Ethan is 24 Months!

What's new this month?
Oh boy...two has definitely made its debut!  Ethan continues to know exactly what he likes and does not like.  If you tell him no or deny him something he wants, he'll throw himself to the ground and whack his head back, no matter what surface he's on.  He will also do a low grunting to show his displeasure.  But just as quick as he melts down, you can offer him something he wants and he's over it.  We've learned to give him choices and it's funny to see the wheels turn in his head as he decides what he'll do.  We've tried time out this no avail.  Oh and he can open doors the round knob kind.  Fun times!  On the other hand, he's such a crack up.  He LOVES...and I mean LOVES to dance!  We call it his "nakey diaper dance" and he especially loves to do it before order to avoid bedtime, of course  He's saying so many more words now and loves talking on the phone.  He won't say much, but he can answer yes and no questions and just loves the interaction.

Still wearing 18-24 month pants and shorts but everything else is 2T.  Also, size 5 diapers and I think he's officially a size 5 shoe.

Ehhhh, still not the greatest eater but will eat on the go.

I think we can stop counting.  Most of them look like they've come in now.

Some new words this month:  barbecue (by far the most impressive!), vacuum, airplane, move, all done, Ethan (also pretty cool) and he's starting to count to 3 (though if you ask him how old he is, he'll say treeee).  But really, Ethan can communicate pretty much anything he needs to.  It's crazy how it seemed to happen overnight!

This kid loves being can find him mowing the lawn, watering the garden, rolling down his coaster, or playing at the beach.  He also LOVES the cat, who puts up with him pretty well.  He'd love to love Wilson more, but Wilson is still not much of a fan, unless...he's outside and throws the ball to Wilson...then Wilson loves him!  Ethan also uses the cat as a scapegoat...any time he gets hurt, you'll ask him if the cat did it and he'll always say, Yeaaahhh!!

Top of the list is being told no or taking away something he wants or bringing him inside when he'd rather be outside...or going to bed.

Anywhere and everywhere outdoors.  This kid is going to love every second of the summer.

I think this will be our last official monthly update, though I am sure we will check in every now and then.  Just seems kind of silly to keep counting the months...after all, we've got a TWO year old now!  ;)

xo natasha


  1. Ha. Love that he uses the cat as his scapegoat. Poor unsuspecting cat! I seriously can't believe the little man is two years old! Time flies!

  2. He seriously melts my heart!!!!!! So freaking adorable.

  3. Wow I can't believe he's two and the monthly updates are over! I think boys just love to be outside! I'm so happy for summer to be here!

  4. Such a cute boy and two year olds really are sour patch kids! I'm ripping my hair out one moment and melting to a puddle the next.

  5. Ahh you guys are going to have the best summer, he looks like a regular little Tahoe beach bum already! And his curls just kill me, seriously he's such a cutie :)

  6. Ahhh he's soooo cute!!! It's so weird saying "Two year old". Gotta love the tantrums!

  7. Happy birthday sweet Ethan! It's funny how much alike Hudson and Ethan are. Like his "hate" list would be identical!

  8. Such a big boy! Still can't believe I met him on day 5 of his life :) What a cutie!!

  9. such a big boy! hope you guys have the best time celebrating his 2nd birthday!

  10. Two?!?!?!!!!! Oh my goodness, I can barely believe it! He is just the cutest little thing. Love how he blames things on the cat :D