The Best Way to Shop at Target

Cookie Jars // Bench {on sale!} // Frame // Socks // Mugs // Book

Like many {many!} of you, we're huge Target fans.  Every time we go, we stock up on baby necessities like baby diapers and wipes, clothes, home decor, house products, beauty finds and other seasonal items.  We easily spend several hundred dollars during each haul {luckily we only go about once a month as our closest Target is about an hour away}, which is why we'll take a deal when we can find one.

We already have the Target REDcard, which saves us 5% on each purchase, but I recently downloaded the Cartwheel app to see if there were any additional ways to save.  Instead of perusing the app beforehand, I shopped as I normally would and then whipped out the app during checkout.  I was able to easily search by either category or brand and add coupons to "my cartwheel" which then had one single barcode for the cashier to scan before I paid.  Easy peasy AND I saved over $30 which I will gladly take!

And the best part was that the offerings were all for items that I was already planning to buy, like Circo {25% off right now}, Champion {25% off right now}, Threshold {15-25% off select items}, Merona {10% off}, and more!  You can also search by collections like Valentine's Day items, Game Day Deals, Winter Cold Remdites, Pet Love, or Best Sellers.

While I've never been a huge coupon clipper, I really do love how easy the Cartwheel app is to use and how it collects all of my coupons in one place so it's easy to check out.  I suppose the next time, as I make my list, I should add my coupons beforehand {as a makeshift list} so that I ensure I'm really maximizing my savings.  Think smarter, not harder, right??

Have you downloaded the Cartwheel app?  Did you walk away with any savings?  What did you think? Leave a comment below to be entered to win a $1,000 Target GiftCard®! 

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xo natasha


Just stopping by to say Aloha!  We're having a blast in Maui and Ethan's finally adjusted to the time change.  If you want to see what we've been up to so far, follow me on Instagram {@schuelove}.

Can't wait to share more pictures and tips on traveling with a toddler when we get back!

Until then...aloha!

xo natasha

PS...I announced the winner of the Pure Joy Paperie giveway here...was it you?

Paradise Style

Well, we made it!  I'll go into more detail once we get back, but we survived a five and a half hour flight with a toddler and we've officially settled into paradise {aka Maui!}.  The baby is down for a nap and we're taking in the view with a beer in hand.  Ahhh...

The funny thing about traveling to somewhere warm when it's cold where you're coming from is that you tend to have a little wardrobe anxiety.  I was rifling through my warm-weathered dresses and bikinis and got so excited at the thought of wearing them again that I threw them all in my suitcase!  However the basics never fail.  A great maxi dress, a tote and some fun jewelry...and voila!  You're in vacation mode.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...cheers!

xo natasha

A Typical Day in Healthy Meals

I've been trying really hard to be more mindful of my diet lately.  That means eating clean- less processed food, cutting out dairy and grains, eating more fruits and vegetables and cutting back on sugar.

Here's what a typical breakfast, lunch and dinner might look for me...

I start out the day with some sort of egg preparation...whether it's scrambled eggs with sweet potato and spinach or these delicious protein pancakes.  It's super easy...simply mash one banana {I blend mine in a mini food processor}, whisk in 2 eggs and add a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg.  

I also have a double latte with unsweetened vanilla cashew milk.

I'm not really eating cheese right now, but life is all about balance and goat cheese is one of the healthier options.  This salad is a combination of spinach, raspberries, blueberries, walnuts and goat cheese.  I drizzled a little honey to help emulsify the flavors and create a little dressing.  Delish!  I might also make these chicken lettuce wraps or a kale salad.

For a snack, I might have an apple with almond butter, a handful of almonds, or a Larabar

For dinner, I look to only eat some sort of meat and a veggie.  I normally never eat this much meat, so it's been a little bit of a challenge, but hopefully the picture above demonstrates how to get creative.  I've recently become slightly obsessed with green string beans, zucchini, and cauliflower.  I'll usually switch off between having chicken or some sort of red meat, like flank steak or filet.

And on occasion...I'll have a little treat, like a Justin's dark chocolate peanut butter cup.  

Of course, I drink plenty of water throughout the day which is essential.

And let's not lie, I still enjoy a glass of red wine {or two!} on the weekends.  But I have cut back quite a steps!

Eating this way the last several weeks has really taught me a lot about finding balance and portion control.  It's also helped us meal plan throughout the week, which is HUGE accomplishment for us.  And my husband definitely is not complaining about all the extra meat we've bean eating lately!  ;)

I really do find that I have more energy and I don't crave the sweets and carbs like I used to.

So I have to have your post-holidays meals been going?  Are you sticking to any new years resolutions?  Tell me in the comments below!

xo natasha

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Maui Bound!

I am SO excited to be heading out to Maui soon!  It's been five years since we've been there and this time we get to introduce Ethan to all the fun!  Perhaps the best part about traveling to Maui this time of year is all of the humpback whales that are playing around in the ocean.  It was thrilling to see them the last time we were fingers crossed that we get to see more of them this time around.

Of course, being the middle of winter, I am wishing I could buy some fun new clothes to accompany me!  Below are just a few things on my wish list.

Of course, most of our budget went to buying new toys and swim trunks for Ethan!  ;)

Are you vacationing anywhere fun?

xo natasha

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Pure Joy Paperie + A Giveaway

I'm so pleased to introduce you to my newest sponsor, Pure Joy Paperie!  Liz's shop is absolutely adorable...filled with tons of whimsical items such as prints, phone cases, invitations and more.  Here are some of my favorite prints!

So many sweet prints, right?  I especially love the ombre watercolor...totally calling my name!

Pure Joy Paperie is giving one lucky reader a $20 credit to her store!  Be sure to enter in the Rafflecopter widget below...the winner will be announced next Monday.

Valentine's Day Ideas for the Littles

Is it just me or are the holidays INFINITELY more fun with little ones?  I really love any excuse to celebrate and having Ethan seems to make all the more sense that we really get in the holiday spirit.

For the Boys

We just bought Ethan this little Cupid sweatshirt, which I adore.  And I simply cannot wait for him to give his valentine's away to his friends.  This little robot card is irresistible.  It fits Ethan's personality perfectly right now too, since he's definitely a little love machine {blowing kisses and everything!}

For the Girls
Jammies...Beanie...Hair Clips...Swimsuit

And oh how I swoon over all the girly things for Valentine's Day.  I LOVE anything mermaid and heart and you MUST check out Bub + Bug Studio for her adorable clips and headbands.  I clearly need a little girl...

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

xo natasha


Friends, this blog is my happy place.  I've connected with so many amazing women and mothers.  I love sharing pretty things and snippets of my life.  But I would be missing the entire point of having a platform like this if I didn't allow others to have a voice here as well.  I know the love and support that pours from this community, so I am asking you to take a moment and read the following...

I am brought to tears by a family that is struggling...they have an 8 month old son who was recently diagnosed with Menkes Syndrome.  This baby will not live to see his third birthday..and there's nothing to change that.

This beautiful baby boy, affectionately called "Super Teddy", by his mom, cannot be saved.  But his parents want to educate everyone possible about this syndrome, also known as "kinky hair syndrome".  His mother has set up a page to follow Teddy's progress and how they are coping.  You can find it here

I want to include this journal entry from Mary {Teddy's mother} to really illustrate what this syndrome is all about and why it's imperative that we are all educated on the signs:


We never intended on calling him Theodore but knew he needed something proper for college and job applications. My Mom told me no adult would ever want to be called Teddy, and even though we agree to disagree, we always knew he could transition to Theo or Ted if he wanted to later in life (assuming she was right, but she's not). But he's more than Teddy- he's Daddy's "Teedler/Teedlet," Nana Coffey's "Teddy Man,"  Auntie Amanda's "Tedward," Uncle John's "T-man,' and Auntie Jen's "Ted-a-dore." But to me, he's SUPER TEDDY. I started calling him that because every time Alex would hold him in the air he would open that massive Steven Tyler mouth and giggle. It makes me laugh every time. 

And it's going to be Super Teddy and his adorable little face that brings awareness to this horrible disease.  And I now know how I'm going to make a difference. Because even through this disease effects one in a million, that one doesn't deserve it. And that one deserves a fighting chance. Teddy deserves a chance but will never get it. Had his doctors known the symptoms, seen the signs, we may not be in this situation.  Sure, Teddy exhibited normal behavior/ progression until eight-weeks or more, but the physical symptoms were there from day one. It is called kinky-hair or steely-hair syndrome for a reason. Teddy's hair was kinky. Teddy's hair was also "silver." And the worse part about it, every single doctor commented on it. They would touch it and laugh- they all thought it was "cute." Sure it was cute, but it was also symptom #1. If just one of those doctors had said, 'hey- this is different, doesn't really fit the profile of your family' Teddy could have started copper shots early. He could have been one of the cases Dr. Kaler could help- not just another statistic that will die before his third birthday. I don't blame these doctors, but that doesn't mean I'm okay with things staying the same way. 

And while most pediatrician's will go their entire careers without seeing a menkes boy- statistically, at least a few will have to- and sadly most will miss an early diagnosis. I want to change that. I want every pediatrician and nurse to look at a boys hair as not just hair- but a warning sign of something potentially more. I want every pediatric GI referred a boy with sever reflex to look at his hair and consider the unfortunate. I want every ER doctor looking at a baby boy refusing to eat and think of menkes before telling his parents that he will grow out of it, or that he will eat when he's really hungry. My awareness needs to start with medical professionals, because early diagnosis is the only way to give hope.

Of course I will need to raise money to do this. And I want to start by hosting an annual "Superhero Dash for Kids" and "Superhero 5K for Adults."  Naturally I will want to hold it on Teddy's birthday- the most super day of the year.  Kids will have to dress up as superheros or really cute super fairy's. Winners (or all kids) will get superhero capes / tutus. And when this time comes, I will be reaching out to all of you and asking you to put on your running/walking sneakers or at least emailing all of your generous friends. I even know a really great magician that I can hopefully talk into coming for a good cause.  Until then, I'm going to focus on loving my little boy every second of every day.

It makes me sad to write about Teddy's decline. He's not great. He's not improving. He's never going to get better. But he is SUPER. Super cute, super sweet, super innocent, super smiley, super amazing. He's also super inconsistent,  super tried, and super fussy- but those are not the supers we focus on. Instead, we focus on making sure Teddy is SUPER LOVED.

I love you to the moon and back Teddy Fish.  I will never let anyone forget how super you are.  


Please, I urge you to educate yourselves.  Educate others.  Read Mary's journal entries and help support her by spreading the word.  Mary put it best, "...even through this disease effects one in a million, that one doesn't deserve it. And that one deserves a fighting chance."

xo natasha

Spaghetti Squash Crust Sausage Pizza

For those of you who are gluten-free or simply trying to cut carbs, this recipe is for you.  I've always wanted to explore the world of carb-less pizza, but was worried that a) it would be WAY too hard or b) it would taste like cardboard.  Well, I can honestly say that this recipe is definitely none of the above.  The crust is surprisingly crisp and flavorful {nothing like cardboard} and the pizza is actually quite filling.  I found this recipe through Delighted Momma...who you should definitely check out if you're trying to be more health conscious.  She has some amazing recipes!  

Next up, I want to try a cauliflower crust pizza...who's's with me?!

xo natasha

Lovely Little Things for Valentine's Day

Planner // iPhone Case // Scarf
Shirt // Pink Nail Polish // Red Nail Polish // Earrings // Pillow
Slippers // Card // Necklace

Valentine's Day is officially less than a month away and I am excited about getting in the spirit.  I already got Ethan this adorable a little something for me and the other loves in my life!
Hope you're all having a great week so far!

xo natasha

Golden Globes: My Favorite Looks

Oh how I love award season!  So many beautiful dresses {and some unfortunate ones too!}, baubles and accessories.  I especially love the Golden Globes, since it encompasses movies and television.  I could not have been more happy that Breaking Bad got best series and Bryan Cranston got Best Actor.  Very well deserved!

Below are my favorite looks from the night...

Cate Blanchett...I think this was my favorite look of the night.  The back of this Armani Prive dress is pure perfection and I thought her hair, makeup and jewelry were spot on!

Sofia la la loved the necklace!

Amy Poehler...I actually thought she looked stunning!  A little sassy and a lot of sexy!  Way to go Amy!

Kate Beckinsale...seriously, what's not to love here?

Amy Adams...I kind of went back and forth on this one.  I initially saw this and loved it and then I thought the deep plunging neckline with the dangling necklace was a little much and I'm not crazy about her hair.  But love it or hate it, it's a stunning look!

And my not-so-favorite looks...

Zoe Saldana...I just didn't understand this.  Looked cheap and sloppy to me!

Sandra Bullock...this looked so elementary for her.  Would have been more suitable for a tween.

Julia Roberts...I adore her, but really?!  What was she thinking with this business on top business?  If she had gotten rid of the blouse, it would have been perfection.

And last, an honorable mention goes to Olivia Wilde...

Her hair was stunning and of course I adore her baby bump!!

What did you think of all of the dresses?  Who were your favorites?!

xo natasha

On the Hunt for a 'Momkini'

Ethan had his first swim lesson this past weekend and loved it!

Case in point!

This past weekend, Ryan took the lead as his swimming buddy, but I definitely want to get in on the action.  First things first though, I really need a more appropriate bathing suit to wear.  I know I would feel more comfortable wearing a one piece or tankini, not to mention that there tends to be more wardrobe malfunctions when wearing a two piece.

I've never had a desire to buy a one-piece and as a result, I'm having a super hard time trying to pick on.  To spend a lot of money or not?  To buy a one piece or tankini?  To buy something more stylish or more functional...I need help deciding!  Here are the options I'm considering:

I love the look of this suit, but worry the top might not provide enough coverage and support.  Plus it's pretty expensive!

The back is super cute on this one-piece suit.

This suit comes with straps which would make it 'mom-friendly' but also stylish.  It's also a tankini so I could wear whatever bottoms with it.  

This suit comes in a ton of colors and even though the top is plunging, my bust is much smaller, so I don't think it would be as revealing on me.

The last option is to just grab a cheap one from Target...they have a ton of options, like the one above.

So...which one would you choose??

xo natasha

Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid

iPhone Case // Dress // Earrings // Candle // Necklace // Notecards // Boots // Polish // Wallet // Gloss

Radiant Orchid is the Pantone Color of the Year and it definitely packs a punch.  I have to say, I love the color, especially following the holidays.  It's a great way to add a vibrant color to your wardrobe or accessories.  And it will certainly brighten up this cold, dreary winter days!

What do you think of this color?  Yay or nay?

xo natasha

Paleo Chicken Lettuce Wraps

In true form, I'm attempting to kick the year off on the right foot and commit to eating cleaner and working out 3-4 times a week.  So far so good...but it is only the 9th!  Side note: I just realized that yesterday was my three year blogoversary.  Happy Day for me!!  ;)

Anyway...I made these chicken wraps for lunch the other day {as part of this 30-day Paleo challenge} and they were really good!  They had a nice crunch thanks to the walnuts and apple and were quite filling as well.

Here are the details:

1 chicken breast {grilled}
Half a green apple
1/4 cup chopped walnuts
1/4 cup raisins
1/4 cup mayo {If you are really strict, you would make your own.  If you're like me, you use vegenaise}
2 leafs of romaine lettuce
Dash or pepper

Simply chop all of the ingredients into bite size pieces and add to a medium size bowl.  Stir in the vegenaise until coated well.  Add to the romaine, pepper to taste, wrap and enjoy!

I normally never eat mayo, but the vegenaise was a good alternative.  I am sure the real deal {with all natural/organic ingredients} would be just fine though.

How many of you out there are Paleo?  I wouldn't say I'm following this diet 100%, but it's definitely opening my eyes to alternative meals.  I'm just really trying to focus on meat, veggies and some fruits right now...we'll see how it goes!

xo natasha

15 16 + 17 Month Favorites

15 16 + 17 Favorites

As the months go on, it seems like Ethan's interests last a little longer and therefore, his toys get to stick around a little longer.  These last few months have been fun and challenging all at the same time.  While Ethan does enjoy toys, he's more likely to be found playing with things such as boxes, cable cords, makeup, the list goes on...

That being said, he LOVES to mimic us and based on the above, you would think we're huge cleaners.  Seriously...the kid LOVES to vacuum and sweep.  We have both toy vacuums above and like them for different reasons. The Dirt Devil makes the best sound and *bonus* it turns off after about thirty seconds.  The Dyson version is definitely cooler looking with the filtering beads and even has the suction capability, but the noise is pretty quiet {which would probably be a good thing for most parents!}.

Additionally, Ethan got this B. Toys broom set for Christmas and he loves sweeping around the kitchen.

Speaking of B. Toys, Ethan also loves this guitar.  It has three different settings and plays music as well as lets him key around on it.  Super cute!

Another hit these last few months is the shape sorting cube.  I don't know that this is the best one for beginners like Ethan, but he loves trying to fit the shapes in their accompanying slot.  I might suggest this or this for a younger toddler like Ethan.  Also, I should have included this in the set, but he LOVES his musical piggy bank for similar reasons.

To tap into his creative side, Ethan and I play with his Classic Doodler all the time.  Love that it's mess free!

And speaking of messes, Ethan loves these wipes.  He'll clean up his highchair tray after each meal...and then he'll make more messes just so he can clean them up.  They're also great for traveling!  Also great for traveling and entertaining during brushing is this cute toothbrush.  Ethan is pretty good about getting his teeth brushed each night, and this little cow toothbrush definitely helps to add to his excitement.

Last, Ethan's grandma got him these SUPER cute mini Nikes and Ethan just loves them.  Seriously, I can hardly stand mini versions of the adult's too adorable for words.  And these seem like they offer lots of great support.  Win-win!

What are your kids loving these days?!

xo natasha

Obsessions + Observations

+ I am seriously obsessed with this Ikea rug...I want it, but have no place for it.  #sigh

+ I'm pretty sure the search function no longer works on my blog.  Or anyone else's blog for that matter.

+ Did you watch the Bachelor last night?  Read this for a good laugh.

+ Are you searching for the coveted plaid blanket from Zara scarf?  Keep checking the site!  New scarves are added randomly throughout the day and's like magic!

+ I need a new iPhone case...any suggestions?

+ Postpartum.  I could never put how I felt into words.  But she did.  And I agree with every bit of it.

+ Just bought this coat {thanks to this photo} and I am in love!

+ We're going on vacation to Maui in less than a month!  I cannot wait to see the humpbacks and hopefully relax while Ryan and Ethan play in the pools.  ;)  Any restaurant and book recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

+ See last bullet and realize why I am starting to panic post-holiday and birthday.  This paleo plan is pretty awesome!

+ But with that, I'm pretty excited about snagging a new suit.  This, this and this are all in my cart!

xo natasha

Recent Outfits

It's been quite a while since I've done any sort of outfit post for myself, but I've come across some fun finds lately and wanted to share them with you!

I loved my 30th birthday outfit...the dress is from ASOS and has the cutest back.  It's SUPER heavy from all the beading but I got a ton of compliments on it that night.

The boots are new as well from Steve Madden.  They are pointy toed and have a wedge...super cute! 

This lace inset dress is a new favorite and it's on MAJOR sale for $27.97!!!.

I am also in love with my new Bauble Bar necklace...the tortoise and crystal is a great combo.  Similar styles here and here...seriously, I love them all!

I always love wearing my Karen Walker sunglasses {love these too!} and had fun pairing them with this gold infinity scarf {from Express...similar here}.  

I also recently snagged these super cute, flattering, yet comfy jeans {thanks to Megan!} 

Hope you're having a great weekend!!

xo natasha

Ethan is 18 Months!

Happy New Year!!

Once again, I'm a week late with Ethan's update, BUT it was the holidays and we were traveling, so a week late it is!  ;)

What's New:  
I swear Ethan is changing daily...he seems to get bigger to me every morning when I go to get him from his crib.  He has new endearing traits, like grabbing the side of my face so that I can kiss his cheek...and not so endearing traits, like clawing us and hitting us.  We joke that he's like those Sour Patch commercials: first he's sour and then he's sweet.  He's such a little stinker...constantly shaking his head no when you ask him to do something he doesn't want to.  And he surprises us when he shakes his head yes.  He's SO smart and observant {said said parent} and understands far more than he can communicate.  He loved pointing out the airplanes when we were in Southern California over Christmas.

He also got his first hair "trim".  And in writing this, I realized that I forgot to save his first lock of hair.  Oops.  Luckily, our aunt is his hair dresser, so we got to do it in the comfort of her home.  :)

I have to say this age is really fun to dress...he's wearing more "pants" and less baby clothes.  He's still in 12-18 for the most part but I think we'll need to start buying 24 months jammies this next month.  He also still wears a size 3 diaper and I would say his foot is about a 4 or 5.  Oh yes, and he still has the paci...I know, bad parents.  He's really good with his nanny during the day, but he totally works us on the weekends...and we were really lenient with him during our travels.  We figured it was better to have a paci in his mouth than whatever other gross things he was touching while we were out and about.

Ethan's still not the best eater.  He loves fruit and eats pasta and chicken...and scrambled eggs.  But that's really it.  He loves to feed himself too which makes things just a bit more challenging.

I think Ethan now has 12 teeth total.  Four molars. two on each side and his top and bottom front four teeth.  He's got a mean bite, let me tell you!

Let's see, some newer words this last month include: Hi, Uh Oh, Byeeee, Yeah, That {sounds more like gaaahhh with a point}, and lots of babble.  He'll have full on conversations in his own babble.  

This kid LOVES to vacuum...and I mean LOVES it!  His Aunt and Uncle just got him the Dyson kid vac for Christmas and it's his new favorite toy.  He continues to love music and really loves to mimic anything we do.  He can "pound it" and will mimic gestures.  It's pretty darn cute.

Ethan hates being told "no", having anything taken away from him, and restraining him when he doesn't want to be {which is always!}.  He will throw full blown tantrums at the drop of a hat, but luckily get over them pretty quickly too.

We traveled this last week down to Southern California for Christmas and while it was a blast, it was also challenging at times.  Flying with a toddler is no easy feat...luckily, it was only an hour flight.  And then missing naps, not eating regular meals, and sleeping in the same room makes being away from home that much more difficult.  Luckily, we survived and Ethan did surprisingly well.  Any tips on traveling with a toddler are welcome!!

xo natasha