Wilson Turns One Today!

Today our baby little gentleman of a golden retriever, Wilson, turns one years old!  You've never seen a more proud mom and dad!  Hubs took him to get a birthday bath today and I got him some treats and toys!  He's such a spoiled little boy!  :)  Here are some photos of the pups over the last year!

Meeting Mr. Whiskers for the first time!

 Isn't he studly?

 Sleeping...so little!


He SO badly wants to play!

 He LOVES the snow!

First time at the river outside our house!

His best friend Alta {a mini huskie!}

 Santa Baby!

Sound asleep!


Something is not right in this picture!

His faaavorite snuggie!

So majestic!

 Like I said...he LOVES the snow!

Here are the cute little treats I got him for his birthday today!  I might make him a cake later!

Sorry for ALL the photos but I just can't help it!  He's our little love bug!

Happy Birthday Wilson!

xo natasha


  1. How precious... what an adorable dog!

  2. Happy Birthday Wilson!! Finn loves you! xoxo

  3. Golden Retrievers are the best dogs!! Happy Birthday Wilson!

  4. Thanks all! Wilson is one happy pup right now...he's busy playing with all his new toys! :)

  5. What an adorable dog, esp the puppy pics!!

  6. awww too cute!! happy birthday to your pup :) love those little doggie treats! xoxo jcd :: cornflake dreams

  7. Happy Birthday Wilson!... I can't wait until we have a SFH with a fence, finally get a bigger dog like a goldie... though the thought that my little Baxter will be 4 this year makes me want to cry, they grow up so fast! (hehe)

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILSON! {a day late!]

    What a cutie he is!!!! xo!

    Lauren @ tickled.

  9. Awww, he is such a pretty dog! Happy Birthday Wilson!

  10. Gosh I absolutely love golden retrievers! The bf and I both grew up with one and we can't wait to get one of our own! I do love my pup, Brady, who is a golden / lab mix to pieces though!

  11. These pictures are so precious I can't even stand it! I just found your blog, I am a follower :)

  12. oh my goodness. i love this post! i <3 dogs! especially goldens and labs. :)

  13. I am a little late getting back to people this week but I wanted to check out your Wilson photos so I can look even MORE forward to our little puppy! He is just adorable! There is nothing like a golden retriever puppy and he has grown up to be a handsome adult dog! - Although aren't they considered "teenagers" at this point? Hopefully he is not acting like one! I love the pictures with your cat. It's funny you call him your love bug because I call my kids that all the time. I might be asking you puppy questions in the future so be prepared! I can't wait! Have a great weekend!