Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!!

Happy 2nd Birthday Ethan!!!

Today, our sweet boy turns two.  I can't believe we no longer have a 1 year old on our hands...and that our little has become a walking, talking machine.  I couldn't help but pour over Ethan's recaps from this past year, so for those of you who want to come along...here you go!

Month 13

At 13 months, Ethan had his first bite of ice cream, says "dada" for the first time and transitioned into a toddler carseat.  He also began to see why we love Tahoe in the summers...little beach baby!

Month 14

We've got a walker!  Ethan takes his first steps right after his 13 month birthday.  We also visit Chicago and Michigan for his first visit to Great-Grandma Higgins.

Month 15

Ethan develops his love for the "blankie" and gains 2 months teeth.  He also started to learn how to follow directions and is starting to understand how things work, mechanically speaking.

Month 16

By 16 months, Ethan has begun to develop a flair for the dramatic.  He's also starting to communicate more through sign language and shaking his head no.  

Month 17

This month we celebrated Thanksgiving.  Appropriately, Ethan learns to hug and give us pats on the back {something he still does at 2} and blow kisses.  He starts to show his love for dancing.

Month 18

Month 18 is Christmas time.  We celebrated down in Southern California with my family.  Earlier in the month, Ethan got his first haircut {slight trim really}, he now has 12 teeth...and I turn 30.  Crazy month!

Month 19

This month, we started swim lessons which was just in time for our trip to Hawaii!

Month 20

We've got a copycat on our hands and Ethan can finally say "mama" clearly and with purpose.  He can rattle off a bunch of animals noises and also mastered the art of whispering.  We also traveled to Scottsdale this month.

Month 21

At 21 months, Ethan starts Montessori School and can smile on demand.  He also learns how much he loves our backyard.

Month 22

Ethan is starting to link words together...his first phrase is "Hi Mama!".  We also take a trip to San Diego and celebrate Easter.

Month 23

You'll notice Ethan still uses his pacifier {which he affectionally calls his "boopie"}.  We celebrate Ryan's 31st birthday.  Ethan officially learns to say "no" and isn't afraid to use it.  

Month 24

I'll go into more detail of what this last month has looked like, but we got to have an early birthday celebration last night and let's just say that Ethan LOVED being sung Happy Birthday to and he even blew out his own candle!  ;)

I just can't believe all that happened this past year and yet it feels like it flew by.  I'm excited to see what this next year brings.

Happy Birthday Ethan...we love you beyond words.

xo natasha


  1. Happy birthday, Ethan! I love his curls! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Gosh, he's so freaking cute!! The pictures with his 3 little toofers are precious! Shelby is 18-months and learned no. We're in T-R-O-U-B-L-E lol

  3. Happy Birthday! Boy, how time flies!

  4. He is such a sweetie Natasha! Happy Birthday Ethan!!!

  5. TWO already!!! Happy Birthday Ethan!!! It's been so fun watching his little journey! xx

  6. Ahhhh Happy Birthday Ethan! I remember going to the Tahoe farmer's market with you on your due date two years ago and you were just wondering when he would make his appearance...hard to believe he's such a little man now! I hope he has a great day, give him a hug for me! :)

  7. Happy birthday Ethan!!! getting SO big! and more adorable by the day :)

  8. Happy Birthday Ethan! Wonderful photos Natasha and so fun watching him grow up. I love his expression of the one with E in the red shirt.

  9. Happy Birthday Ethan!! Can't believe how much he changed in those last 12 months!

  10. Happiest of birthdays, Ethan!!

  11. What a sweet boy - happy birthday, Ethan!! I remember following along with your pregnancy as we were due around the same time. What a journey it's been!! Enjoy this special time and all the celebrations. :)

  12. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! The first 2 years really do go by fast!

  13. Love the monthly recap. It's so awesome to see how he's grown. Happy, happy birthday sweet boy!

  14. What a cutie!! :) Happy birthday E!