Seven + Eight Month Favorites

Now that Ethan is almost 9 months old, I thought I'd update you on his favorite items from the past two months.

Ethan loves his lion!  He sleeps with him every night.  I adore the Jelly Cat brand of stuffed animals and want to add more to E's collection.

Another favorite brand of mine is B. Toys.  They're available at Target and seem to be win every time we purchase something new.  These keys are particularly great because they have real metal teeth and make lots of sound.

We've had two teeth pop through in the last month and these teethers have been life savers.  Even though Ethan often bites on these from the wrong end {which make him gag!} he loves holding them and massaging his gums with the rubber end.

Now that Ethan has become stronger and more aware of his surroundings, he's absolutely loving his time out of the car seat.  This shopping cart cover is awesome!  Not only is it adorable, but super soft and functional for when we go shopping or out to eat.

I can't say enough great things about the BOB stroller.  It's such a smooth ride and does terrific in off roading situations {believe me, I've tested it!}.  It's easy to travel with as well, which I think is a real plus.

Last, Ethan is also loving the independence of getting around in a walker.  This one is great because it lights up and makes sound.

What are some of your favorites at 7 and 8 months?  Any items I should keep an eye out for as we enter the 9th month?

xo natasha   


  1. I love these posts! I'm due at the end of May and have been pinning all of them to my baby board. We also registered for a BOB Revolution stroller, so it's great to hear another happy review.

  2. The jellycat brand is a favorite of ours as well. Peanut has the giraffe that is a part of the same line!

    Haute Child in the City

  3. I love the B. brand too! My 8 month old loves the zany zoo and we just bought a set of cars as well that's he's starting to get interested in!
    - Laura

  4. Love the shopping cart cover- we have the same brand (just a diff design for our little girl!) :) I have heard great things about the BOB stroller and hope to get one soon!


  5. I totally agree with the ! Christian loves those keys as well! Do you have the zany zoo? I have always heard wonderful things and am planning on getting it for him within the next few weeks !


    1. I do have the Zany Zoo and E loves it. I think he'll become more interested as he gets older too!

  6. Just ordered those teethers! Thanks for the tip!

  7. I LOVE these posts because they help me know what to buy! I bought those teethers based on your recommendation and they are a hit with Hudson! And the lion is a favorite in our house too. I was totally going to email you about the shopping cart cover....buying that this weekend!

  8. Mila loved her jumpy seat and I'm embarrassed to say I've already forgotten what else! Really that first year was a such a blur for me. Haha. But before you know it, you'll need a walker, and toys he can push gets so much more fun as they get older and can do more things. Mila is singing the ABCs right now. She just says ABC over and over again. Haha. So cute.

  9. Now I want a jellycat stuffed animal! I love your posts!

  10. I need to get a grocery cart fabric thingy. My Sean is now able to sit in it (yay!) and the only one I have is a girly one from his older sister lol

  11. yes yes yes!! lol we use our jogging stroller in the house to get him to fall asleep, and we use the zoli teethers when we go out to eat so he doesnt scream!! We love our combi walker, its amazing how they have no idea what to do & then in a blink of an eye they are all over the house in it!!

  12. girl you better BELIEVE i am bookmarking all of these favorites you blog about!! hopefully when baby time comes, i'll be able to thank you!! ;)