Happy 9 Months Wyatt!

Nine months?  Where it the time going?  Wyatt is just thriving and is such a fun baby.  He is super happy most of the time, though he still has a crazy temper!  He can go from happy to screaming in .1 seconds flat.  Let's just say, he knows what he wants and he wants it, like five minutes ago!

Wyatt just loves his brother and all of his brother's toys.  He will army crawl and scoot to get something he has his eye on...nothing will stop him.  Though, crawling seems to be a ways out.  He can go from laying to sitting and is shockingly mobile for how limited his movement actually is.

We finally have two lower teeth {you can see them in some of the pictures above} and they are SHARP!  So happy I am not nursing him right now, ouch!

As much as Wyatt loves Ethan, Ethan loves him just as much.  He's such a sweet brother...always asking to hold him and sharing, most of the time.  I think they will be super close once Wyatt is more mobile and interactive.

Wyatt loves bath time {poor kids gets a bath every 2-3 days!}, car rides and strollers.  He rolls like a pro.  He's starting to enjoy standing more and more.  He goes to bed right at 7pm and sleeps through the night...can't complain!  I just can't believe he's NINE MONTHS!

This month will be fun with Halloween...can't wait to see these boys dressed up.

Some more milestones this month:

Two bottom teeth
Can go from his tummy to sitting up on his own
Army crawls
Pulled up on his crib for the first time--time to lower his crib!
Taking baths in the big bath
Sleeping well through the night
Went to Apple Hill for the first time
Starting to get stranger danger, when people hold him that he doesn't know
Loves Ethan and LOVES all of Ethan's toys
Babbles and does little high pitched squeals
Wearing 9 month jammies and 6 month everything else
Size 3 diaper
Loves sweet potato, prunes and fruit purees.
Also likes puffs
Hates getting his diaper changed
Enjoys the stroller and car rides

Check out Ethan's 9 month update here!

xo natasha


  1. wow 9 months?!!? time is flying by! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Such a little cutie! I can't wait for Halloween!

  3. What a big month!!! Yay for two teeth (and not nursing - ouch)!

  4. Happy nine months to Wyatt! He has the BEST smile!

  5. He is so precious and they are so cute together!

  6. What a sweet baby you have!! He looks like he is just so good at smiling!

  7. I can't believe Wyatt is 9 months old already! He is a cutie Natasha. Ethan and Wyatt look like they are best buddies...so sweet.