Happy 9 Months Ethan!

Dear Baby E,

I have to keep using the word "baby" because I swear you are becoming less and less of one every day.  NINE MONTHS!?  Where has the time gone?  How is it even possible that nine full months have blown by?  Time needs to seriously slow down.  

What have you been up to?  You are a moving and grooving machine!  Are you technically crawling yet?  Well no.  But that doesn't stop you in the least bit.  You scoot, roll, army crawl, and maneuver your way around.  It's amazing.  When you want to get somewhere, you get there.  And we can't make eye contact when you move because you instantly start to whine and want to be picked up.  But when we look away...you go back to your business.  It's hilarious!  

You also like to stand more and more, though you haven't figured out how to pull up yet...and we're ok with that for the time being!  It's pretty cute, you sometimes only stand on your tippy toes.  I mean, that takes real balance my friend!

I keep saying that this is such a cool time because you totally interact with us and are so much fun, but you usually stay put {in the general area} where we set you down.  I know before long, you'll be crawling and getting into everything.  I'm trying to soak it all in now.

Speaking of being interactive, you love to fake laugh with us now.  I think it's your way of being social.  You fake laugh and sometimes fake cough...all to elicit a reaction.  Such a little ham.  

You finally starting sleeping through the night pretty consistently.  And when you take naps, you'll often wake up and just hang out in your crib.  I remember the first time this past month, we checked your video monitor and there you were, just sitting up in your crib, cool as cucumber.  You never cease to amaze us!

This past month has also been so much fun with regard to your growing palette.  You still eat pureed fruits and veggies {meat...not so much} and love eating puffs and mum mums with your fingers.  Other things that we've added to your tray...fresh fruit, bananas and pancakes.  Oh and turkey meat.  You like that better than the pureed stuff, but it's not your favorite.  You really love to eat.  And it's great to take you out to restaurants now because food will keep you entertained.  So we come fully loaded with tons of snacks and you look around, flirt with the table next to us, and eat.  You're turning into a mini Grandpa Higgins!  ;)

You are now taking baths in the big tub...you love sloshing around in there and playing with all of your toys.  I think it's your favorite time of day!  That...and going on walks.  Now that it's getting warmer our {and daylight savings hit}, you look around and take in the scenery.  Summer is going to be SO much fun!

You are becoming more and more of a mama's boy.  You like to keep your eyes on me at all time when I'm not holding you...you just lock eyes with me and gaze and gaze {and of course, I love it!}.  You will sometimes fuss or cry when I pass you off, but Dad can usually distract you pretty quickly with his laugh.  You LOVE your dad's laugh.  A lot.

Last, you are really starting to babble...words are on your horizon.  I simply cannot wait and love hearing you make sounds and mimic us.  

You have such a sweet personality and light up a room when you enter it.  Everyone loves you and can't get enough of you.  We are so blessed to be your parents and love learning more about you every day.

Happy Nine Months Sweet Boy!

Love, Mom

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  1. So so sweet! He is getting so big. I love the photo of him with the striped onsie and duck. So cute!

  2. Gosh he is completely and utterly adorable! I love that he is fake laughing and coughing, bless him! He just seems like such a happy little man! I can't wait to have my very own little Ethan {less than 3 weeks till due date for me now!! And our little one is going to be called Ethan Adam :-)}.

    Bump to Baby

  3. He is too cute! Harry just turned 10m yesterday (25th) and they share so many traits. Like Ethan, Harry fake coughs if I'm not paying enough attention during meals. Freaks me out every time! Love that picture with food all up his nose haha, definitely one for when he brings the first girlfriend home!

  4. wow what a difference between the last round of pictures, (between 8 months & 9!) It's crazy how fast they grow!!! Ethan sounds like he has such a funny little personality!! I love reading what your little man does, as I know this fun stuff is right around the corner for us!! :)

  5. Ahh I love those bottom photos of you holding him, it's so cool to see how much he's grown! This summer will be so much fun for him now that he's getting so active! Xo

  6. Awww he is getting so big, and cuter everyday. Glad he is sleeping more consistently through the night.

  7. Caden does the fake cough too. E is so cute!!!

  8. Love the photo collage! So fun to see how much he's changed, it's crazy how fast that happens! Ethan's looking cute as ever:)

  9. Too cute! I love that Ethan fake coughs! Mila does the same thing, and now she fake sneezes. :-) So sweet


  10. He is so smiley and cute. I know I say it every month, and I will say it next month when Mace is 10 months.....but 9 months is my favorite age!!! :))

  11. Such a big happy boy! I can't believe he is 9 months already!

  12. i love your blog! such a happy boy!


  13. He's getting so big!! He just looks so happy all the time with that big smile

  14. What a cutie!! My son just turned 11 months... where does the time go? :)

    Have you ever tried giving Ethan meat that you cook? I just usually put chicken or beef in our food processor and that works well. It's not pureed and has a bit of texture. Even before my son had teeth, I did that. I always mix it with some kind of veggie so it's not dry - carrots or squash work well. Anyway... just a thought since he doesn't seem to like the pureed variety! :)


  15. i love his crib sheet! and that smile! so cute. what a happy boy!

  16. Where is that adorable yellow striped onesie from? My little Ethan needs it for Easter :)

  17. He's so handsome! What a great big smile he has :)

  18. what a sweetie pie! happy 9 months! :)

    (i had a referral from you today in my stats, the blogher sidebar, and wanted to come and say hi.)

    happy tuesday to you!

  19. I know he is making a face in the last picture, but his face still looks a lot longer than even last month!! He is growing so much its un real!!

  20. Such a big difference from 8 to 9 months. Shoot -- such a huge difference from 1 to 9 months. It all goes by too fast. Happy 9 months Ethan!


  21. Oh man he is so cute! I remember B used to fake cough when she wanted attention...hilarious! Also, she totally laughs when we are laughing at something now. WHich is so funny because she clearly doesn't get the joke. She just wants to be a part of it!

  22. Wow, WHAT A CUTIE!!!! I love how happy he looks in all of those photos.