Shopping for #SchueCasa

Life has been pretty crazy these days with back to school and the big move! We're starting to settle into the new house and I've already started dreaming of ALL the fun things I want to incorporate into this house. Patience is definitely proving to be a virtue!

Our sectional from our last house was too big and not really the right layout for our new family room. We've ultimately decided that two couches would better serve the space. We took the plunge and ordered the gray couch above, but it's kind of like the...if you give a mouse a cookie game...that keeps on going. So next I am eying the leather couch! And then a new area rug! And then a new ottoman! You get the picture! The game never ends!

We also invested in new bar stools for our kitchen island. We were looking for something with backs, easy to clean and also attractive. I really love how these contrast with our cabinets and make a little bit of a statement!

Other things on our long list...a new dresser for our master bedroom, a couch for the playroom/media room and figuring out what to do in the front room {dining room or sitting room??}. So more to come!

xo natasha

Favorite Fall Neautrals

Ahhhh fall!! While I'm always sad to see summer go, I must admit, fall is my favorite season of the year! The changing leaves...the cooler, crisp air...the holidays! What's not to love? Oh, and the fashion! It's cool enough to layer up but still warm enough to bridge from summer!

Neutrals include green and leopard in my book...what about you??

xo natasha

Back to School: 1st Grade Edition

Ethan starts FIRST GRADE one week from today and I just can't help but noticing how he has become this gangly little kid overnight! I swear he was just born...and now he's this big FIRST GRADER! I mean, where does the time go??

We find out who Ethan's teacher is this Friday with a little ice cream social. He's really excited to go back to school {and I am really excited for him to go back and have some structure again!}. 

Back to school shopping was always a fun event when I was in elementary school. Funny enough, I do 99% of our shopping online now so it's not quite the tradition it once was but we cannot wait to get our packages in the mail! ;)

xo natasha

The House Colors We Picked!

Picking out paint colors is HARD! There are literally a billion options of each shade and depending on the lighting, it can show up VERY differently in your space. That being said, we did our research and I feel really good about our I'm here to share them today!

We painted our door "Iron Ore" by Sherwin Williams. It a pretty true black with just a touch of charcoal. I like the way the matte black handle is just a shade darker too!

The exterior gray paint is "Cityscape" by Sherwin Williams and as I've said before, I really feel like it's a "true" gray. Not too blue, not too purple, not too brown, not too's juuuuuust right! See it here in full sun... 

And at dusk! See, still looks great!

Now this is a fun, chameleon color...depending on the light, this gray {"Evergreen Fog" by Sherwin Williams} can look very green or blue, which we LOVE actually. We went with a matte paint, which is kind of risky for a kitchen 😬 but we love how it absorbs the light!

We came down to these three options. Our good friend {hi Tiara!} went with "Rare Gray" on the far right and so we knew we loved that color. "Retreat" was gorgeous too but perhaps a bit too dark/bold. So "Evergreen Fog" seemed to be the perfect medium, and still a bit of a risk for us! I'm so glad we went with it, we truly LOVE it!

More examples of how it changes with the light...

Also, the upper cabinets are "Pure White" by Sherwin Williams.

The rest of our house...including walls, trim and ceilings...are all painted "Chantilly Lace" by Benjamin Moore. I researched a lot on this I said, there are a billion white choices! But I love how it turned out. And while I was worried about how it would go with the upper cabinets, they seem to compliment each other well.

Last, I picked different wall colors for the boys rooms. Wyatt's room is "Greyhound" by Benjamin Moore. The lighting wasn't great for these photos but this gray in real life has a tint of blue to it which is really pretty, but still masculine. We went with "Light French Gray" by Sherwin Williams in Wyatt's nursery {which is a great light gray if you're in the market} so I liked having something a little different in this house.

Again, sorry about the terrible lighting, but this was a really fun color for Ethan's room. It's called "Narragansett Green" by Benjamin Moore and is super rich and dramatic in person! We went with a dark gray {"Serious Gray by Sherwin Williams} in Ethan's room in our last house and loved having the darker color in there. This room is substantially bigger so we knew it could handle a darker color.

So there you have it! Hopefully this was helpful and if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section!

xo natasha