Paradise Style

Well, we made it!  I'll go into more detail once we get back, but we survived a five and a half hour flight with a toddler and we've officially settled into paradise {aka Maui!}.  The baby is down for a nap and we're taking in the view with a beer in hand.  Ahhh...

The funny thing about traveling to somewhere warm when it's cold where you're coming from is that you tend to have a little wardrobe anxiety.  I was rifling through my warm-weathered dresses and bikinis and got so excited at the thought of wearing them again that I threw them all in my suitcase!  However the basics never fail.  A great maxi dress, a tote and some fun jewelry...and voila!  You're in vacation mode.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...cheers!

xo natasha


  1. Love it! I could live in maxi dresses! That's what I will be packing for miami in a month! Have fun and enjoy the warm weather and beaches! I'm so jealous!

  2. I'm the same way. When we went to Maui a few months ago, I packed way too much & ended up living in a maxi dress or cute shorts & a tank. Enjoy paradise!

  3. I always tend to over pack and then only wear about half of what I brought!

  4. where are you staying on maui? we went to kauai last year when kaye was 3 months…not sure that was the best move. have so much fun…ps. how does one sponsor your blog?

    1. We're staying in Wailea and so far so good except Ethan has hit a little bit of a wall today with the time change and lack of sleep. Email me at schuelove at for sponsorship info! :)

  5. Oh this maxi dress is amazing. I bet you are looking oh so fabulous out there! I can't wait to hear about it all. Love you!

  6. Ah that sounds amazing Natasha! Glad the flight went ok and that you settled in with a beer (as you should).

  7. So glad you're having a great time & enjoying a cold one! ;)

    Love your style, great picks! A black maxi is ALWAYS my travel go to. :)

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