Friday, March 11, 2011

Silk & Chiffon

Nothing sounds better than light, flowy, and airy silk & chiffon...particularly for the spring!  Unfortunately with silk...there is a narrow window in which it can properly be worn.  Winter is too cold and summer is too hot...I know it can be light and airy but it can also be sticky too.  

I have been scoping out some beautiful silks and chiffons and wanted to share them with you:

I am loving this print and I finally feel like I'm hopping on the maxi train...though I should let you I did wear maxi skirts in 6th grade. cute are those wedges??

I love this mint color and how light and airy this silk {and cashmere} scarf is.

This dress is demure and great to wear to work or dress up for date night.  And here's that print again on the right...lovin' it!

I should have jumped when Tucker came to Target, as I am loving all the regular Tucker items right now...this print is lovely and the silk is beautiful!  Also, you simply cannot do wrong in this color.

Made any recent silk or chiffon purchases lately?  I think I might need to go on a shopping spree this weekend.  Speaking of weekends...Happy Friday!

xo natasha

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  1. I did get a Tucker for Target dress and I love it, it is not silk but nonetheless it is still so pretty!!

    Happy weekend

  2. That green scarf is so darn pretty! :)

  3. o v pretty! i love the tank and the long maxi skirt. xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  4. Like you, there is only a very small window when I can wear silk in Spain. I love the maxi skirt (where is it from?)

  5. i need to get a few new summer dresses... it's coming early to Miami... have a nice one!

  6. That gray dress is so so so cute. I want it. And then I want to be able to actually wear it (: Did you hear that, Sun? Start Shining!! (:

  7. Great chiffon finds! I adore the green scarf :)

  8. silk + chiffon is totally growing on me...I was opposed in the beginning because it requires more upkeep than cotton, but I always feel so put together when I wear it! I don't think I could rock a maxi with being 5'2" and all. I'd step all over it ;) I love the look though! have a happy weekend, my love! xoxo {av}

  9. That scarf is so pretty. It would be a great addition to almost any outfit! I am a new follower, and I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

  10. hi! I'm new to your blog, but it looks like we have some of the same buds!

    I think I have 1 silk shirt... I am so bad at taking clothes to the dry cleaners. Cotton for me lol


  11. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog, looked around and loved every bit of it! Keep on writing! Oh and I feel strangely special being your 100th follower :)

  12. Natasha I'm so glad you made those crème brûlées! Sorry I haven't been on much, I'm on vacation in Austin. Have a good week!


  13. Hi Natasha! I did a little post and linked it back to you ;) Check it out here:

    xo Rachel

  14. Love that last purple dress. And since I'm a Bachelor stalker... isn't that similar to what Emily wore on their date last night?! Too cute.


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