Thursday, April 5, 2012

Travel Schue::Seattle

Travel Schue is back with another fun destination...Seattle!

My beautiful friend, Michaela, has graciously offered to show us around Seattle...and I'm already dying to jump on a plane to visit.  Seattle is one of my favorite cities...I am especially fond of Pike's Market.  Have you been before?  If not, you're in for a treat!


Hi all! I'm Michaela and I blog about all things design over at Michaela Noelle Designs.  I'm a junior at Seattle Pacific University studying interior design.  I was born and raised in the sunny state of California, but while I was researching colleges my senior year of high school, I found myself gravitating toward a school that was two states away and would require me to own multiple umbrellas!  Today the ever-so-sweet Natasha has asked me to dish about my favorite parts of Seattle and all the must-go places.
standing in Pike Place market

We'll start with this, as shopping is what really makes our hearts go pitter-patter, am I right?! Down town Seattle is a great place to start! Favorite stores: Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Victoria Secret, Franchescas, J. Crew, Coach, Kate Spade and of course, the very first Nordstrom.  My typical weekend is comprised of a little window shopping and my favorite tomato soup at the Nordstrom Cafe {$5 off the kids menu = college student's dream!}
Next up is Pike Market, also down town. This iconic market is stuffed full of fruits, veggies, flowers for miles, and the famous fish-throwing attraction!

I may be biased because I work here, but my favorite boutique on Queen Anne hill is Meadow Boutique, and my time in Seattle wouldn't be the same without it {neither would my closet, let's face it!}

My very favorite place to eat {in any city!} is Serious Pie, located down town Seattle.  It's the best pizza I've ever tasted and the atmosphere is even better.
Next is Cupcake Royale. I'm a picky cupcake girl, but these cupcakes are to.die.for.

90% of the time, it's raining here. But I've learned that can't stop you from getting out and seeing some of the most beautiful places our city has to offer.

In the Spring, the tulip fields are blooming like crazy and it's flowers galore at the Tulip Festival!

Gas Works Park has one of the best views of water and city:

And my favorite look out, Kerry Park, has the best view of the Space Needle in town:
If you've never been, going up in the Space Needle is also a must. Even if you don't go for dinner, the view is worth it...especially on a clear evening. We had brunch for my birthday up there one year, and boy was it delicious!

I hope this has inspired you to visit Seattle! Despite the rain, it's a beautiful city with so many wonderful things to do. I am forever grateful that I was able to spend 3 years of my life here while in school. I can't wait to visit every once and a while. It's been quite the adventure, Seattle. Thanks for all the memories, good food and sudden downpours. I've been told they build character :)

Thanks for having me, Natasha! I've enjoyed takin' over Schue Love for the day xoxo

And who's ready to visit now?  Meee!!

If you've missed previous editions of Travel Schue, you can find them here:

Thanks again to Michaela for being our tour guide!!

xo natasha can find me over at Tiffany's blog today showcasing my ideal outfit for Easter!  Be sure to check it out!


  1. I would love to go there someday! Great post!

  2. I can't believe I've never been but it is definitely on the list! Awesome post.

  3. YAH! i really want to go to seattle! my brother just moved out there and i am dying to visit him. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  4. I had the opportunity to visit Seattle last year on a mission trip. It really is a beautiful city. I wouldn't mind living there... even with all the rain. I fell in love with all the great views and unique architecture.

  5. I love Seattle (when the weather is nice!) I have always had so much fun each time I went!

    If you are ever looking for another Texas post, I live in Houston and would love to do one for you :)
    Happy Thursday! xo

  6. Seattle is on my to do list! Every time I search for flights they are just way too expensive!!! Great hot spots for sure! xoxo A-

  7. What gorgeous photos and a lovely portrayal of Seattle! It definitely would make anyone feel wanderlust to visit!

  8. I have always wanted to go to Seattle and this just makes me want to go more! I hear the food and the coffee are amazing.

    Thanks Natasha for the fab guest post!

    I hope you both have a great day!

  9. I'm from Seattle and I LOVE it here. Serious Pie is amazing and we had Cupcake Royal at my wedding. People say it's always raning here but that's not true. :)

  10. I have been dying to go to Seattle, it's one place in the US I have yet to visit! Pike's Market looks like my heaven.

  11. I am absolutely in love with this post! I'm moving to Seattle after graduation in June and can't wait to explore! I'm actually going up this weekend and am going to have to try the cupcake place!

  12. Hi Natasha & Michaela! I was so excited to see you guys talking about Seattle today. I had the pleasure of visiting there for about 5 days back in 2002 (forever ago) & I fell in love with the city. Favorites: Pike Place Market, a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island, the Space Needle and oodles of Starbucks locations. Favorite day trip outside of the city: Mt Rainier...absolutely worth it!!

    I want to take my hubz there one day, as he's never been further west than Chicago (where we visited last May)...although we are going to San Fran this September (yippeee). :)

    Maybe we can put a Seattle/Vancouver trip on our travel itinerary for next year. I've heard nothing but amazing things about Vancouver! Be sure to let me know if either of you have ever been. ;)

    Love the Travel Schue editions!! Keep 'em coming!

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. I seriously love these posts...they are like taking a mini-vacation! I have never been to Seattle, but hope to visit one day. Let me know if you ever want to feature Austin...I am a pretty good tour guide! ;)
    Giveaway @ Because Shanna Said So

  14. I love Seattle! Every time i visit, i check out some place new. The food, the markets, shopping, and the sites.

  15. Oh wow...that darling dress is to die for! I need to get back to Seattle, haven't been in a long, long time! Wonderful little tour! xoxo

  16. Thanks for having me, N! Such a fun post to write and rally made me think about why I love it here! :)

  17. Great post Michaela! I have never been to Seattle - but I have always wanted to go - for some reason I just think I would love it there - this post really makes me think that! Love all the insider info on places to visit!

  18. I've had such bad wanderlust lately and this just made it WAY worse! I need to get on a plane and explore a new place soon!

  19. I have always wanted to go there. And let's be serious, that cupcake looks divine! Thanks, Michaela!

  20. ooh... fun post. and if you feel like taking a little drive, be sure to check out snoqualmie falls about 25 mins east of seattle. the salish lodge (right by the falls) has an awesome breakfast. i used to live in snoqualmie (up until 6 months ago).

  21. I LOVE Seattle! I lived there for 3 years & just recently moved to Portland, OR - so not too far from Seattle for quick weekend visits. I always love seeing Seattle from someone else's point of view though, it truly is such a beautiful city!

  22. this is such a great post and i've always wanted to go there... that pizza looks delicious!

  23. My husband has family in Seattle, but sadly it has been too long since our last visit. Must do something about that! It would be great to check out some of these recommendations.

  24. This is such a fun series! Seattle looks awesome. It's definitely on my travel list!

  25. Loved Michaela's tour of Seattle, which is where I live, too! She captured it perfectly! Adore her and her lovely blog. Love this series. Wishing you a very happy Easter!

  26. Glad you enjoyed Seattle!! We are locals :) and my daughter {in my last post} is a Sea Gal - NFL Seahawk cheerleader :) Great pics here and glad you enjoyed some of the tasty food and yummy sweets!


  27. I also live in Seattle. This post captures it well, I also have to recommend going to Madison Park and Alki Beach. Bellevue is so close with a great shopping mall and boutiques. And if you are into antiques check out Snohomish or Sumner both are about 45 min from Seattle.

    ♥ Ashley

  28. This is so random, but Michaela and I met a couple weeks ago and are in the same bible study now. She mentioned Schue Love last week, and I couldn't believe we both follow your blog! Small world :). Just wanted to say hi!

    <3, Lauren


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