2013 Year in Review

At the end of each year, I love reflecting back and really appreciating all that we accomplished and overcame.  Of course, it's also fun to peek back to see how Ethan has changed and also remember some fun posts.  It wasn't until I had Ethan that I could truly appreciate how rapidly time passes.  I hope to savor more of it in 2014.  :)


In January, I shared my pregnancy book {still need to do Ethan's First Year book...oops!}...

And took our first real vacation as a family of three to Scottsdale!


In February, I shared Ethan's six month photos...

and made these amazingly delicious black bean + butternut squash nachos.


In March, I decorated our mantel for the spring...

And put together Ethan's very first Easter basket!


In April, we celebrated Ethan's first Easter...

I finally gave in and converted our formal dining room into a makeshift playroom by adding the Expedit shelf...

And we had these delicious breakfast tacos one weekend.


 In May, I shared Ethan's 9 month photos...

Celebrated my sister-in-law's Bachelorette Party in San Francisco.

And we celebrated Ryan's 30th birthday!


In June, Ethan turned ONE!


In July, I shared the gorgeous details from my sister-in-law's wedding...

Recapped the details from Ethan's first patriotic birthday party!

And I was featured on The EveryGirl!!!


In August, I shared Ethan's one year photos {my favorite!}...

Relived my best friend's bachelorette party in Beverly Hills {and we got to meet Lisa & Ken from RHOBH!!!}..

And shared my breastfeeding story.


In September, I recapped our Chicago and Michigan vacation...

I shared this delicious shaved brussel sprout + date salad...

And I showed off our fall mantel.


In October, my best friend got married and was the most stunning bride!

And we celebrated Ethan's second Halloween!


In November, we finally purchased a new {and baby friendly!} ottoman.  I cannot WAIT to show you our gallery wall in 2014...

And I made this yummy pumpkin spice banana bread!


In December, I recapped our Thanksgiving weekend...

Showed off our Christmas card...

Shared some delicious cookie recipes, like these and these from our Cookies & Cocktails Party.

Seriously...what a year!!  I can't believe all that we did...I'm exhausted just recapping it!  But 2013 was a great year...filled with amazing friends and family.  It makes me super excited to see what 2014 has in store for us.

Happy Happy New Year and thank you to all of you who stop by and loyally read.  I am beyond grateful for each and every one of you.  Cheers!!!

xo natasha


  1. What a great year you had! Thanks for sharing everything!

  2. What a fun way to remember the year! Another perk to blogging! I'm going to have to write one of these posts today!!

  3. Such a great year! So many memorable moments for sure

  4. what a great year! i hope you have a happy new years eve! xo jillian

  5. Such a wonderful year....Happy New Year!

  6. What a GREAT year! love sharing our lives via blogging! Happy new year!

  7. Such a fun year!! It is so much fun to see these little ones grow and change over the year! Happy New Year, Natasha!!

  8. I just recently discovered your blog through the blogger secret Santa. Your family is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to following along in the new year!

  9. you are so blessed!
    happy new year!

  10. is that little Christmas peppermint candy young man just the cutest. Totally full of himself and so self aware and posing for a beautiful little picture.
    Happy new year and wishes for a healthy and prosperous one too.

  11. I am so in love with everyone's year in review posts. Happy New Year, Natasha!

  12. Looks like you all had a great 2013! Hope your 2014 is just as amazing!

  13. What a fun filled 2013 you had! Always love seeing photos of Ethan. The one of him in his red and white striped pajamas near the presents is a wonderful photo. He is such a cutie!! Your friend Reynolds was a stunning bride. She is a gorgeous woman. Happy New Year to you Natasha and I look forward to following you in 2014. I think it is going to be an amazing year.

  14. Happy New Year! I've loved reading about your life in 2013 and can't wait to see what 2014 has in store! :)

  15. Oh I love that I made it in here twice! What an awesome year its been. So many major moments. I love you and I am so lucky I got to see so much of you in 2013!

  16. Gorgeous pictures! What a wonderful year you guys had! Happy new year sweetie :)

  17. Super cute post and looks like a wonderful year :)

  18. i am simply obsessed with your family! so sweet!


  19. I love all the recaps going on =) You had such a busy year, looks like so much fun! I hope 2014 is just as full of love! You are right, your friend was gorgeous - wow.