Happy Hallow's Eve!

Taking a little trip down memory lane from the last three years of Halloween with Ethan!

I can't wait to share a picture of BOTH boys in the costume this year!  :)

Happy Halloween!

xo natasha

Links I Love

Happy Wednesday!

I'm in Colorado the rest of the week {taking in the above view} for work, but I wanted to check in with some links I'm loving right now!

Do you follow the ABC Kids Expo?  I love seeing all the latest and greatest products for babies and kiddos!

This website tells you what time to go to bed

Love this plaid flannel one-piece for the holidays!  Also love these and this.

I've been doing this 5-minute ab workout like crazy lately...it's easy to fit into a crazy schedule.

 Pretty sure I must have this for fall!

xo natasha

Don't forget, you still have a chance to win $150 to Minted!  Enter here!

Lately: Fall Happenings

Sorry I've been so irregular with my postings lately...life is just plain crazy with a capital C!  I think between working full-time, wrangling two boys, and trying to keep my sanity--life is pretty chaotic.  But I love this little piece of the internet--so thanks for those of you who are still checking in!  I hope to be better about posting more regularly soon.

So what have we been up to?  We've been trying to take advantage of the cool, crisp fall weather on the weekends.  We took a trip to Apple Hill, saw the fish spawning, have hung out with friends, and just really tried to embrace the season.  Since Wyatt was born in January, this is his first holiday season, so I want to be sure to document as much as possible.

This is our newest carrier c/o Chicco--it's the Close To You Carrier that can face in or out on front and also can carry him on the back.  I think I like it as a backpack best...Wyatt fell right asleep back there on our last walk.

Wyatt is just getting old enough to take a bath with Ethan--though the stress of keeping an eye on Ethan so he doesn't bulldoze Wyatt freaks me out.  One thing we added was these Puj bath treads, which seem to help.

Matching Halloween jammie photo fail!

So that's the latest!!  What have you been up to this fall?

And don't forget to enter for a chance to win $150 towards Minted for your holiday cards!

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Tips for Planning Your Holiday Card + GIVEAWAY!

In the past, I always used to take our family holiday photo, then pick out my card.  I felt like, if my picture was perfect, there was sure to a perfect card match.  But, I've learned over the last several years, that trying to fit a picture into a card, can be very challenging, and often results in my having to compromise on the ideal card.  So hopefully this post helps you plan ahead to ensure that you get the perfect photo and card this holiday season!

And as a disclaimer, I absolutely love holiday cards...I send one out every year and love getting them in the mail!  You can check out my past cards here and here!

Here are my top three tips:

Plan an outfit color scheme with your card choices in mind:

Most cards offer multiple color schemes, but it can really sway the direction you go in, relative to a card choice.

Think about space and communicate to your photographer:

You can see that if this photo was centered {the way photos traditionally are}, that this card and the one below, would not work.

Consider candid shots...they often times show the "real" side of your family and are a joy to look back on.

I should take my own advise on this one, but how fun are the cute shots that are more "in the moment"?

So, how do you go about picking your perfect card?

As another disclaimer, I should mention that all of the cards shown above are from Minted and it's my go-to site for all-things related to cards, whether it's holiday, birthday or birth announcement.  Their designs and customer service really are the best.

And with that being said, I'm thrilled to offer TWO of you the chance to win $150 towards your holiday card this season {or whatever else you fancy on their site...they have great prints and party decor too!}.

Giveaway is closed!
Congrats to Stacey and Maura!  I have emailed the winners to notify them!  :)

That's it!  The winner will be chosen next Friday.

Good luck!

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My Top Picks at the Shopbop Sale!

Shopbop is having their annual Friends + Family Sale right now for 25% off with the promo code: INTHEFAM25...and for only 3 days, so there is no time to spare!

Above are some of my favorite picks!  I actually just bought this dress and love it for the fall!  It looks great with a leather jacket and suede boots!  

Are you shopping the sale?

xo natasha

Happy 9 Months Wyatt!

Nine months?  Where it the time going?  Wyatt is just thriving and is such a fun baby.  He is super happy most of the time, though he still has a crazy temper!  He can go from happy to screaming in .1 seconds flat.  Let's just say, he knows what he wants and he wants it, like five minutes ago!

Wyatt just loves his brother and all of his brother's toys.  He will army crawl and scoot to get something he has his eye on...nothing will stop him.  Though, crawling seems to be a ways out.  He can go from laying to sitting and is shockingly mobile for how limited his movement actually is.

We finally have two lower teeth {you can see them in some of the pictures above} and they are SHARP!  So happy I am not nursing him right now, ouch!

As much as Wyatt loves Ethan, Ethan loves him just as much.  He's such a sweet brother...always asking to hold him and sharing, most of the time.  I think they will be super close once Wyatt is more mobile and interactive.

Wyatt loves bath time {poor kids gets a bath every 2-3 days!}, car rides and strollers.  He rolls like a pro.  He's starting to enjoy standing more and more.  He goes to bed right at 7pm and sleeps through the night...can't complain!  I just can't believe he's NINE MONTHS!

This month will be fun with Halloween...can't wait to see these boys dressed up.

Some more milestones this month:

Two bottom teeth
Can go from his tummy to sitting up on his own
Army crawls
Pulled up on his crib for the first time--time to lower his crib!
Taking baths in the big bath
Sleeping well through the night
Went to Apple Hill for the first time
Starting to get stranger danger, when people hold him that he doesn't know
Loves Ethan and LOVES all of Ethan's toys
Babbles and does little high pitched squeals
Wearing 9 month jammies and 6 month everything else
Size 3 diaper
Loves sweet potato, prunes and fruit purees.
Also likes puffs
Hates getting his diaper changed
Enjoys the stroller and car rides

Check out Ethan's 9 month update here!

xo natasha

OOTD: Favorite Swing Dress

What is this?!  Two posts in two days?!  That's crazy talk!  But when you find a dress like this one, it's definitely worth sharing ASAP!  And holy cow, as I write this post, it's already sold out!  But no worries, I've found similar dresses worth sharing!

Dress {same brand, different style here and here!  Also love this!}
Leggings // Flats {also love these} // Scarf {similar} // Tote // Watch

This is such a comfy dress and I can just imagine wearing it with tall boots and a cute jacket as the temps continue to cool down.  I really think I need it in more colors, don't you?

Another thing I love about this dress is that it's GREAT for post-pregnancy...easy breezy!

And I'm always a fan of mixing prints...stripes and leopard have to be one of my favorite combinations! 

Clearly I am no fashion blogger, but I wanted to make sure you got a couple views of this dress!  ;)

I hope your week is going well!

xo natasha

PS...if you're in the market for some flared denim, I'm selling some of my designer jeans.  Check them out here.

My Best Friend's Baby

My best friend recently had a sweet baby girl and I was so excited to escape for a couple days to spend time with them.  I had such a fun girl's weekend and {as always} wished it lasted longer.  Also, it's her wedding anniversary today!  You can check out their wedding, here!

Isn't she the CUTEST!?!  She and Wyatt are almost 6 months apart, to the day...future girlfriend?  I think so!

We ate, we drank, we shopped {I got thesethis and this!}, we saw a good movie, and best of all, got to spend time with good friends, like Courtney.  It was the best!

In other news, I stopped by Target and bought these sleep leggings.  I only mention them because they are SO soft and comfortable.  I went up a size and am now thinking of buying 10 more...they're that good.

I also recently bought these, which you can't beat the price.  And it makes your morning juice or lemon water that much fancier.

Last, can you believe it's October?  I cannot wait for fall layers, cozy meals and HALLOWEEN!

xo natasha