Gift Guide: For the Kiddos


I'm kicking off my holiday gift guides this week...I can't believe Christmas is just 3 weeks away! Whew, time is flying!

I find the boys can be harder and harder to shop for, as they get older and start to like all the same things. My boys are 2.5 years apart but Wyatt mainly likes anything that Ethan does, we we plan to buy more joint gifts this year or two of the same things. Here are some ideas!

Binoculars: A fun away to encourage young explorers to take in their surroundings!

Seascope: I imagine lots of fun days out at our local lake and river with this seascope.

Cosmic Craft Kit: Another fun indoor activity to keep the kids busy on days they can't venture outside.

Early Reader Books: We have these books for Wyatt and they are great for early readers! The stories are silly and easy to read and they also come with stickers to use for each time they successfully read a book. Highly recommend!

Origami Kit: My boys love making ninja stars and fortune tellers out of construction paper. I think they would love this kit to keep them busy during the day.

Jellyfish Nightlight: It's a nightlight, but disguised more or less for bigger boys!

Snowmobile Sled: This would definitely amp up their sled game this winter!

Fur Lined Crocs: My husband has crocs which is great for getting outside quickly...and of course, the boys would love to copy their dad!

Socks: Stance Socks are well-made and I love the cute patterns.

ATM Bank: Our kids are both into earning money and saving it for a fun toy. This may help keep them a bit more honest in their "saving" endeavors.

Ninja Obstacle Course: I'm all for anything that gets our kids outside. We recently got them a slack line and I think this would take their outdoor adventures to the next level!

xo natasha

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