His Christmas Wish List

His Wish List

Bonobos Shirt $88 // Sonos Play 5 $399 // Breaking Bad Complete Series $235
SOG Multi Tool $125  // Rossignal Skis $800
Jack Spade Wallet $55 // On the Rock Glass & Ice Ball $25 // Modernist Cuisine $535

You know how men are the hardest people in the world to shop for?!  It's really true!  Well, I was lucky to get my hubby's buy in for this year's wish list.  Above is a selection chosen by he himself...all items that he would love to receive this Christmas...and who said men didn't have expensive taste?!

First up, Ryan has a hard time finding clothing items that fit well and are stylish.  We were introduced to the line Bonobos which fit Ryan SO well and all of the items, particularly the pants, fit him like a glove.  If your husband or boyfriend is anything like mine, then you know the challenges of getting them to wearing stylish clothes anyway.  Trunk Club is an amazing resource for men who need help.  They deliver a trunk of clothes for guys to try on and pick what they love...and send back what they don't.  Genius idea right?

Sonos is wireless music system that allows you stream any music in the world to wherever you want in the world.  Sync up your Pandora, iTunes and Rhapsody, Spotify, etc all in one place.  And did I mention it's wireless?

Breaking Bad is the best.  Any man would love to receive the complete series.  End of story.

Men love gadgets, like this multi-tool thingy.

A great wallet and ice balls...enough said.

We live in Tahoe...but I'm sure any guy who loves to recreate in the mountains would kill for a pair of skis like this.  They're the best of the best.

And last, we are big Top Chef fans and this cookbook set was featured on the show.  Sure it's expensive, but it's supposed to be THEE most amazing set of cookbooks ever.  Ever.  Pretty impressive, right?

So, there you have it!  Your guys will definitely thank you this season!  ;)

xo natasha


  1. Great picks, thankfully my husbands list is small since we gifted ourselves a new range and dishwasher recently lol (being an adult is fun!) We are in the middle is running through breaking bad on Netflix, seriously watch it almost every night, great gift idea!

  2. nice list! i know my husband would like the whole season of breaking bad too. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. My husband is impossible to shop for! This is a fun list and I might have to try out that clothing brand for Chris!

  4. They are the hardest! Loving that plaid shirt though!

  5. Enjoyed reading his picks! I need ideas, ha! And we're about to start the breaking bad series on netflix, i am so excited! I've heard it's amazing!

  6. They are the hardest! Great list. The multi-tool makes a great stocking stuffer too.

  7. My rule of thumb for David is...it if goes in the garage he will love it!

  8. I love seeing gift ideas for men, the ones in my life truly are IMPOSSIBLE to shop for!

  9. Ryan is crazy hard to shop for - thanks for some good ideas!