Life Lately: Scottsdale + JT

Oh Scottsdale! We escaped to the desert over the kid's ski break to get away from the snow. And SNOWED there too! It was really wild, but still nice to spend some time with friends and family!

Thank goodness for a hot was about 50 degrees in this photo though! 

Also thank goodness for yummy cocktails! We love Tonto Grill in Cave Creek in case you're in the area! Shop my sweater {on sale!} + camo shirt + ring!

Due to the cold weather, we decided to check out the aquarium one day. It was a good little energy burn for the boys!

And the boys all went hiking, while the moms went shopping!

How most of our nights looked...thank goodness for Uggs and blankets {and wine!}!

No snow was going to slow us down! ;)

Also thank goodness for indoor bowling! Bowlero is definitely somewhere we'd go back!

Last, thank goodness for good friends who fly in from the snow...only to put up with more snow! We need a re-do!

Just one night after flying back from Scottsdale, a couple of us mamas went to go to see JT! I also just got this top, and love it for the spring!

We had seats on the floor and it was SO neat seeing him up close and personal. He puts on a great show!

Last, I couldn't sign off without telling you about my new coat purchase. It's the coveted "Amazon Jacket" and it's worth all the hype! You cannot beat the price point and it is SO warm! Like Tahoe snow warm! 100% worth it!

xo natasha


  1. Looks like such a great escape... even if it did snow! Makes me want to visit Scottsdale, we've never been. Glad to hear your report on "the jacket" too -- I've heard it's super warm! JT <3 Haha, have a great rest of the week!

  2. My friend goes to at least one JT show for every tour he's ever done. I've heard he's amazing! Loved reading about your trip. That title shot is incredible! :)