Manly Gifts for Your Guy

Father's Day is this Sunday and for those of you who are scratching your heads at what to get, look no further!  I'm including some tried and true items that will be sure to make his day.

Moscow Mule Mug: Have you tried a Moscow Mule before?  It's a combination of ginger beer, vodka, lime and some mint.  Super refreshing and it must be served in a copper mug.
Portable Grill: For those that plan to hit the beach all summer long, this is an essential item.
Fitbit: Track your steps, diet, and sleep...I love this and think it would make the perfect Father's Day gift.
Shorts: Ryan likes these shorts because they're more trim and hit right above the knee.  Some might say they're "dad" shorts, but I think they look great!  Gap always has fun colors...definitely check them out!
Duffle Bag: Ryan has this duffle for weekend getaways and we love the pattern.  It's durable and the perfect size.
Vans: The perfect slip on shoe for summer.  
Sunglasses: Ray-Bans are classic and these are no exception.

Of course, my favorite gifts to give are the personal kind.  Don't forget that pictures go a long way!

xo natasha


  1. Love your picks! We already picked up a gift, but I might send him a link to those shorts to see if he likes them (he's got a bunch of jcrew cargo shorts haha)

  2. Love this list! Moscow mules are one of our favorite drinks, but we have always used mint instead of basil... Give it a try!

  3. Great list! My hubby has wanted one of those copper mugs, so that's a perfect idea for Father's Day!

  4. great ideas! i bet my husband would like the grill :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. The moscow mule mug...I even want that one! My hubby and I are enamored with Moscow Mules, despite how trendy of a drink they are right now ;)

  6. I love those shorts! Trying to get my man to try a few different colors!!

  7. We love the fitbits :) Fun for guys too!

  8. I got Ryan the Jawbone - I think that's similar to the FitBit, yes? I hope so b/c I'm seeing them everywhere and I think he'll love it. I also got him and Mac matching Vineyard Vines polos. Pink ones for when Mim arrives. :) Love that camo bag!

  9. Great picks! I put an engraved Moscow mule mug in Bryce's stocking at Christmas and he loved it!