Back to Business

Thank you again to all the loving support and thoughts your sent my way yesterday.  I can't tell you how much it means to me...and it just reminds me why I love this community to much!  AND how I can't wait to dive back into things here in Blogland.

So, last week, I talked about my master bedroom here.  I got a ton of great feedback and I wanted to share some ideas with you all!  First up, I got a great tip to change up the lamps...something like a blue gourd lamp.  I am in love with this idea!

I think the idea of two blue lamps would help tie in the color and add some volume to the room.  Here are some I found online that I am loving!

{via} for $156.91  This one has the right volume...but not too sure about the brass base.

Pottery Barn for $129 each.  I love the look of this milk glass.

{via}  I think I have a MAJOR crush on this one and it's only $59!  Has anyone ordered from Home Decorator's Collection before?  Based on the reviews...these are smaller in person and not very well made though.  HMMMM...may be on the hunt to find something similar.

On to pillows...I think I could speak on this subject for DAYS because there are so many options and you all had some great ideas.  What do you think of these options?

For some reason, I am really drawn to this textured Mongolian lamb pillow from West Elm.  I think the texture would be a nice compliment without having to compete with the other patterns.  Of course...I don't really know how gray works into the whole design scheme!

But I suppose, if were going to do gray, this nautical pillow from Esty might tie in nicely.  We kind of have a beach theme going in the mater bathroom already...last seen here.

And if I'm bold enough...maybe I can work in another pattern.  What do you think of this Etsy ikat pattern?

And while we're on the subject of the coastal chic...what are your thoughts on vintage prints like these from Etsy?  Too much?  I kind of like the darker color of the coral.

The last tip I got that I really liked, was the to paint the walls a darker brown.

This walls via Decor Pad are more green, but I think the darker color helps to set off the white trim and adds a lot of interest.  It's really high time we start painting these walls anyway! 

Alright people!  Lots to think about...I'm antsy to get started.

xo natasha

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  1. ahhhhh you had me at seahorse and coral prints. I love them both! Even though you normally will never hear me say this bc I am obsessed with the color coral, haha, I think with the colors in your room and that blue lamp, the gray coral pictures would be better than colored ones! I am on the hunt for some good nautical pillows, love that one!

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your family, hopefully everyone is recovering!

    I love the first photo!... And for the 1st lamp, you could always paint the base, spray it a matte silver or oil rubbed bronze...

    For the pillows, I wouldn't mix in too many patterns because competing with the toile, but maybe do a few solids and one or two with a pattern/graphic...

    Obviously love the idea of paint ;) Any color that isn't too saturated...a muddy green, warm clay, or light latte tan, would really warm it up and give it some layers... love it!

  3. I love the ikat pillow and the first pair of gourd lamps. I hope your mom is feeling better today.

  4. I love the ikat pillow and also the pottery barn lamps. Trying going to Home Goods too they have awesome lamps too!

  5. Also, just had to laugh thinking about how a free painting is inspiring a whole room re-do. I do stuff like that all the time and it KILLS my hubby.

  6. I love that first room! It looks like it's straight out of a beach house! The colors are so calming and simple!

  7. Great lamps!! :)

    ciao ciao from Rome

  8. I'm SO glad you liked my lamp advice!!! And here's a little tip: if you have a Marshall's, Home Goods, or T.J. Maxx in your area check there for gourd lamps! They always have a good selection in my area and are generally around $39.99!

    Also, I love those prints. I don't think they're too much at all. In fact, I think they would add just the right amount of coastal and tie in your other art above your bed.

    Can't wait to see the progress!!
    xo Rachel

  9. I love everything you put up, especially the lamps! I have ordered from Home Decorator's Collection before, they are really helpful. The pitcher I ordered ended up being out of stock and they contacted me and were very generous about the whole thing!

    I love love love the prints, not too much at all!

  10. Oh I love all your new ideas! I adore the idea of adding a touch of coastal in ... But maybe because I do that in my house? Those Etsy prints are amazing!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  11. Love the touch of blues like the gourd lamps. I say buy some inexpensive ones at Homegoods in whatever color you can find and hit them with spray paint - I just saw s.p. in that turquoise blue color yesterday (Rustoleum maybe?) The ikat pillow is so pretty - love it and your ideas.

  12. so sorry to hear about the hard time you are hearing but glad you are back! these bedroom inspirations are soo beautiful, makes me want to redecorate!

  13. first-I LOVE the lucite bedside table!
    second- Have you ever had anything powder-coated before? My husband and I inherited some funky old brass lamps and had them powder-coated, they turned out great. You could probably find matching lamps for next to nothing at a thrift store and then have them coated in any color you like- just a thought :)

  14. Those lamps are awesome. Try Goodwill and TJ Maxx before paying for a new one. Sometimes they have good ones there! (: I love the milky glass look!

  15. Love the ideas!!! I can't wait to see how everything turns out :)

  16. love those ideas - espeically that fuzzy pillow! can't wait to see the final prodcut!

  17. I love the blue lamps. I think that they would look great with the painting and the pillow. Love, Love, Love the ikat and the coral prints. Your bedroom is going to look great.

    Thank you for all the sweet comments that you leave on my blog. I'm just starting out and really thank you for be a follower!!

  18. I love those lamps. So gorgeous! The one yopu picked is my fav and the price is great too!

  19. Love your blog! And those lamps- the base just brightens up a room : )

  20. LOVEEE the last lamp! v cute ;) good luck decorating! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  21. Aw, I wasn't on line hardly at all yesterday, I'm so sorry to hear about your loss and your poor mama! I hope she is recovering well and quickly! And you know just how to sweet talk a girl, talking all interior decorating-like! (c: I'm pretty partial to the PB lamps, they are just a little bit different...but I know they can get pricey since none of them come with shades...but also PB has a *ton* of beachy-themed pillows right now...that is where I got my coral one (c: I'm pretty sure whatever you do will be gorgeous!!!

  22. your bedroom is lovely! i love the clean white look with pops of color.

    and that pottery barn lamp with blue base is fabulous!

    great blog - i'm your newest follower

  23. Great blog :) Def go for that ikat etsy pillow. It rocks. I also love the turquoise lamps, have been considering some for my own home actually. Regarding Home experience with them is that you get what you pay for. Take the advice of the reviews!

  24. oh ive actually been looking for something like those prints from etsy! Thanks for this post love xo