Puppy Must Haves


One month ago, we welcomed our new golden retriever puppy, Walter, home! It's been so much fun, but also a reminder to how much work puppies are! Thankfully, Walter is settling right in--and with enough chew toys--we're hopeful to enjoy this short phase of puppyhood!

I received a request on Instagram to provide a list of items we've been using thus far...so here you go! All the things that have helped us survive puppyhood!

Chew Toys: Lots of chew toys! Our personal favorites are this maple flavored stick, this chew rope octopus, these Nylabones, these star chew toy and this bone flavored chew bone!

Food: Our breeder recommended this dog food and we have also discovered these amazing dog treats...can you believe they're made with crickets? Apparently crickets are higher in protein than cows and chickens and are more sustainable. Who knew? We also love these digestive dog treats.

Pet Care: We love this collar and leash for Walter. The colors are great and they hold up well to a Tyrannosaurus Rex puppy! I also love this brand of puppy beds! And I should mention that we are crate training...and Ryan has been furiously reading this book!

Pet Clean Up: At first, Walter was a perfect little gentleman and didn't have any accidents. And that lasted all of 24 hours. He has accidents and we have acclimated quickly! This urine destroyer cleaner has been amazing...and we just invested in an actual machine too!

For Fun: And because Christmas is right around the corner, we HAD to get Walter his own pair of Pet Johns! To match the kids, of course! ;)

I hope this is helpful! And because you got through all of these, I'll leave you with a pup pic!

xo natasha

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  1. What a sweet pup!! Will check out all these recs for our black lab rescue, Kona