Beautiful Kitchens for Spring

I was recently contacted by the lovely people over at Arcadian Lighting to see if they could write a guest post for for us.  I love the idea of showcasing beautiful kitchens {and ways to light them!} so this seemed like a great fit.  Get ready for some yummy inspiration!  :)

Hi everyone! I'm Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting. Every day I get to search for the latest
interior design ideas and then share them with lovely bloggers, like Natasha. Today, I'd like to share a
collection of beautiful kitchens that evoke the feeling of Spring. Brilliant pastel colors, fresh bouquets
of flowers and bright, cheery lighting fixtures will transform any run-of-the-mill kitchen into a colorful,
invigorating space. Enjoy!

The bright green color may not be an obvious choice for the kitchen, but this color is perfect for a jolt
of energy just in time for Spring. I love the alphabet used on the cupboard doors.

Fresh flowers should always have a place in the kitchen, no matter what season. But the rustic wooden
drawers and polished metal bins add a lovely farmer's market feel to this kitchen.

A burst of yellow from the tiled back splash absolutely illuminates this kitchen and makes it feel like a
sunny, Spring day. The trio of modern pendant lights are a great choice.

Sky blue is always a great color for any room, but when paired with white in the kitchen, the effect is
brilliant. A slightly lighter shade of sky blue counter tops help keep the room bright and airy.

A dusty blue wall color and blue floral prints give this kitchen a chic, feminine atmosphere. I love the
bold blue glassware scattered throughout the room, as well.
A few splashes of color will quickly transform an all-white kitchen into a celebration of Spring. The
modern chandelier really adds a unique twist to this traditional kitchen.

Mixing a few pastel seat cushions and accents take this minimal kitchen from simple to fun. The
turquoise lining on the curtains help elongate the room, as well.
Pale pastel décor is perfect for a more shabby chic feel. I love that each of the chairs is painted a
different color.

I have to say...the green kitchen stole my heart...along with the modern chandy in the third to last kitchen.  Thanks to Jessica for this awesome post!

xo natasha

P.S. I feel it necessary to let you know that I was in no way compensated for this post...just a fun thing I thought you would all enjoy!  :)


  1. Love #6 - I'm sure I'd be a better cook in that kitchen ;)

  2. I love the bar stools in the kitchen with the yellow backsplash. How cool would it be to have those?

  3. Gorgeous kitchen pictures- I love the yellow backsplash!

  4. We featured a post from them too. They have the best taste! If only I had one of these lovely kitchens! Ha.

  5. who would have thought a bright green kitchen could be so pretty?! love the yellow subway tile + all white kitchen too!

  6. They did a guest post for me a few weeks ago too :) Love their products and love these kitchens!

  7. How I wish our kitchen was big enough to do fun things with! Instead I'll stare at these photos :)

  8. Beautiful! They are doing a post for me too! They have amazing lighting - hope you and baby are doing well today :)

  9. Beautiful! They are doing a post for me too! They have amazing lighting - hope you and baby are doing well today :)

  10. Beautiful images. They wrote an article for me as well. They are so pleasant to work with and their ideas/photos are amazing.

  11. Such happy kitchens! Love them all!

  12. All beautiful kitchens. The yellow blacksplash is fun and unexpected. I like it. I agree....always nice to have fresh flowers in the kitchen.

  13. Wow! That first kitchen IS definitely a jolt of energy. My favorite is #2 ~ all the way down to the dish towel and of course all the flowers are so welcoming!


  14. They are all so incredibly beautiful.

  15. these are all absolutely beautiful. i dream of a kitchen like one of these... one day :) xx

  16. Those are stunning. Wow. So many new ones. My text to you came back to me, friend. Sooooo happy it arrived ;) Love you.

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