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We're back with another edition of Travel Schue!  I love this series because we get to explore new cities through the eyes of local bloggers!  I'm excited to introduce you all to Katie from Keep Calm & Carry On!  This girl has a mad sense of humor and her blog covers a little bit of everything...from health & fitness, fashion, food, travel, and everything else.  Plus she has a cute hubby and pup to boot!  :)  So give her a warm welcome everyone...take it away Katie!

Hi there, all you Schue Lovers:)
I'm Katie..
Nice to "meet" you today!

I may not live in the city that never sleeps, or in the land of fashion in LA, but I do love my city and can't wait to share it with you today for Natasha's travel series.

So, what city will you get to see a little glimpse of today?

Columbus, Ohio.
...try to control your excitement;)

Most of you are probably wondering what the heck there is to do in Ohio, and that's okay, I don't blame you. However, I can tell you, I was born and raised here and there is always something fun going on. I'm pretty picky, too. I've had multiple bloggers visit me here and they really enjoy it {aren't blog friends the best?} I wouldn't lie to you, promise.

First things first:
Let me just say...I'm a girl who loves her shopping and her food.
I tend to plan my day around what, or where, I will eat next,
and my husband will never understand my online shopping habits.

Moving on, I love trying new restaurants around Columbus and staying busy.
That's what life is all about, right?
So, let's get started.
My hope is that maybe you will want to come visit when I'm finished, too. :)


The Rossi
One of my favorite places to eat. It's in a trendy area in the Short North arts district, has great service, and affordable drinks & food.

Sushi Rock
Yum. Just yum.

Perfect for a romantic dinner with your significant other. After dinner, walk around German Village and see all the cute older homes.

Thurmans Cafe
 (featured on Man vs Food for the massive hamburgers)

Short North Arts District
This area has so many options for dinner and many non chain restaurants. Enjoy a nice dinner out with friends in an up beat, modern area. One Saturday per month they have gallery hop, which is a great way to mingle, and see what Columbus has to offer! the mood for delicious ice cream?

 Go to Jeni's or Graeters (get the black raspberry chip) for the best of the best.

You can thank me later.


Columbus Zoo and Zoombezi Bay Waterpark
The Zoo and Aquarium is rated in the top 5 in the US. They just got a new polar bear exhibit which is pretty awesome. Cool off at the waterpark and enjoy the lazy river!

The Ohio State University // Ohio Stadium
Home of the Ohio State Buckeyes and the famous horseshoe. It is known as the 2nd biggest campus!

Wyandotte Winery wine? I don't think I need to say any more.

A huge science musuem with hands on activities for adults and children. I still have fun going here and I've been so many times.
During the summer months?

My two favorite events: the Dublin Irish FestivalPGA Memorial Tournament.
(both of these are excellent picks for the man in your life!)


The Arena District
Bars and nightclubs up and down the street. A guaranteed good time for a night out.

Short North

Huntington Park
Enjoy an early evening at a baseball game here in the heart of downtown.

Nationwide Arena
Attend a concert or NHL Bluejackets game here.


Easton Town Center
A beautiful indoor and outdoor upscale shopping center.

High St 
Perfect if you want to shop in boutiques with clothes you won't find anywhere else.

North Market Farmers Market
During the summer, this farmers market is one of my favorite Saturday morning activities. Listen to a live band or singer while you walk around and check out all the different vendors. 

In addition to all these lovely things, if you LOVE being on the water like I do {that's me above with my hand up, haha}, you can travel 2 hours north of Columbus to Lake Erie to visit Put-In-Bay, go boating, and visit Cedar Point (one of the top rollercoaster themeparks.)

So, what do you think, friends?

Have you ever been to Columbus (or Ohio) before?!

*If you love to travel/have the vacation itch every so often like I do, come hop on over to my blog, say hello, and read my 3 recent posts about my "Blacation" (blogger vacation)to Naples, Florida.

...Yes, you heard read that right. My husband and I just got back from going on vacation with another blogger and her husband.

It was an ah-mazing time!!

Thank you so much, Natasha, for having me today!

I told you Katie wouldn't disappoint!  I would definitely love to travel to Columbus and spend a weekend with her...we would undoubtedly have an incredible {and crazy!} time!  :)

In case you missed the past Travel Schue they are!

New York

Where will we go'll have to wait and see!

xo natasha


  1. As a child we used to venture across the border (from Cda) to Cedar Point - it was often the highlight of our summer! What a fun post...thanks for this series...I'm off to read your Chicago one now b/c hubby and I have just booked flights for a trip there in a month : )

  2. Such a fun idea! I love reading these posts Natasha! Travel Schue needs to come to Dallas! :)

  3. thank you Natasha for having me!!! I loved being on Schue love today :)

  4. I'd love to tell you all about Austin, TX! :) LOVE your series!

  5. I love love love this series! As someone who loves to travel, it's great to have an idea of places to go once you get there.

  6. I suddenly want some ice cream real bad.

  7. Great post Kaite! That ice cream is calling my name!

  8. This makes me miss me college days back in Columbus! Love this series!

  9. I live in Dublin so I definitely know all about the Memorial Tournament and the Irish Fest (and have worked both of them quite a few times for some summer money). But I haven't spend hardly any time in the Short North since I'm at school at Miami - I need to check it out when I head home!

    xx Emily @

  10. I love being introduced to new cities through the eyes of fellow bloggers! Now I may need to make a trip to OH ;)

  11. Awesome post as always, Katie! I loved seeing a glimpse of Columbus -- a place I've never been.

  12. What a cool series! I wouldn't have necessarily though of Columbus as a fun place to visit, but this post kind of changed that for me. Let me know if you ever want anyone to do the Washington DC area. There are great side (day) trips from DC, too.

  13. Love this series! And love me some Katie! I'll be going to stay with her in Columbus this summer and I am SO excited!!

  14. I love this series! It makes me want to travel so much!

  15. So fun discovering new cities and I love Katie and her sweet blog!

  16. This is a really fun idea!! Thank you for sharing it!!

    If you ever want to travel to Seattle or Tacoma, Washington...let me know!!!

    ♥ Ashley

  17. I'm so glad I found this! I'm a blogger from Columbus too! Love it here! Thanks for starting this series! And I'm glad to have found another blogger in Columbus! :)

  18. This is SUCH a fun idea!! Love this post series!

    I lived in Columbus, Ohio summer 2007 while doing my internship at Easton Town Center! I loved the area! SO much to do!! I loved going out with my hubby (then fiance) and co-workers in the downtown areas and Short north!

    GREAT post Katie!! :)

  19. I lived in Columbus for nearly four years after college. We just moved to Indianapolis back in August; seeing this makes me miss CBUS!!! Lovely post! Wish I would have gotten to know the other Columbus bloggers while I was there!

  20. As a Michigan grad, I do have to sort of hate Columbus a little bit, it actually looks like a really fun city! It seems like there is so much to do, thanks for sharing! xoxo

  21. Love Katie! I have only been to Ohio a few times (like to go to cedar point!) but it looks better than I imagined! I am with Jane above, when you are from Michigan like us you are kind of expected to hate ohio!


  22. I LOVE OHIO! i went to cedar point adn pretty much loved it. And the gas prices were great :-)

    i cant wait to try some of these restaurants when i visit her this summer YAAAYY!!!

    AO much fun! i cant wait to looks like such an awesome time!!


  23. I have family and a special someone from here, so I'm hoping to go someday! Everything looks so pretty!

  24. Columbus, Ohio is like a second home to me. I spent many summers visiting the Columbus Zoo and riding the white wooden rollercoaster and ferris wheel at what was formerly known as Wyandot Lake. She hit all of the wonderful highlights!


  25. I'm from Cincinnati. And Ohio is such a great place to raise a family. I've loved growing up in the midwest. Columbus is one of my favorite cities! I'll have to try some of those restaurants.

    xoxo Liz

  26. Gotta love Ohio! I'm from Canton, Ohio... but live in North Myrtle Beach, SC now. :)

  27. Yay for other Ohio lovers. Born and raised in Ohio and I love it!

  28. love the series- love that your first pick was straight out of COLUMBUS! GO BUCKS! Katie- love that you are a fellow columbusite :) come visit me at Rose Bredl (or Jcrew) sometime!

  29. what an absolutely fun city tour! Now, I feel like I need to schedule a trip out there asap! It's funny, but I absolutely love my hometown of Sacramento, CA. Lots of people make fun of it, since it's not really a "city" to city people, but it's an amazing small city with a lot to offer! :) I'd definitely be down to share a tour some time... maybe I need to do it some time on my blog... hmm...

  30. Love the series!! Would love to do a Portland tour!!!

  31. I would love to visit your place someday. Those foods looks delicious and seeing the polar bear picture makes my day. =)

  32. wow, the place looks amazing! so many fun sites to visit. if i ever have time for a vacation this will definitely be one of my major options!


  33. Great post! Both of my parents are from OH.

    Let me know if you would ever like a Houston post!


  34. Love Katie! and this incredibly helpful and amazing tour guide of Columbus! I'm ready for a trip!

  35. Ohio born and raised! :)
    SO happy to connect with this

  36. I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio for a year and would agree that Columbus has great place to dine at as well as great shops. I loved heading to Columbus to visit friends!

    Beth @ Design Your Dwelling blog