Ethan is 18 Months!

Happy New Year!!

Once again, I'm a week late with Ethan's update, BUT it was the holidays and we were traveling, so a week late it is!  ;)

What's New:  
I swear Ethan is changing daily...he seems to get bigger to me every morning when I go to get him from his crib.  He has new endearing traits, like grabbing the side of my face so that I can kiss his cheek...and not so endearing traits, like clawing us and hitting us.  We joke that he's like those Sour Patch commercials: first he's sour and then he's sweet.  He's such a little stinker...constantly shaking his head no when you ask him to do something he doesn't want to.  And he surprises us when he shakes his head yes.  He's SO smart and observant {said said parent} and understands far more than he can communicate.  He loved pointing out the airplanes when we were in Southern California over Christmas.

He also got his first hair "trim".  And in writing this, I realized that I forgot to save his first lock of hair.  Oops.  Luckily, our aunt is his hair dresser, so we got to do it in the comfort of her home.  :)

I have to say this age is really fun to dress...he's wearing more "pants" and less baby clothes.  He's still in 12-18 for the most part but I think we'll need to start buying 24 months jammies this next month.  He also still wears a size 3 diaper and I would say his foot is about a 4 or 5.  Oh yes, and he still has the paci...I know, bad parents.  He's really good with his nanny during the day, but he totally works us on the weekends...and we were really lenient with him during our travels.  We figured it was better to have a paci in his mouth than whatever other gross things he was touching while we were out and about.

Ethan's still not the best eater.  He loves fruit and eats pasta and chicken...and scrambled eggs.  But that's really it.  He loves to feed himself too which makes things just a bit more challenging.

I think Ethan now has 12 teeth total.  Four molars. two on each side and his top and bottom front four teeth.  He's got a mean bite, let me tell you!

Let's see, some newer words this last month include: Hi, Uh Oh, Byeeee, Yeah, That {sounds more like gaaahhh with a point}, and lots of babble.  He'll have full on conversations in his own babble.  

This kid LOVES to vacuum...and I mean LOVES it!  His Aunt and Uncle just got him the Dyson kid vac for Christmas and it's his new favorite toy.  He continues to love music and really loves to mimic anything we do.  He can "pound it" and will mimic gestures.  It's pretty darn cute.

Ethan hates being told "no", having anything taken away from him, and restraining him when he doesn't want to be {which is always!}.  He will throw full blown tantrums at the drop of a hat, but luckily get over them pretty quickly too.

We traveled this last week down to Southern California for Christmas and while it was a blast, it was also challenging at times.  Flying with a toddler is no easy feat...luckily, it was only an hour flight.  And then missing naps, not eating regular meals, and sleeping in the same room makes being away from home that much more difficult.  Luckily, we survived and Ethan did surprisingly well.  Any tips on traveling with a toddler are welcome!!

xo natasha


  1. He is so adorable and he really is a boy now instead of a baby! Noah loves vacuuming too! And I could definitely use some tips on traveling with a toddler... We have a few trips planned this year.

  2. So fun! He is adorable---and happy 18 months to him!

  3. he is so cute in that sweater! happy 18th months little guy!

    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Natasha, he is cuter than ever - such a fun age! My younger son used to love vacuuming too! How funny! Enjoy every moment!

  5. I know those tanyrums all to well! :) Ethan is such a cutie pie!

  6. He is such a little man!! Especially with that hair. And I can't even begin to tell you how cute that outfit is in front of the Christmas tree. Love him! Just an FYI, H still has his paci... our ped said if he's just using it for times of "sleeping and stress" it's fine and not interrupting his speech or teeth or anything. We're going to wait until late spring (ie. once baby #2 is here and settled) to take it away, so he'll be 20-22 months or so. A little late but you have to do what works for you! Not bad parenting ; )

  7. He's looking just like a little man these days!! I am glad we are not the only parents with a pacifier-sucking biter and hitter!! Have you tried any kind of "time out" for hitting? We tried sitting him in a chair and saying "no biting" a few times, but then he laughed, and we did, too...haha! Ahhh

  8. He's growing up so fast!!!!! :) He's absolutely adorable, and it makes me really excited to see Weston get older!!

  9. He is too cute! Send me any toddler travel tips you get as we are planning a trip to Ireland when Ellie will be 13 months!!

  10. Oh my gosh he just gets more darling with each month! He is such a big boy now. To watch him change so much in the last 18 months has been so thrilling!

  11. He sounds so much like Mac! He could live on pasta, cheese eggs, fruit and chicken too. Those are his favorites. Ethan is getting so big! I love his haircut. He looks like such a little man now.

  12. What a little cutie!!! My son loves to vacuum as well - I need to post the video of him using our real vacuum (he turned it on himself) to clean up tree needles, haha! I guess he decided I didn't do a very good job! :)

    My only tip is to try to stick to your son's normal schedule - even if it means family doesn't seem him as much as they want. My son sleeps so much better when he goes to bed at his normal time (between 6:30-7:30) and naps at his usual time as well. It's definitely challenging when traveling, but I've found that keeping him up just isn't worth it - for him or us! Tired, cranky baby = tired cranky parents! :)

  13. He is so cute! And all of those outside pictures look like there was absolutely perfect weather! Happy new years!

  14. He is so adorable and I love his style. Such a cutie!!

  15. So sweet! Love how you dress him. I love little boy clothes, even though there is only 1/2 of what there is for girls!