Two and Three Month Favorites

Two and Three Month Must Haves

I'm a little behind on this post, but I wanted to share the things that Baby Ethan loved {and I found helpful} his second and third month.

Dr. Brown's Bottles: We have a ton of different types of bottles and Ethan isn't too picky, but he seems to like Dr. Brown's the best.  The vent systems helps with gas and burping...and I hear they're great for colic too.

Swaddles: While we used the Aden + Anais blankets as swaddles in the first month, we discovered that as Ethan got stronger, they wouldn't lock him in as well.  Now, the SwaddleMe swaddles work the best.  The velcro locks his arms in and he slept wonderfully during the second and third months.  Highly recommend!

Sophie the Giraffe: The tried and true Sophie is a favorite around here.  Ethan loves to chew on the head!  We also have this teether, which he loves too.

Video Monitor: I don't know how my parents did it...relying on sound only to monitor baby's sleep?!   Craziness!  But in all seriousness...we love the video monitor.  We can see how Ethan is doing in his crib...did he spit out his pacifier?  Did he roll over?  We can zoom in and pan around his crib.  It's really one of the best inventions!

Bumbo: Since Ethan has gained head and neck support...he loves sitting in his bumbo.  It's opened up a whole new world for him.  He can play with toys in his hands and scan the room.  I really love it...and baby does too!

Whale Tub: We love this's perfect for a little baby with the insert, which prevents him from sliding down.  Ethan just kicks around and zones out in there.  And the price is great too!  Win-win.

OBall Rattle: Ethan loves this thing, mainly because it's super easy for him to grasp.  You must get the one with the rattle.

Avent Pacifier: I know a lot of people are big on the soothies and gumdrops and we have a lot of them.  But honestly, Ethan loves this brand the best.  He can hold it in his mouth easily and rarely pops it out.  

Lovey: Ethan loves cuddling with blankets and lovey blankets are the best!  Especially in the warmer weather where a full-size blanket is just too hot. 

I hope this helps...I am looking forward to the next couple months as Ethan does less sleeping and more interacting!  I anticipate that the 4 & 5 month favorites will be more exciting!  ;)


  1. I am truly amazed by all the gadgets out now! That giraffe is adorable.

  2. Sophie is like baby crack! Liam still loves his! We also used the Woombie once he started breaking out of the swaddles. Great recommendations all the way around!


  3. The Avent pacis were faves at our house too. The Sophie love continues even into 9 months over here!!

  4. Isn't it amazing how babies love Sophie?! Hayden can't get enough of her and it is constantly in his mouth!

    When you guys are done with the swaddleme's I suggest the sleep sacks. That's what we use now, especially beings our temps are getting cooler but they're really nice!

  5. Sophie is a big hit in our house! We're also big fans of the Oball rattle, but it's a close second to Sophie.

    We just broke Mila of the swaddles, and now she just wears warm pajamas. She loves being able to move freely :)


  6. I am definitely going to have to try out that pacifier - Sophia is always popping hers out (I only have a soothie and a bunch of gumdrops), and it's so frustrating - especially in the middle of the night ;).

    Have a great weekend!

  7. We love Sophie too, and seriously, what did people do without video monitors! ha! Happy Weekend!

  8. Have you tried the Tommee Tippee brand of bottles? We are trying to decide whether to register for those or Dr. Browns. I have always heard great things about Dr. Browns but never actually any real feed back on TT. Definitely getting Sophie though! I love these reviews, keep them coming. :)

  9. Love these posts. I'm a few months behind you and love adding these to my must-buy list before our girl arrives!