Ethan's 5 Year Birthday Weekend

Today, Ethan turns FIVE! It's so hard to believe that five years flown by. Ethan just blossoms by the day and we're so excited for him to start kindergarten this fall. Cue the tears!

We celebrated his birthday over the weekend with all of his friends {and ours!}. We settled on an outer space theme since Ethan recently learned bout all of the planets. Some how, that also morphed into a Spider Man theme since that was the only thing available for a bounce house and cake. It all worked out and of course, Ethan loved the hybrid theme! ;)

By Sunday, we were totally spent and just wanted to hang at the beach! We grabbed pizza at Aleworx after to close out the weekend!

Also, super fun, but on Friday, our local library had a live animal show, complete with an alligator that all the kids got to pet. It was really neat! 

I would say, all in all, it was a great birthday weekend!

xo natasha

5 Year Old Gift Guide

I can't believe I just put together a FIVE year old gift guide...where has the time gone and how is it possible that Ethan is about to be a kindergartner in a few short months?

This year, I'm trying to gift him more activities rather than toys as I know his brain is like a little sponge right now. In fact, during his preschool graduation, he said that he wants to do homework when he grows up...too cute! I'm really excited about the Osmo Genius Kit! I've heard other moms rave about it and think Ethan will love it! I'm also intrigued by the drill kit and animal book! 

Also, a backpack is a must since he's starting school this fall and coming on the heels of kiddie kickers and T-ball...practicing soccer would be much more fun with a new net!

Last thing, we've had an influx of bugs around the house...prompting Ethan to observe them and Wyatt to squash them...and this ant farm looks so neat! I think Ethan would love it!

Do you have fun ideas for five year olds? I'd love to hear!

xo natasha

Outer Space 5th Birthday Party

Star Balloon + Solar System Whirls + Space Ship Piñata
Mission to Mars Birthday Invitation
Space Cookies + Banner + Party Dinnerware

Ethan's FIFTH birthday is coming up {fun fact, today, June 20th, was his due date} and this year, he requested an outer space party...complete with bounce house {like last year!}. I think we'll round out the party with some bomb pops and this splash pad {as opposed to a launch pad} since it's summer and super hot right now!

Check back later this week for birthday gift ideas!

xo natasha


How is June already half way over? We've been super busy lately with kiddie kickers and T-Ball wrapping up, trips to Disneyland and San Francisco, and finalizing the plans on our new build! Oh! And Wyatt transitioned to a big boy bed and has done surprisingly well! #fingerscrossed

Here is more of what we've been up to...

Edgewood {the golf course where got married} just opened a brand new lodge which includes a new hotel, spa and's gorgeous! We can't wait to spend all summer there!

The yummiest sweet potato and bean chili for the night it snowed last weekend!

My outfit for date night, which includes my new favorite gingham blouse, these ultra flattering jeans and some fun flatforms.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo natasha

Design Showcase: Family Friendly Living Room

Several years ago, I used to play "interior designer" and design reader's spaces for free! You can see the series here. It was a fun, creative outlet and I really enjoyed getting to know my readers better. But of course, it's a lot of work the series went on a hiatus! 

Well, I'm happy to tell you that Morgan reached out recently and asked if I could put some ideas together for her family room. Here's what she had to say:

I remember a long time ago you did some design help/room inspiration posts and I was wondering if you still did that. My living room may be the most awkward room and despite living her for four years, it has barely changed. I am completely stuck, especially when it comes to art because all the walls are weird and small. I have a two year old and am pregnant with our second and I all of a sudden feel a crazy urge to get it done!! Let me know if you are still up for ideas!

Morgan also let me know that the couch and chair needed to stay but everything else could be is a peek into her space:

You can see that the dark furniture makes the space pretty dark and there's not too much personality {ie: color and pattern} except for that darling rainbow pom garland in the doorway!

Pillows 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + Rug

I wanted to bring in some color and pattern and this rug is just the ticket! It has some yellow and turquoise in it which is why I chose the yellow console and turquoise all the fun pillows! Plus, we all know how valuable storage is, which is why I love incorporating pretty baskets to store away toys. Most of these items are very affordable which is exactly what you want for kiddos! I also suggested painting the walls white to brighten up the space and considering these bamboo shades for additional texture.

So what do you think? Anything you change or suggest?

Thanks for letting me play along Morgan...I hope you can incorporate some of these updates to make the room feel more personalized and functional for your growing family! :)

xo natasha

Beach Fun for the Whole Fam

Junior Kayak {Ethan is OBSESSED with this!} // Girls Swimsuit // Hydro Flask // Sunnies

We're officially in beach mode with the warm weather and I cannot tell you how much I LOVE it! The boys burn so much energy running and kayaking around and the parents love getting a chance to relax. We usually got with a group of parents and kids to ensure there is plenty to keep the little ones distracted. In fact, we pretty much have a standing date every Sunday morning...bliss!

Are you enjoying any beach days yet?

xo natasha

Gingham Style

I'm in love with gingham this season...check out some of my recent buys and items on my wishlist!

This top was a little bit of a splurge but I love that I can wear it to work and on the weekends!

Adore these pants for work!

How cute is this dress from Target? Totally scooped it up!

Gah! This jacket is ADORABLE!

Love the bigger gingham print and drop waist on this dress!

Are you digging gingham as much as I am?

Have a great weekend!

xo natasha

How to do SF in 24 Hours

We had a whirlwind trip to San Francisco to see Hamilton for the night and it was worth every second we spent there! Let me give you the breakdown!

First, we stayed at the Hotel Carlton, which is a Joie de Vie hotel and is super cute and quirky. We liked that it was in a quieter neighborhood AND it was right around the corner from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse which was an extra nice perk! Tip: we always book our hotels with HotelTonight, which is an app that you can use to book discounted rooms up to a week before your travel date. Use code NSCHUE to get $25 off your first reservation!

We got into town around 1pm, just in time for lunch! We got to meet Laura for lunch at Gott's Roadside, inside the Ferry Building. We got the ahi poke tacos and soft serve after!

After lunch, we walked to Union Square, shopped at Zara and then walked down Market for some more shopping! I never get to shop in person, so perusing the Madewell store {and purchasing these jeans and handkerchief} was a total treat!

That night we met one of my best friends from home at Beretta for early drinks and dinner. The food was SO good and the company was even better! Highly recommend the walnut bread with burrata and mushroom-truffle honey!

Then, for the whole reason we went on this trip...HAMILTON! It was better than I imagined it could be--the songs and actors were all so on point. I was blown away!

The play is three hours long so it was 11pm by the time it was over! We were tired and ready to head back to the hotel, but if you're ever in town looking for a late-night snack, I've heard Nopa and Black Cat are both solid options!

The next day, I hit SoulCycle on Union order to make room for a cruffin from Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, naturally! 

We then hit up The Mill, which is a totally adorable coffee shop with the most INSANE toast I've ever tried! We brought a couple loaves to bring home. 

And there you have it...24 hours in San Francisco!

Do you have a favorite restaurant or thing to do in the city? I'd love to hear!

xo natasha

Unofficial Start to Summer

Memorial Day Weekend in Tahoe can be hit or miss, weather-wise, but I am so happy that THIS year, the weather is warm and sunny! We've already kicked off the long weekend with Ryan's birthday...we celebrated at a new brewery with friends and family! Our weekend is even longer as we're going to San Francisco on Tuesday to see HAMILTON! Cannot.wait.

As always with long holiday weekends, there are tons of great sales going on. You can get my jumpsuit {pictured above} for 30% off, with code SWEET! See more of my picks below...

+ Anthropologie: Extra 40% off sale. Loving this maxi dress, this romper, this jumpsuit and this cute dress!
+ J.Crew: 30% with code SWEET. Loving this hoodie for workouts, this popover, and this fringy sweater!
+ Express: Up to 50% off everything. Finally bought these pants for work, this burnout tee and love this workout top!
+ Nordstrom: Half Yearly Sale up to 40% off. Loving this peplum top, these step hem jeans, and this saddle bag.
+ LOFT: 40% off with code VACAY. Want this jumpsuit, this adorable striped cami, and these seersucker shorts.

Have a wonderful long holiday weekend!

xo natasha

Father's Day Gift Guide

This gift guide actually serves for both Ryan's Father's Day wishlist and his birthday list, since his birthday this coming Friday! ;)

Ryan is not a big "fashion" guy...but he does appreciate nice things, which is why birthdays and the holidays are a good excuse to buy him quality items, like a new backpack {that can also double as a diaper bag!}, a nice water bottle, or fun socks. He's got his eye on the grill above...his parents have one and he loves it! 

Do you have any good ideas for your dad or husband this Father's Day? Do tell!

xo natasha

Summer Staples

Ahhhh it's finally start to warm up and I am SO ready to bust out my skirts and sandals! I am really loving this blush and light blue color palette right now, mixed in with some natural textures and a hint of gold! It's so light and breezy, don't you think?

I hope you're having a good week so far...the weekend is getting close!

xo natasha

Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Monday Mamas...did you have a good Mother's Day? I was completely spoiled by my was a good day, actually weekend! :)

We kicked it off celebrating our dear friend's mother's birthday. It was such a special evening, at the same venue where we got married!

My dress // Similar Heels {my girlfriend is wearing them on the right!}

My handsome date!

Saturday started off with Ethan's T-Ball game, where Wyatt is totally mesmerized by his big brother!

And side note, thank you got all the sweet wishes on Wyatt's fall at the previous game. He has four staples in his hear that are supposed to be removed Wednesday luck. Wish us luck!

After the game, we went to Monster Jam {thankfully with some other mama friends!} and it was actually really impressive!

A much needed caffeine stop was made at Old World Coffee before heading home.

Gorgeous peonies!

Me and my boys at their school Mother's Day brunch!

Notice the reasons why Ethan loves me...haha!

Ryan and co. made me this awesome mushroom and goat cheese frittata for breakfast, SO good!

I also had to pick up some of these gorgeous flowers from our local grocery store!

We ended the day with Ethan's last soccer game {some meltdowns in between} and homemade curry...yum!

Hope you had a wonderful day as well!

xo natasha

Our First Trip to Disneyland

You guys, we did it! We survived our first family trip to Disneyland and I'm here to report on all the tips and tricks that we learned along the way!

I grew up 20 minutes from Disneyland {crazy right?} so I never really realized, or appreciated, all the logistics that go into planning a Disney trip. Disneyland is expensive, and therefore worthy of really planning it out to maximize your time there.

First things first, check out Is It Packed? to see when the park is predicted to be less busy. We planned for a "ghost town" day and it was updated to "hey, it's alright" about a week before our trip, which was a bummer but still good to know!

We also checked out Magic Kingdom Mamas website for TONS of great tips and tricks. If you're going when it's hot, I definitely recommend bringing your stroller so your tots have a place to sit out of the sun. We brought our double stroller which was a blessing. Also bring a spray bottle with a fan and LOTS of sunscreen.

Another great recommendation is to download the Disneyland app. Not only can you pre-purchase your tickets, but you can see the waiting times for every attraction, scout out the nearest bathroom and restaurant and also get a great map of the park.

We decided to just do one day and one park for our first experience, but believe me, we maxed out the day. We got there right after 9 and stayed until after the Main Street Electrical Parade which started at 8:30pm.

Ethan's favorite part of the day were the parades...that's the best chance to see all of the characters and take a little break. I definitely recommend going to both parades! And get there about a half hour early to save seats along the street. Bonus if you can get some ice cream too!

Other tips:

+ Buy the damn bubble wands and thank me later. Yes, they're expensive but they are the best entertainment for waiting in line and BONUS, they double as light-up wands during the parade!

+ Keep an eye on the line for Peter's always super long but there are times during the day when it will lighten up. Go if the waiting time goes below 40 minutes, it's a fun one!

+ Surprisingly, most rides don't have a height limit, including Pirates of the Caribbean. For those that do, like Star Tours, you can do a rider switch at the Fast Pass line so both parents can ride. Ethan LOVED riding Star Tours twice! We also got a Fast Pass for Buzz Lightyear's ride.

+ Skip Toon's ok, but not worth the crowds. Though they do have a hot dog place inside there that is great {and cheap!} for the kiddos.

+ Bring ID bracelets for the kids...Disneyland is CROWDED and kids can go missing in a blink of an eye. Also, word to the wise, don't leave your backpack with your phone in the stroller during a rider switch because you may just lose the rest of your party and be forced to borrow a stranger's cell phone to track down your husband. Not that it happened to me or anything...

 + Last, kids under three are free, so take advantage of the savings!

I will say that both boys really enjoyed the day, especially Wyatt which surprised us! Ethan got a little hot and irritable about halfway through the day {and told us he would rather swim in the pool than be there} but we kept him going with sweets and rides...bribing at its best! ;)

Here are the rides and attractions we went on to give you a sense of what can be accomplished in a day:

+ Storybook Land Canal Boats {aka The Whale Mouth Ride}
+ It's a Small World
+Pirates of the Caribbean
+ Star Tours {Fast Pass + Ride Switch}

Lunch at Galactic Grill

+ Peter Pan's Flight
+ Jungle Cruise
+Haunted Mansion {just Ethan}

Mickey's Soundsational Parade at 4:30pm

+ Astro Orbitor
+ Walked around Toon Town and got the kids hot dogs
+ Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters {Fast Pass}

Main Street Electrical Parade at 8:30pm

I think we may be good for a couple more years until Wyatt is a little older and can appreciate being there, but I'm so glad we did it!

Have you been to Disneyland yet? What are your best tips and tricks?

xo natasha