Gift Guide: For Her


AKA: A very neutral gift guide!

Bath Robe: Love the checkered pattern on my tried and true, all-time favorite bath robe brand!

Lipstick + Lip Liner Duo: I don't wear lipstick often, but I hear this is the shade (nude pink) to try if you're dipping your toe in to try.

Leggings: In the seasonal color, clove brown heather. These are the softest leggings and perfect for either lounging or working out.

Hiking Boots: Size 6.5. I've heard the best things about these boots and could use a pair for all the adventures I hope to continue in the new year!

Earrings: The prettiest earrings--dainty, and yet different!

Bucket Hat: I love bucket hats in the summer--and would love to keep the trend going this winter!

xo natasha

Gift Guide: For the Boys


  Stance Socks: Boys run through socks like none other, so it seems silly to buy nice socks, but they are well-made and stand up to wear and tear! Plus, they're perfect for the ski slopes.

Macho Sunglasses: How fun are these? The boys cousin got a pair in Hawaii and now they want a pair too! ;)

Flipside Game: Both boys have recently become obsessed with Rubik's Cube, so this looks like a fun twist on that game.

Virtual Reality Headset: Continues to be their top wishlist item!

Leather Lounger: As the boys, particularly Ethan, enter their "tween year" I envision lots of hang out time in their rooms with friends. These lounger chairs look like something they can grow up with.

Light-Up Baseball: For the baseball fan!

SF Giants Sweatshirt: Our boys love the SF Giants--so we're constantly adding apparel to their wardrobe to show their team pride!

xo natasha

Gift Guide: Mother's Day

 Mother's Day is almost two weeks away (!!) so I wanted to pull together a couple ideas. These are all things I either have tried or are on my personal wishlist!

Paperclip Necklace: I have one and would love to add a second for layering. For the local ladies, Malena's Boutique carries this designer. 

Clare V. Messenger Bag: I've had my eye on this handbag for a bit--it would make a great spring + summer bag! Psssst...don't forget to enter promo code: LALA22 at checkout to save 25%!

Summer Fridays Face Oil: Like heaven in a bottle and excellent for all skin types!

Stemless Champagne Glasses: Riedels always make sipping wine or champagne a bit more enjoyable.

Beaded Bracelet: A fun + whimsical addition for these warmer months.

Kindle Paperwhite: My husband and I have dedicated Mondays and Wednesday nights to reading ever since getting back from vacation. Using an e-reader seems more practical so I'm debating buying one!

Ugg Slippers: A slipper refresh will always be appreciated. And...if you're looking for a good knock-off, try these or these mini Uggs!

Trio Perfume Set: Mojave Ghost is my absolute favorite scent by Byredo, but the price tag can be a bit high. I love the idea of trying a set before committing to the full bottle.

xo natasha

Gift Guide: For the Kids


As the boys are getting older, it's getting harder and harder to shop for them. They are less and less into toys and tend to be more into experiences and bigger ticket items. Wyatt just wants to keep up with Ethan too--but you can see the gift guide I put together when Ethan was 7 and Wyatt was almost 5 here. Cue the tween years I guess!

Bath Robe: A holiday staple--but make it fun with tie-dye!

Baseball jersey: Our boys have become OBSESSED with baseball! They got to go to three MLB games over the summer (it started with a SF Giants game for Ethan's birthday). Anything baseball related is sure to be a big hit for these two this year.

Virtual Reality Headset: Definitely a bigger ticket item but it seems to be all the rage. Another great "gaming" gift is the Nintendo Switch!

Night Soccer Ball: Love this for playing outside with the neighborhood kids!

Writing Tablet: A good alternative to playing on our phones during travel or at a restaurant--my friend has these for her boys and they love them.

Gizmo Watch: I'm not wild about starting the boys super early on cell devices, but I do think this is a good compromise. It has GPS and allows you to pre-load specific numbers. 

Ugg Boots: We love these for the boys during the winter months--easy to pull on and off and warm too! If we had a girl, I would buy them in "shadow"--such a pretty color!

Catan Game: I've heard great things about this game and we love to lean into family game time around this season. 

Duffle Bag: Now that we're traveling more and the boys occasionally have sleep seems like a good time to invest in a good duffle bag.

Happy Shopping!

xo natasha