk up to this point.  He's still in his bassinet...we've been meaning to move him over to his crib, with two kids has gotten in the way!

Wyatt's eyes are still a dark steel blue'ish color.  I'll be curious to see what color they turn.  His hair also seems darker and thicker--like a beaver pelt on top, we say!

Here are a couple other updates this month: 

Makes a little clicking noise with his tongue--will respond with doing this if you do it first.
Firt airplane ride
First trip to Scottsdale, AZ
Mama is losing her hair like no one's business!
Working on tummy time/neck strength
Loves to stand--his legs seem really strong.
Starting to crack a couple laughs, but still no belly laugh...yet!
Is waking up around 2-3 am and again around 6:30am
Super close to rolling
Grabs his pacifier and takes it out of his mouth all the time.
Loves his lovie and holding onto things.

xo natasha

PS...Ethan's 4 month update here.

My Mother's Day

We had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday--which actually started on Saturday as Ryan surprised me with a massage at The Landing and a pedicure after. We spent the afternoon with friends and my first glass of rosé...can't complain!

This Mother's Day is just a little bit more special with two in tow.  I remember finding out Mother's Day morning last year that we were expecting baby #2!  Crazy how fast time has gone!

Ethan's outfit from Gap last year

We like our wine in this family--so what better Mother's Day gift than personalized photo wine charms?  I got them through this Etsy shop--and will probably get them for myself too!

My little ham!

The moms!

My favorite people...notice how sweet Ethan is with his baby brother?  Love him!

We had a great brunch at my in-laws, followed by a walk on the beach and dinner at Ciera Steak + Chophouse.  Yum!  Perfect day.

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!

xo natasha

Top 5 Spring Dresses

Spring always seems like the time for wedding showers, baby showers and weddings, which is why I like to stock up on some cute new dresses that will take me through summer.  Here are my top five picks:

I love this effortless little spring dress.  It comes in black and white...

And the back is the best!

I love this one for an upcoming it's easy access for nursing, which is a definitely plus!

I have this print in the top version and love it!  I think the dress is calling my name too.

Would make such a cute cover up or easy breezy brunch dress.

Just scored this dress and love it!  FYI, I ordered a tall--I'm 5'6" for the extra length and it hits perfectly with sandals.  I plan on pairing it with this jacket.

So there you have it!  Happy Shopping!

xo natasha

Our Weekend + We've Got a Pooper!

We had a great, low-key weekend...starting off with some margaritas in celebration of Cinco de Mayo.  Ours are simple and tasty: two shots of clear tequila, one shot of light agave syrup and two shots of freshly squeezed lime juice.  Yum!

Ethan has taken a huge interest in the toilet lately and *update* he pooped last night as I typed this post.  HUGE moment as pooping seems to be much more difficult.  Super proud of him!

We took some long walks out to the lake... 

And I'm still loving my Solly Baby Wrap!  ;)

On Sunday--we got to spend time with some friends down at the river by our house.

Ethan loves holding his brother...all.the.time!

Ethan also helped his dad mow the lawn...

which was reminiscent of this picture below of Ryan and his dad!

Ethan also loves to help give his baby brother a bath...he's quite the helper these days!

And the best part about a bath?  The smell of a freshly bathed baby!  ;)

Love this little guy!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

xo natasha