Our 2017 Christmas Card

* This post is sponsored by Minted.

Christmas card photos are always a bit of an event each year. Finding the photographer, the location and the outfits are just half the battle! The rest comes with the weather and how everyone is feeling. This year, the weather was not particularly on our side as it was freezing at dusk. Wyatt was throwing up in between photos. And Ethan was over it all before it began! Thankfully our photos still turned out beautifully {thank goodness for super talented friend: Laura Parker Photography!} 'and it always proves to be a good story too! ;)

This year, as in the past, we partnered with Minted for our cards. I opted of the rose gold foil and love how they turned out! The quality is always spot on and my absolute favorite part is that they print all of your "to" and "from" addresses! It's such a lifesaver!

You can see our past cards here:

If you're still on the hunt for cards, definitely check out Minted!

xo natasha


  1. So pretty! Why can't my two boys ever pose like that? Merry Christmas!


  2. Haha - I love all the behind-the-scenes stories with family photos!! Ours was at 5am on the beach and we were awake from 3.45am - for the love of photos! x