Ethan is 17 Months!

Ethan turned 17 months this past Tuesday (on the 26th), but life has been crazy with Thanksgiving so here is his update a week late!

What's New:
Not too much is "new" in the last month other than Ethan is just learning more and more each day.  He copies us more and more, he repeats what we say more and more, and he comprehends more and more.  He learned to blow kisses and makes clicking noises with his mouth when he does it.  He gives us hugs and pats us on the back.  He'll copy facial expressions like blinking his eyes or sticking out his tongue.  He will dance to most any music by swaying his hips and he'll hum along too.  He likes to make loud shrill squeals now to play or get our attention {they'll pierce your ear drum they're so loud!}.  He's starting to mimic more and more noises and words, like wuf wuf for dog, bubu {bottle or our nick name for him}, dada, papa, sometimes even mama.  His latest is ho ho ho...he's already a little santa baby!  ;)

Mostly 12-18 clothes.

He's a pretty picky eater.  He'll have a couple bites of something and then be over it.  He LOVES Pirates Booty right now and any gummy fruit snacks.  He also likes most meat and bananas.

Loads of teeth!  I would say he has 6 on top and 5 on the bottom.  Those molars sure look painful too!

I covered a lot of it above.  He's a babbling machine.  He'll "talk" a ton but most of it is undecipherable.  But I have no doubt he'll be a little chatter box {like his daddy!}.

The cat and dog.  Music.  Dancing.  Being held.  His toy vacuum.  

He HATES having things taken away from him or essentially being told no.  He'll have a total breakdown in those scenarios.  He also strongly dislikes diaper changes.  And being put down.

Anywhere and everywhere, but thankfully we were able to stay put for this first round of holidays.  We'll be traveling over Christmas...already trying to mentally prepare for all of the hustle and bustle!

xo natasha

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  1. He is so cute! Love his picture in the crib :).

  2. He's so cute! Noah's hates are the same as Ethan's... Glad to know it's normal ;).

  3. He's so cute!! Like Meghan, it's nice to know that Cam's not the only one who is a picky eater and hates being changed! Haha :)

  4. look at how fun & happy he looks!!! i die. he's seriously SO cute.

  5. Ethan is growing up so fast!! Can't even believe it. But getting cuter and cuter as always! :)

  6. Can't believe how big he's getting! I LOVE his little outfit with the football! So stylish! :)

  7. Blair sleeps with her legs out of the crib too...too funny!

  8. Awww, I love getting Ethan cute! We've got a little meat-eater too. : )

  9. He is such a happy little baby boy! I can't wait to see him over Christmas!

  10. So stylin' and such a cutie. I love when they mimic.. Ashlynn will clap at the dogs when they are being too loud (I clap usually once or twice to try to break their attention), she also calls her daddy Pete now and screams it like me... "PEEEETTTTEEE".

  11. He is so cute! I was thinking back to when my little boy was that age. Such a fun (and sometimes trying) time.

  12. Olivia says ho ho ho too and I'm considering it one of my greatest parenting accomplishments to date :)