Ethan is 23 Months!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  We had fun celebrating Ryan's birthday over the weekend, and of course, Ethan celebrated 23 months yesterday.  Twenty.Three.Months.  Wow.  I just can't believe my baby is going to be TWO next month.  I swear this last year just flew by.  It feels like just yesterday that we celebrated his first birthday.

But I must say, every month brings more fun and Ethan's little personality comes out more and more.

So...what's new this month?
Well, Ethan has officially learned how to say "no".  Before, he would shake his head no if he didn't want something.  But now he'll say it very gently...not in a bratty way, if that makes sense.  I'm sure that's to come.  But he'll say no when he doesn't want something and YEAH when he does.  Quite the communicator.  ;)  Ethan has also been battling yet another ear infection.  This is the fourth one in a couple short months.  We're hoping that the summer will finally kick it to the curb, but if not, we'll probably have to consider removing his adenoids and inserting tubes.  Other than those two things, Ethan is loving life...he loves being outside and playing with bubbles!

Still lots of 12-24 month clothes but I swear he just went through a growth spurt and a ton of his pants are too small now.  Also his long sleeves now look like 3/4 length sleeves...oops!

Ugh, this is such a tough one.  With his ear infection and fever, his appetite is non-existent.  The only way he'll really eat is on-the-go, with things we set out for him like Cheerios, fruit pouches and string cheese.  I honestly don't know how he gets enough, but he still will drink whole milk, so I guess that's something?

We've got another tooth...the bottom right canine I believe?

More and more mimicking.  And "no" as I said above.  

Ethan LOVES bubbles.  He loves being outside.  He loves the pets and will try to cuddle with them at any given time.  I also predict he will love the beach this summer.  

Oh man, he HATES and I mean HATES getting his medicine.  He used to love it and now we literally have to hold him down to take it.  It's horrifying!  And makes us feel like total assholes for doing it.  :(

We've been having GORGEOUS weather lately so Ethan has been the park, on walks, to the beach, etc.  Like I said, we're going to love the summer this year!

xo natasha


  1. Such a big boy! Poor thing w the ear infections and hating medicine. I hope summer is good to him so you don't have to talk tubes. He just gets cuter!

  2. Ethan is so cute... Seriously where has the year gone! I can't believe he will be two soon! Oh no ear infections are the worst! My brother had to have tubes as a small child and they helped a lot! All the ear infections also hindered his speech and after the tubes he started talking more too!

  3. Oh he is so adorable!! Happy Monthday Ethan!

  4. aww almost 2 years!! time is flying! i love his curls :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. He's so cute! I hope I get to see him over the 4th! Poor busy with the ear infections-- my brother was like that…he got ear tubes when he was 4 and it fixed it all up!

  6. Isn't it crazy? I feel like it was just yesterday when you announced that you were pregnant!!! Phoenix is turning one in less than two months and that makes me gasp. Seriously it all goes so so quick. I hope his ear infections clear up soon. So awful when they don't feel good. :(

  7. I can't believe how blonde he is getting!! Such a sweet boy, hope his ears clear up. However if the tubes will alleviate his discomfort (and mama's too) I would say definitely look into it. No point in suffering!

  8. He can't be 23 months. He just can't be. Darling boy. SO sorry about the ear infections. No fun at all to see your little one suffer. Hugs.

  9. I can't believe Ethan is almost 2! Seems like yesterday you were pregnant! He is such a cute little boy, very expressive. I love the look on his face sitting in the fire engine. I'm sorry about his ear infections. He seems like he is such a good sport about everything.

  10. Hey Natasha! Ethan is soooo stinking cute! I'm so sorry to hear about his ears. As a baby I battled ear infections/pneumonia almost constantly for a few years and nothing helped until my mom took me to an acupuncturist and did a few treatments. I'm sure you've looked into all the options... but wanted to throw that one out there in case it hadn't crossed your path. :)

  11. Poor boy! Totally feel you on the medicine thing... luckily we haven't had to give Mason too much medicine lately but whenever he has a cold, I DREAD it. Like I think I am more upset about it than he is. We have to suck his nose with the Nose Frieda (which works AMAZING) since he can't blow his own nose yet but he SCREAMS and flails his arms and legs like we are trying to seriously hurt him. Just trying to get you to be able to breath kid! Hope Ethan feels better soon!!

  12. Aww, he is adorable and growing up so fast!