Designer Denim on Sale!

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As I've said before, scoring investment items on sale is a great way to take advantage of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, and in this case you can never go wrong with designer denim. I have yet to invest in Paige Denim, but I was reminded last night that they feel like butter and are a dream on, so I am definitely considering buying a pair. I've also recently learned about Good American, and if you read the reviews, people RAVE about them being the best fit jeans ever. Of course, Rag & Bone rarely go on sale, but I've read that these are very thin, so I am a little weary of buying them. Last, I LOVE Madewell and bought these, only to have the shipment canceled, #annoying I'll keep checking back though as they usually restock!

Have you scored any jeans during the sale?

xo natasha

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