Baby's Wish List

Having a little one means getting to enjoy the holidays in a whole new way.  I get to discover Christmas through my son's eyes and nothing could renew my love for the holidays like creating new traditions and wrapping TOYS for under the tree!  Even though he is too young to remember {Hey!  That's what pictures are for!} I am having way too much fun finding fun and whimsical toys and clothes to shower him with this year.

Here's a little snapshot of what's on Ethan's Christmas list:

Fair Isle Beanie: I love all things Fair Isle pattern and this beanie is perfect for my little man!  It's on sale now too!
Gummy Stick Baby Massagers: I've heard this is great for teething...especially the back molers.
Baby Uggs: Even though Ethan got his first official pair of Uggs already, these are supposed to fit great and not fall off!
Boon Bath Toy Appliques: Ethan loves bath time!  These bath toys are the cutest!
Imaginarium Walker: Another recommended item, we actually got this from Ethan's uncle...and though he's too small for it now, he loves banging the xylophone.
Kushies Toy: How cute is this little bug?  We want it!
The Jolly Christmas Postman: I grew up reading the Jolly naturally we have to have the Christmas version!  
Melissa & Doug Bug Jug: Another item that Ethan already received...such a boy toy!
Itzy Ritzy Shopping Cart Cover: I adore this print and now that Ethan is close to sitting, it will be great to have a cover for shopping trips.
Boon Whale Bath Storage: Again, the perfect storage for bath time...I see lots of bath toys in our future!

And since I know all of us moms are always on the lookout for cute clothing companies...I wanted to introduce you to Joules!


{click set for details}

I'm totally in love with all the bright and bold colors...not to mention the cuter than cute patterns.  We got the little goat outfit in the bottom left corner and I can't wait to dress Ethan up in it!  

Happy Shopping...only 15 more days until Christmas!

xo natasha


  1. Baby Uggs so cute!! But it's way too hot in Texas for those (although I have some - babies grow fast). I love those clothes you picked! I need to REALLy get crackin on my shopping. How is time flying so fast? Although Sadie will be clueless when it comes to Christmas, and Max still really enjoys Tupperware and just balls.


  2. I love this list! Hudson "wants" a lot of these same things!

  3. The Imaginiarium Walker is on our list too. I can't wait to see it in action.
    And YAYYY! Jolly Postman.. one of my all time favorites too. We have both versions, and even though Bennett can't open the mail yet, I have such fun reading the stories to him. LOVE!

  4. That beanie is too cute! And those little boots, I'm dying!

  5. can't wait for Christmas this year too! ;) We bought those Uggs for Ava and she's only used them once. Im just having the hardest time trying to keep shoes on this child lol Also just ordered those zoli gummy sticks so hoping they are a hit! xo

  6. Your list is so helpful for this mama-to-be! Ethan has a very fun Christmas ahead of him :) Love those darling Ugg boots and Joules! I just popped over there and saw an adorable pair of tartan pants I may have to purchase for baby.

  7. Is it a problem that I'm in love with all of this and have no baby?! :)

  8. I love that goat outfit. SO adorable.

    I use my shopping cart cover so much. Not only does it keep him safe, secure and comfy it also helps keep him warm. Great gifts!

  9. Great ideas! I'm going to have to check out those massager things for teething!

    I was just thinking about how we'll need a shopping cart cover soon too. Crazy how fast these little ones grow!

  10. love this list. My sister bought MAtthew UGGS for christmas and I got to have them early haha since they are more exciting to me then him obviously!! They are so adorable, fall off easily, but its his fault kicking a bunch!! I want that little bug creature he is a cutie!!

  11. Super fun list... love the lil grey uggs and I need to check out the gummy stick teether:)

  12. Love the little Uggs and beanie! The walker looks fun too. So many fun ideas for these sweet baby boys! Going to check out the clothing line too, always looking for cute clothes for the little guy.