DIY Rustic Pinecone Wreath

Welcome to the first round of our Christmas Cheer Link Up Party!  

Today, we're talking all things DIY and crafty.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not very actually tends to give me anxiety.  I usually prefer to buy something pre-made because I already know how it turned out!  And of course, I want my version to be perfect {#perfectionistproblems}.  Anyway, I am SO happy because I am actually really happy with the way my Christmas Craft turned out this year.  It literally puts a silly grin on my face when I see it.  I would say that means success!

I thought a pinecone wreath would be perfect for this year's craft, especially since I'm going with rustic and natural touches.  And being that we live in Tahoe, there is no shortage of pinecones.  I literally picked the ones I used here from the parking lot at work.  

Another reason why I'm not very DIY-friendly, is because I forget to take pictures of "the process"!  But here's a rundown of what you will need:

Metal Wreath Frame {mine is from Michael's}
Wrapping Wire
Hot Glue & Gun
Faux Moss
Burlap Ribbon
Wine {optional, but often times necessary!}

This project costs less than $10...maybe even less than $5 if you have everything but the frame.

First, arrange the pinecones how you want them.  I placed the largest pinecones first and then filled in with the smaller pinecones.  Attach the pinecones with the wrap wire.  I used two wires per pinecone to make sure they were secure.  Simply wrap the wire several times and cut off the excess wire at the ends.

Next, use the trusty hot glue gun to secure the smaller pinecones in the gaps.  It kind of works like a jigsaw puzzle.

Last, nestle the moss into the exposed gaps so that you can no longer see the metal wreath beneath.  Apply hot glue where necessary {and try not to burn your fingers!}.

Note: your glue gun WILL end up covered {and looking a bit grinchy!}

You can use the pinecone wreath as a centerpiece to display candles or other decorative holiday goodies.


Attached a burlap ribbon and hang over your mantel!

Ta dah!  I used a regular over-the-door hanger to hang the wreath from...any lower and I don't think it would work.

You'll get to see more of this beauty on Thursday when I showcase my entire holiday mantel!

So, now it's your turn!!  Hop on over to Hi Sugarplam! and link up your holiday crafts!

And be sure to prep for the rest of our holiday link parties!

xo natasha


  1. Looks great!! If you can use a glue gun then you are totally crafty!

  2. Beautiful! Love the wreath hung over the mirror. Classic yet rustic :)

  3. Very nicely done! And you kept going on about how you weren't crafty... lies. =)

  4. It's so cute!! :) I love it! I wanted to bring some pinecones home with us when we were in Tahoe, but they were all sticky! HAHA

  5. You knocked it out of the ballpark. I forget to take the photos, too. Actually, I am normally cursing and wanting to finish so I plow through with no photos! It looks really beautiful. Make me one?!

  6. What a great wreath idea! Awesome job. :)

  7. you are so CRAFTY love! Turned out perfect!!!

  8. This is amazing woman! GREAT JOB!!!! :)

  9. I love it. I've been looking for another idea for my many pine cones :)

  10. Cute - I love this! It looks so great, and would probably sell for a LOT in a high end home store! (business idea?) :)


  11. Love this! I hate holiday decorations that are overly... "holiday-ish," for lack of a better word. Perfect!

  12. Oh how cute! I love how it looks as a centerpiece!

  13. Love it, girl! So pretty- look at you, so crafty :)

  14. you did such a good job. and mentioned that you have an overabundance of the materials. I thought i would pass along an idea you might like to try. mom made one for us by cutting off the peaks of the cone leaving something that looked like a rose. these were glued to a wooden circle with the center removed so it could be used as a wreath or with candle(s) then she used something to enhance the wood tones and a clear finish. I would love to be avle to send a photo but it now has a home with my grown daughter.

  15. Oh my gosh, it came out so cute Natasha! Love it! You are crafty after all! :)

  16. I like the wreath. the addition of the green is a great idea.