Summer is flying by and we're trying to soak up every bit of it. I had a bit of a detour when I got hit with a heat rash on my legs, followed by a kidney infection {ladies, don't ignore a UTI!!!} and then I was gone to Atlanta for a week! Needless to say, we have some catching up to do!

Here's what we've been up to lately!

Ethan is swimming like a little fish these days and we finally made it out on the boat for the first time two weekends ago!

The boys loved the boat ride {and their new sun hats!}.

I flew into Atlanta a week ago for a work conference and made it a priority to get out in the evenings to explore the city and try some of the local fare. Of course I had to get pimento cheese and oysters at JCT Kitchen!

Dinner was followed by Brambleberry + Georgia Peach ice cream at Jeni's!

Of course the highlight was meeting up with Jess Garvin! For all the mamas that follow her {and if you don't, follow her now!}, know she  is just as gorgeous, funny and down-to-earth as you would imagine. I absolutely LOVED our time together, it felt like catching up with an old friend {over frozen margs too!}.  Very thankful for the blog world to connect me with amazing people and fellow mamas!

Throughout my trip, I made it priority to get over to Torq Cycle for spin classes and on the last day, I ventured out to Brash Coffee and Upbeet for the yummiest acai bowl over!

This was the Almond Joy bowl and was SUPER delish!

This past weekend, we got back out on the boat!

And I had to include this photo of Wyatt and our friend Geoff. Wyatt has always been preferential to men and just cozied himself right up next to Geoff this boat ride! 😂

Not sure if this video works, but included it so you can score my bikini, which is under $50 and looks just like Marysia brand!

Ethan and his buddy Beckett swimming off the back of the boat!

My new favorite beer!

My blouse {on sale!} + My jeans

Saturday night, we met up with some friends to drink wine, eat pizza and listen to a local band! The boys played cornhole and ate ice was a perfect summer night!

Cheers to summer fun!

xo natasha

Give Me All The Color!

Hi mamas! I'm currently in Atlanta for a work conference and have been able to get some fun shopping in during the evenings, which is a nice treat for me! I've noticed that there is SO much fun color out right now and wanted to show you some of my favorite pieces:

How darling is this J.Crew top? Love the embroidery and pops of color! 

I have these leggings {as seen here} and love them! I get tons of compliments and they just make working out a little more fun! ;)

I tried this dress on at Anthropolige and fell in love with it. I definitely think it's for bigger busted gals {which I am not} so keep that in mind! Instead, I got this

These flats are not overly colorful, but there are a ton of great color options. I think the velvet will be perfect for fall!

How freaking cute is this jumpsuit?! Love it for the summer!

xo natasha

Designer Denim on Sale!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

As I've said before, scoring investment items on sale is a great way to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and in this case you can never go wrong with designer denim. I have yet to invest in Paige Denim, but I was reminded last night that they feel like butter and are a dream on, so I am definitely considering buying a pair. I've also recently learned about Good American, and if you read the reviews, people RAVE about them being the best fit jeans ever. Of course, Rag & Bone rarely go on sale, but I've read that these are very thin, so I am a little weary of buying them. Last, I LOVE Madewell and bought these, only to have the shipment canceled, #annoying I'll keep checking back though as they usually restock!

Have you scored any jeans during the sale?

xo natasha

The Anniversary Sale is Open + More Top Picks

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is finally open to the public, yay! And don't worry, for items that have sold out, just keep checking back as they usually restock! Below are more of my favorite picks {you can see my top picks here}.

As a reminder, the anniversary sale is all about new items for fall, not old items, which makes this the perfect time to invest in some seasonal items...or workout gear! I love this sweater with the zipper detail on the back!

Happy Shopping!

My Nordstrom Anniversary Early Access Picks

Early Access {for those of you who have a Nordstrom card} to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has arrived and after having gone through all 45 pages of inventory, here are my top picks! Some items I own and some will definitely be going home with me this year. This sale is all of their NEW fall inventory, so it's worth investing in a couple fall picks!

This sweater is already in my shopping cart and was a top seller last year, so guaranteed to sell out again!

The sale opens up to the public on July 21st!

Happy Shopping!

xo natasha

Summer Date Night Attire + Prioritizing Date Nights

Sandals + Flutter Bikini Top + Screw Bangle {perfect Cartier knock-off} + Mules

You all know how much I am loving vintage blues, stripes, denim and gingham for summer but there is something about elevating a classic color palette, like black, gold and white for date night that really helps to keep things special. While none of these items are necessarily "fancy", I love how together, they really feel special.

Speaking of date nights, do you mamas out there make them a priority? I know it's hard, but we try to plan them every other weekend. It's so nice to reconnect and enjoy a nice meal, without the everyday distractions. Even if going out isn't your thing, opening a nice bottle of wine once the kids down for the night, definitely makes a difference!

So...tell you schedule date nights?


xo natasha


Summer is officially in full swing these days and I can hardly believe we're a third of the way through July! We're trying to soak up as much time outside as's what we've been up to lately!

Beach Essentials including these pouches for the beach bag and rosé in a can

Date night out at the new Edgewood Lodge. Find my sunglasses here

The most delicious summer appetizer.

Pool time is rare but so special...Ethan swam the entire time! 

Can't believe these two are off to kindergarten NEXT MONTH!! 😭 

 Gangs all here!

 Best buds

Obsessed with my new bike...summer evenings have never been better! Find my bike here and Wyatt's seat here

 This kid...

Waving at the cars during the 4th of July parade. 
Ethan's shirt + shorts + sneakers
Wyatt's shirt + shorts + sneakers

 Two handsome Harrys.

 Popsicles on the 4th!


 Our family got together to watch the fireworks down at the beach!

 Someone was a little scared of the loud booms!

Nothing beats fireworks over Lake Tahoe! 

Last, we celebrated my good friend's birthday this past week...she's expecting her second boy! So exciting!

I hope you all had a great 4th!

xo natasha