Gift Guide: For the Kiddos

Our playroom is literally exploding with the point where it's a little sickening! They have so many and rarely play with them, instead opting to build forts and make projects.  So this year, we want to be more's a great time to clean out, donate and focus more on necessities and experiences.

That being said, here's what I have on their wish lists:

Blockitecture Blocks: We actually discovered this set of blocks during our trip to NYC. Ethan keeps going back to them...they require some technique and creativity. And while this is a toy, I love that they're wooden, and not plastic!

Lite Brite Magic Screen: Did anyone else have one of these growing up? So nostalgic and again, I love that it promotes creativity!

Star Wars Galaxy Backpack: How awesome is this backpack? And it's currently 40% off which is a deal! Love this darling tote for the girls!

Pompom Beanie: We're always in need of warm beanies this time of year! Love the colors and pom detail on this one! Also love this one for the ladies!

Flik Flak Watch: This is the second year in a row where Ethan is asking for a watch. Last year, we got him a cheap plastic one that broke a week in. I grew up with Swatch watches and love the idea of passing down the tradition to the boys. 

Puffer Jacket: Another necessity for the winter! Also love this non-hooded option. More colors here.

Sleeping Bag: Ethan is getting to an age where I think he'll be more interested in sleep-overs soon...whether it's in his brother's room or at a friend's house. I adore this print...and it can be personalized! For the girls, I LOVE this mermaid option!

Hunter Rain Boots: How adorable are these?? And they're on sale. AND they come in great colors!

The Ultimate Book of Airplanes + Airports: I feel like kids can never have enough books! This book looks darling with bright-colored graphics!

Sneakers: The boys run through sneakers pretty quickly so a new pair is always a good idea. Also loving this pair for the girls!

Tempera Paint Markers: These apparently dry in 90 seconds but look like paint! Would be good to purchase with this.

What's on your kid's wish list this season?

xo natasha


  1. Such a good list! I got C a sleeping bag last year and she’s already used it a ton - it’s great for traveling and hotels! Our playroom is the same way. Oy.

  2. That's such a great list! Those blocks look awesome!