Super Wyatt Turns 3!

This past weekend, we celebrated Wyatt's 3rd birthday! We chose a fun superhero theme and hosted a small party at our house!

Wyatt is full of personality...he's very social and outgoing! He is constantly making us laugh while also keeping us on our toes! He's finally getting the potty training down, though he has plenty of accidents still! It's really NICE to finally be out of's been 5 and a half years of diapers! 

Wyatt was stoked to get his new kitchen! It's such a deal too...definitely worth checking out!

Wyatt's inspiration board for his party! Basic Invite was sweet enough to send us invitations for his party, and they really helped to set the tone. I love that you can customize the color theme and the card stock is really nice and thick! My favorite feature is the self-adhesive envelopes! Definitely check out their boys birthday invitations along with all the rest of their offerings, including wedding and baby related invites!

Squishiebaby Sweets made the CUTEST cookies for the party! 

The boys were very impressed with this ginormous Spiderman balloon! Here are more details from the party!

Overall, it was a SUPER fun weekend! ;)

xo natasha

Wyatt Turns 3! A Gift Guide

Kitchen Set {a TOTAL steal compared to Pottery Barn!} + Hot Potato + Coco Guitar

Someone hold me, Wyatt turns THREE this Friday! I'm feeling all the feels to see my baby grow up. We're potty training as we speak and soon he'll be a little boy {and no longer my baby!}. So as I said before, hold me!

Having a birthday right after the holidays is kind of the pits {trust me, I know!}. Everyone is pooped, broke and detoxing, BUT I think it's important to celebrate his birthday regardless, so we're hosting a small party this Saturday, with a superhero theme and I think he'll love it!

Some ideas above. First, that kitchen is SUCH A STEAL! I'd been eying the Pottery Barn set, which is $500 and this set is under $150...crazy! Wyatt has taken to the kitchen again so we thought it was time for an upgrade. Plus this one is so pretty!

The indoor pogo stick was a Christmas present from Wyatt's uncle + gf and both boys LOVE it! It's a great energy burner.

Last, if you're on the lookout for good toddler shoes, pay the money for Nikes. They last forever, they're comfortable and they're cute! Wyatt is about to outgrow his current pair so new ones are in order.

Do you have any great ideas for three year old gifts? Please share!

xo natasha

Obsession: Shearling + Sherpa

Happy New Year!

I don't know what it is, but cozy shearling and sherpa have been calling my season all season! And I really have nothing to complain about regarding cold compared to the east coast, but we usually have cold, snowy winters here and I just love the idea of wrapping myself in a cozy sweater or robe! I actually got this robe and these slippers for Christmas and LOVE them!

Are you into this trend?

xo natasha

Our Christmas 2017

I can't believe Christmas has  come and gone and now we have another year before we do it all over it again! It's been a whirlwind to say the least!

Ethan was a good little helper with the tree...though he might have shattered an ornament, or two!

Both boys fully smiled and cooperated for Santa, which is truly a Christmas miracle!

We went down to Orange County to see my family and partake in our annual family tradition, which is seeing A Christmas Carol!

My Blouse {also just bought this heart version!} + Ethan's Shirt

My dad loves getting in the holiday spirit!

Ethan had his first holiday program at school which was beyond adorable! They rang bells to Silver Bells!

I perfected the ginger snap cookie, from this recipe!

We went on the Polar Express! 

On Christmas Eve, we hosted dinner with cioppino!

Christmas Day was spent opening presents and hanging with family! It was truly a wonderful day!

I hope you had a memorable Christmas holiday as well!
xo natasha