Secret Santa + Other Toddler Mischeif

A cute group of mamas and their babies participated in a Secret Santa gift exchange this past month and I wanted to show off {and thank!} our Secret Santa for Ethan's fun gifts!

Ethan's Secret Santa {and future girlfriend} was the sweet Arden {and mama Vanessa} from a Sunflower State of Mind.  They got Ethan this fun Classic Doodler with 2 stampers, which Ethan just adores!

He's even gotten good at his cursive skills...impressive, I know!  ;)

They also got us Where is Baby's Christmas Present? which Ethan goes crazy over.  He absolutely loves lifting the flaps on each page.  

Thank you for our sweet gifts Arden and was such a pleasant surprise to receive in the mail!

And if you want to check out Ethan's gift to Sofia {his other future girlfriend}, see it here.  We got Sofia the cutest headbands from Bub & Bug Studio.

You can check out more fun gift ideas and exchanges at the other participating blogs:

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And as a last note, I had to share these photos of our mischievous little toddler.

He recently discovered he could climb up on the back of his truck.

And sometimes, he's not quite sure of what to do once he climbs up there.

He's such a little stinker!

And clearly not lacking in the toy department!!

I can hardly believe that he'll be a year and a half a week from today.  Seriously...that's almost harder to believe than me turning THIRTY a week from today.  Where does the time go!??!

Happy Thursday!!

xo natasha


  1. Oh yay!!!! The gift exchange was so much fun! And Ethan is too cute with his truck!

  2. So cute! What a great gift! Mac is a climber too! He actually got up on the kitchen counter yesterday and I nearly had a heart attack. NOT OK.

  3. How fun! I love his truck. He's getting so big!

  4. We got H that truck for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! If he starts climbing up the back of it, I'll know he and Ethan were Skyping and E shared all of his dirty secrets.... ; )

  5. What a fun swap...I love that doodler! It's on Cam's wish list!! :)

  6. I love reading your blog for many reasons but one is that it's kind of like a window into what Noah will be doing in a few months!

  7. He is just the cutest!! We have a mini doodle but I think the classic with the stamps is where its at, might need to upgrade. Thanks for helping me get things together for the swap, so glad everyone enjoyed it!

  8. This is such a fun the little baby boy doodles! :) Can't believe how big he is getting!

  9. Ethan looks so big! He's growing up so fast! What fun!

  10. Happy early bday to you!!!! I turned 30 over the summer and it actually is not so bad. :) Ethan looks adorable as always!!!

  11. So sweet! I hope I look like you do in a few years when I turn 30 ;)

  12. Future boyfriend and girlfriend for sure!!! :) I'm so glad Ethan liked the gifts...and that cursive is impressive!!! Ha!

    There's lots of mischief going on at our house too...mostly a new obsession with *running* on the couch. Oh my!

    Happy early birthday!!!!

  13. He is so cute!! Gosh I seriously can't get enough of him!

  14. So fun!! What a great idea to do a blogger gift exchange!!

  15. The manga doodle is such a fun toy! We have the little one and it keeps Owen busy on longer drives! He's such a mischief maker climbing in the back of his truck!!

  16. blair will be getting one of those big cars for xmas...can't wait to see how she loves it! and thirty never looked so good on you. ;)

  17. My God he is so big! So happy he is loving his gifts!

  18. Love the secret Santa gift exchange with Moms! So fun!! Thanks for tagging my shop!! ;) Merry Christmas!

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