Ethan's 5 Year Birthday Weekend

Today, Ethan turns FIVE! It's so hard to believe that five years flown by. Ethan just blossoms by the day and we're so excited for him to start kindergarten this fall. Cue the tears!

We celebrated his birthday over the weekend with all of his friends {and ours!}. We settled on an outer space theme since Ethan recently learned bout all of the planets. Some how, that also morphed into a Spider Man theme since that was the only thing available for a bounce house and cake. It all worked out and of course, Ethan loved the hybrid theme! ;)

By Sunday, we were totally spent and just wanted to hang at the beach! We grabbed pizza at Aleworx after to close out the weekend!

Also, super fun, but on Friday, our local library had a live animal show, complete with an alligator that all the kids got to pet. It was really neat! 

I would say, all in all, it was a great birthday weekend!

xo natasha

5 Year Old Gift Guide

I can't believe I just put together a FIVE year old gift guide...where has the time gone and how is it possible that Ethan is about to be a kindergartner in a few short months?

This year, I'm trying to gift him more activities rather than toys as I know his brain is like a little sponge right now. In fact, during his preschool graduation, he said that he wants to do homework when he grows up...too cute! I'm really excited about the Osmo Genius Kit! I've heard other moms rave about it and think Ethan will love it! I'm also intrigued by the drill kit and animal book! 

Also, a backpack is a must since he's starting school this fall and coming on the heels of kiddie kickers and T-ball...practicing soccer would be much more fun with a new net!

Last thing, we've had an influx of bugs around the house...prompting Ethan to observe them and Wyatt to squash them...and this ant farm looks so neat! I think Ethan would love it!

Do you have fun ideas for five year olds? I'd love to hear!

xo natasha

Outer Space 5th Birthday Party

Star Balloon + Solar System Whirls + Space Ship PiƱata
Mission to Mars Birthday Invitation
Space Cookies + Banner + Party Dinnerware

Ethan's FIFTH birthday is coming up {fun fact, today, June 20th, was his due date} and this year, he requested an outer space party...complete with bounce house {like last year!}. I think we'll round out the party with some bomb pops and this splash pad {as opposed to a launch pad} since it's summer and super hot right now!

Check back later this week for birthday gift ideas!

xo natasha


How is June already half way over? We've been super busy lately with kiddie kickers and T-Ball wrapping up, trips to Disneyland and San Francisco, and finalizing the plans on our new build! Oh! And Wyatt transitioned to a big boy bed and has done surprisingly well! #fingerscrossed

Here is more of what we've been up to...

Edgewood {the golf course where got married} just opened a brand new lodge which includes a new hotel, spa and's gorgeous! We can't wait to spend all summer there!

The yummiest sweet potato and bean chili for the night it snowed last weekend!

My outfit for date night, which includes my new favorite gingham blouse, these ultra flattering jeans and some fun flatforms.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo natasha