A Typical Day

Maybe it's just me, but I always think it's fascinating to see how people spend a typical day.  Sometimes, I even find that other people tend to get a lot more accomplished in a day and it makes me re-think how I might prioritize my time.  I'm not sure you'll find anything earth shattering here, but here you go anyway!  Oh and I tried to include pictures...some of which are old, but you get the point!

7:00-7:20 am
This is the time I normally wake up.  If I plan to workout in the morning, I'll usually wake up around 6-6:30.  And of course, the cat may end up scratching the crap out of the carpet {her version of a wake-up call...aka "feed me"} before then.  But I usually wake up around this time...and then proceed to check my email and Instagram.

Shower.  I wash my hair every other day.  So depending on whether I need to blow dry my hair, I'll adjust accordingly. 

Eat breakfast and read my morning blogs.

Poor kid got eaten alive by mosquitos this past weekend!

Ethan usually starts to stir around this time.  Yes, we're lucky...he typically sleeps in which is how I'm able to start my day pretty late.  Ryan and I tag team him in the morning...one of use gets him his sippy cup and changes him for the day, while the other makes lunch.  

I'll usually finish getting ready for the day.  Depending on Ethan's mood, we'll play and try to get him to eat breakfast.  

Leave for work.  Ryan always takes Ethan in the morning.  He goes to Montessori School two days a week, to Grandma's two days and week and to his nanny one day a week.  It's a crazy schedule, but I think it keeps things interesting for him and provides lots of socialization.

Work.  I try to run errands during my lunch break a couple times a week as well.  Some days I get in early or work late...it all depends.

Pick up Ethan from school/Grandma's/nanny's.  

Snackimals were necessary to avoid a meltdown in the checkout line!

On Mondays, he's at school, so after I pick him up, we run to the grocery store for dinner that night.  This can be a looong process!

Get home and play/eat dinner/wait for Daddy to get home.  I'll try to do the dishes from the day before--but this tends to be the bewitching hour, so I never know what I can get done.

If Ryan gets home from work early enough, we go for a walk...which is one of my favorite parts of the day.

Bath time!  Ethan's favorite part of the day.  Usually, Ryan will start to prep and make dinner while I bathe him.  Afterwards, Ethan will proceed to do his "nakey diaper dance" and delay any signs of bedtime.

Depending on how much he ate when he got home {in yesterday's case, it was some snackimals and yogurt} we'll make some chicken or pasta and then get him a sippy cup.

Brush teeth, read a book {or 5} and play for the last time in his crib.

Ethan's bed time!

Dinner...this is optimistic quite frankly, but we aim for 8pm.  Sometimes, it ends up being closer to 9pm.  Awful but it is what it is!  I also like to shower again at the end of the day to wind down.

Write my blog post for the next day, check email and try to watch a show.

Bed time!  I'm such a night owl, it's hard to get to bed, but luckily...I don't have to get up super early.  

So...this is what a typical day might look like!  Every day seems to be different, if I'm being perfectly honest.  There are many days where I'll have an early morning conference or an after hour meeting that I need to attend for work.  On the days I pick Ethan up from his Grandma's or nanny's, Ryan will end up doing the grocery shopping {we really need to learn how to meal plan for the week} or we'll order in.  Some nights, we'll have a family engagement and Ethan might not get to bed until 9 or even 10!  We try to roll with the punches and not make Ethan's day too rigid.  But of course, that can backfire and we end up paying for it!  ;)

I have to say, in closing...it's a crazy week being a working mom and balancing life with a toddler...but I am sure many of you can relate!  We really look forward to the weekends, when we can just spend time together as a family.  Any yes I know things will only get more chaotic as Ethan gets into sports and such.  Oy!  It's all part of the adventure, right??

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

xo natasha


  1. Wow that does sound like a crazy day! Though you are very lucky that Ethan sleeps in until 8 and that you can still get to work on time!

    1. It's nutty, but I am grateful I get a couple breaks, like the sleeping in part! ;)

  2. and what, may I ask, is that for breakfast? it looks so yummy and healthy!!

    1. So it's whole grain toast with mashed avocado, a sprinkle of sea salt and an egg. I put a couple daps of Sriracha on top for a little extra kick! ;)

  3. I can totally relate!! I wish we could dinner plan at my house also but, like you, we always have work and family things that pop up! You do a great job!

  4. Ah, I am so jealous!! We have to be out the door by 7, so morning workouts (or breakfast or showers, some days) are not in the cards!! It also puts Cam on an early morning schedule, which transfers to the weekends, as well. BUT, this has helped make me a morning person, and I love being up before 6. The only thing I miss is my morning workout, but I usually fit in in somewhere. Thanks for sharing - I always love reading these, too. :)

    1. I'm leaving at 7 this morning for an offsite meeting and ugh, I am tired. Luckily, Ryan and Ethan get to sleep in! ;)

  5. Love reading these 'day in the life' posts!! :) I wish I could sleep in until 7 but unfortunately my alarm is set for 5:30 and I'm out the door for work by 6:30...

  6. I love reading these types of posts, fun to get a peek into how your day looks now that Ethan is a little older! Since I don't have a commute and Cam doesn't have to be to work super early, we usually don't get out of bed until 7:30am or sometimes 8am depending on the day, which I feel like is abnormally late as a lot of people start their day much earlier. I'm just hoping that our baby will like to sleep as much as our dog does - ha!

  7. Dear Baby Presely,

    Please follow Ethan's sleep schedule.

    Love, mom

  8. what a crazy day!! I love that you have all that time in the mornings. Its so nice when the hubs can help tag team and be a part of the schedule. Let me just tell you that meal planning has been a life changer! I absolutely love it and has totally eased much of my weekly anxiety!!

  9. OMG, I am so jealous he sleeps until 8! Ashlynn may have done that like twice in her whole life. I'm amazed if she makes it until 7! Sounds like you get everything done you need and time with your men too!

  10. Insanely jealous of your wake up time! My work schedule is crazy, but most often I work at 7am or 8am and always get up at 5am (or more 5:20 after I hit snooze twice lol). I always find it so interesting how other working moms make it work, especially with fitting in blogging time. Loving the post!

  11. I'm fascinated by these posts too! Being a working mama is hard work and you are doing a wonderful job!

  12. Wow you day is so much like mine! I'm glad you still have the witching hour lol, my daughter is almost 2 and I never know what I'm going to get in the evening.

  13. That's awesome that he sleeps til 8! We have an early riser (like 6), but it works out since that's when we get up too. I love seeing how other working moms do it - always looking for that magical time-saver somewhere :)

  14. I cringe when my alarm goes off at 4:45am :( and then it seems like the minute you get home from work it's chaos to get everybody fed, bathed and to bed! Does Ethan like to help with dishes?? Bella is suddenly fascinated and it helps me get dishes done and keeps her occupied :) Btw the first picture has me drooling....

  15. I so wish my son would sleep in like yours!! You are so lucky! Sounds like a busy but very fun day!

  16. Your breakfast looks delicious!! Also Ethan is such a ham! His routine is very similar to Landon!