Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Our Trip to Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan holds such a special place in my heart.  I grew up visiting my grandparents there every summer, and to now have my sons experience Lake Michigan with me, is pretty awesome and surreal at the same time.  Ethan had a blast hanging with his uncles and cousins and it was really special for my grandmother and mom to meet Wyatt too.  

Here is just a small glimpse of our trip...there are so many photos, it's hard to narrow it down, but this post is still really photo heavy, so there is your official warning!  ;)

First, isn't the view from my grandma's back deck stunning?!  She is about a 5 minute walk to Lake Michigan and I'm telling you, this view never gets old!

Our first full day was sunny and beautiful, so we had to take advantage of tons of beach time!

 Wyatt loved it too!

Ethan's favorite part was getting buried in the sand and building drop castles with his uncles.

Ethan also tried his hand at badminton!

Sunday was a bit cooler, but that didn't stop us from hitting up my favorite ice cream spot, Pekadill's!


My sis-in-law!

Family photo in front of my favorite lighthouse!

One benefit of stormy weather?  It makes for a STUNNING backdrop!

And Wyatt got lots of floor time inside.  He loved my grandma's vintage Playskool milk bottles.

Walking the path down to the beach.

Did I mention Ethan loved to be buried?!

We also hit up the Oceana County Fair where there were lots of farm animals, fun rides and fried food!

Ethan was not too sure about the goats!

But he was tall enough to go on the ferris wheel!

And some other fun rides too!  ;)

Of course, we had to get an elephant ear to round out the trip! ;)

The next day we took Ethan horseback riding at Rainbow Ranch and I was stunned that Ethan rode his own horse!

I mean, look at that bravery!

Overall, we had the best time and I was so happy to spend time with family and show Ethan {and Wyatt to some extent} what I love most about Lake Michigan!

Do you have a childhood vacation spot that is sentimental to you?

xo natasha

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


We're in Lake Michigan this week...follow along on Instagram or Snapchat {schuelove}!  We've been having all sorts of fun!  ;)

I'll be back with a recap on Monday!

xo natasha

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Pre-Fall Pretties

I've been keeping my eye on some pretty pieces for Fall and thought I would share!  I could pretty much wear all of this now and be happy and make slight modifications come next month for the cooler temps!

What has been catching your eye lately?

xo natasha

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bump Progression #2

I love a bump progression, don't you?  It's fun to look back and see how I grew...and of course, realize that grey appeared to my go-to color!  

You can read all about my second pregnancy here.  And if you want to reference my first pregnancy, start here.

xo natasha

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Weekend

We had a great, laid back weekend that is definitely worthy of an update!

First of all, can you even stand the cuteness here?  They're still the best of friends!

Friday night was our anniversary--so we escaped for a date night!  I loved the rose' at Jimmy's Bar.  And I wish I took more photos but if you follow me on Snapchat {schuelove} you can see more of our adventures!

Wyatt is constantly on the move these days, and by move, I mean rolling!

Saturday we hit the beach!

Ethan is getting more brave these days--especially with a friend at his side!

And Wyatt has a girlfriend in Emerson these days!

Sunday, we went to a concert in the park!  It's the golf course right by our house and it was SO much fun!  Ethan was running around and dancing and the parents got to chill while listening to mellow music!

The band even had the kids jump up on stage! 

And the view wasn't bad either!

Overall, it was a great weekend!  I always wish it was a little longer!

xo natasha

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Anniversary by Year Gift Ideas

This past Friday was our sixth wedding anniversary {you can see our wedding photos here!}.  I always struggle with gift ideas but love the idea of following the traditional gift themes.  Some of them, however, are a little odd, so I hope this helps you think outside the box if you find yourself in the same quandary!

1 Year: Paper

Personalized stationary is a great gift for the first anniversary.  You can personalize it with your new monogram or names.  Another idea could be tickets to a fun show or ball game!

2 Year: Cotton

I don't care who you are, new sheets are always a good idea!  And these are my absolute FAVORITE!!  They're Pure Beech Sateen and they are so so soft.  They feel like a million bucks but they are at a great price point.  This would be a sure winner for a second anniversary gift.

3 Year: Leather

This handsome leather strapped watch is unisex so you can both have the gift of leather.  I also love the idea of a weekender bag to get away for a quick trip!

4 Year:  Fruits & Flowers

There are a couple ways to have fun with this theme, without going the obvious route.  Though, let me be clear, a bouquet of flowers is always a great anniversary gift, regardless of the year!  ;)  But some other ideas are a pretty new bottle of citrusy perfume {guy version is a favorite too!}, a nice candle or a fruity wine.

5 Year: Wood

There are a lot of directions to go with wood, but I tend to think of terms of practicality!  Whether it's new kitchen utensils or tools, like this handsome cutting board, there are a lot of options.  Another fun one might be a special bassinet...which can be a keepsake for your baby and grandbabies!  ;)

6 Year: Candy

This one is easy...but there are some fun ways to take it to the next level.  I love specialty candy and Nordstrom now sells Dylan's Candy Bar and Sugarfina, which makes those treats a little more accessible!  Yum!

7 Year: Copper + Wool

For something fun, I love this copper coffee set!  Super fancy, don't you think?  I also love this copper cheese set.  However, if you're looking for something more practical, you might go the wool route and buy a new area rug, like this or this!

8 Year: Bronze

Keeping in the same vein of the copper gift year, I love these bronzed cheese knives...which would pear great with a unique cheese and a nice bottle of wine!  Another idea might be to update your bed with a handsome bronzed nailhead headboard.

9 Year: Pottery

Nine years post wedding likely means that you have some chipped dinnerware, so this is a great time to update your plates or add some new bowls or dessert plates in to mix it up!

10 Year: Tin

Tin?!  Other than a play on words, I don't get this gift idea.  But in the spirit of this post, I love this recipe tin that would make a great accompaniment with a BIG kitchen appliance like a mixer, juicer, or a Nespresso machine!  Also pans or a new knife set is a nice way to splurge {albeit, not very romantic!}.  Or diamonds...diamonds seem appropriate for a big milestone like ten years!!  ;)

I hope this helps and that you are all enjoying the weekend!!

xo natasha

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