Thursday, March 24, 2011

Master in Process

Hi Lovlies!

Today I wanted to share a space with you that often goes unseen.  I don't really understand it...but it always seems like my master bedroom is the last place I look to decorate--which is kind of silly considering we spend a good amount of time in there!  Maybe it's because when we entertain, our kitchen and living room get seen the most...or when we have weekend guests, we're more concerned with their bedroom and bathroom than our own!  Regardless, it's high-time we put some TLC into the master bedroom--and I feel totally committed to making it happen...with the help of all my lovely readers of course!

You may remember a couple weeks ago, I won my first giveaway!

The lovely Brooke of Velvet & Linen generously gave away two of her husband's giclee's and I was the recipient of this gorgeous piece.  I knew, the second I won it, it had to go over our bed.  Let me tell you a story:  Two years ago, when the hubs and I were registering for our wedding...we decided upon this Pottery Barn bedding.  Hubs loved it and I was thrilled at the thought...something that the guy and I both liked?  Sign me up!  It did not occur to me at the time (I blame my unawareness of blogland) that this would be a very difficult pattern to do much with.  So it's been pretty monochromatic in our room...until now!  We just hung the painting and I am liking how it's coming together.  Without further ado...let me introduce you to the master {well one wall anyway...}:

Ta-dah!  I can't tell you how much the blues in the painting really brought life to this room!  I actually found the pillow when I was down in Walnut Creek at a warehouse sale for $10!  How perfect is the color with the painting?

Here's a close-up!  It's amazing how the colors change depending on the lighting.  There must be hundreds of colors in the giclee alone.

Here's a view of my side of the bed.  The side table is from Ikea...and there is actually another small table, but it's currently serving as our side table in the family room.  Oh and don't mind the speakers in the ceiling...that's just the audio video in my husband...those went in before the drywall...priorities!

The lamps were a pre-marriage purchase from the husband...Target I believe.  However, I think they work for now.  Adds a little bit of masculinity to the room.  His side table is from Target as well and is quite a bit smaller than the other he has his political books to help balance out the height lamps.

To add depth...I have a couple pillows between the shams.  Maybe one day I'll bring for some blue Euro shams?  That could be a fun way to help tie the colors

Here's one more head on look.  I'm thinking that down the road...I should include some paintings on either side of the giclee..smaller ones to help balance things out.  Thoughts?
Soon, I plan to post some inspiration for things that I can add to this particular space to add some great detail and dimension.  I would LOVE to hear your ideas, so please let me know!  

xo natasha

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  1. I think it looks great. I love the pillow too! What about adding a frame around your painting so it stands out even more? I love They have great coupons too.

  2. Looks great already! You could also hang some paintings or pictures frames above your nightstands to bring more symmetry to the room. I think Emily A. Clark did something like it in her own master.

  3. Love the painting! what color is the room now?, have you thought about painting?? maybe creamy latte tan and then add some navy accents (shams and a throw/quilt) to add some layering and depth?? I think the navy would help pull in the painting and a warm color on the wall would make the bedding pop.... Can't wait to see the progress!

    oh... for photos/art on the side of the paiting, have you thought about maybe putting 2 smaller frames stacked on each side so it's a sorta a 'gallery' setting?? just an idea to anchor the area :)

  4. I think the room looks great! I'm going through decorating standstill myself. BUT, I just painted our master a gorgeous gray. You can see my latest blog post for some before & after shots. Also, have you thought about putting some vertical mirrors behind the lamps? Maybe a few more throw pillows in a variety of patterns and textures (that's my plan). Can't wait to see more photos as you progress! Have fun!

  5. what a cozy and soothing room! Good work girl!

  6. I LOVE your bedspread!! And the painting gives it a Caribbean-feel!!
    Love that touch of blue (pillow) too!!

  7. Gorgeous room already. I would so love to jump on that inviting bed ;-)
    I agree with another comment here; navy or a darker blue "could" add some depth to the room. Perhaps just re-covering or changing your lampshades could make a difference without costing too much (in case you don't like it)or a couple of bolster cushions or a throw in a deep shade of blue? These are just minor suggestions because I think the room looks gorgeous as it is.

  8. Your room looks gorgeous! I completely see what you mean about the painting bringing the room to life. Those blues are gorgeous next to the taupes in your bedding. Have a great weekend!

  9. It's looking great! That painting is gorgeous! Have a great weekend sweet friend :)

  10. It looks GORG! that painting is AMAZING! I love how the blues & the brown are working together! Can't wait to see what else you do!

    xo! Lauren @ tickled.

  11. The touch of blue is perfect! I would definitely put something on each side of the new art. Found you through "southern inspired". Have a great weekend!

  12. Steve's painting look wonderful above your bed!!!
    I love the pop of color that it adds to your lovely neutral bedroom.
    What a great place to relax.
    Have a great weekend Natasha!


  13. GEEZ! That painting is amazing! That bedding is super super great as well! I have always been a fan of toile! Your bedroom looks so nice and comforting and restful!

  14. I definitely think that you should take that turquopise/sea color and run with it throughout the room! It would go so well with the dark brown/white comfortor (which is adorable by the way). So pretty!

  15. What a prize! I think let the painting stand on its own. You don't want something competing with it. Just a thought.

  16. wow!! it looks absolutely amazing! looks perfect for the room. i have never properly decorated a room or a house yet so i dont have any advice haha, ill have to take your advice xx

  17. Hi Natasha! Love that bedspread and the painting! :) I think some larger, gord lamps would really make a statement. The lamps you have now are fine, but something more substantial would be nice. Also if you got them in the same blue as the throw pillow in the middle would offer a nice contrast from the dark wood furniture. I would also recommend hanging your artwork just a tad higher to bring more height to the room. Not too much, just a bit ;) Euro shams would give the illusion of a headboard and again bring in more height, so I definitely recommend a pair of those! Thanks for sharing!!
    xo Rachel

  18. I just found your blog and am your newest follower. This painting looks beautiful above your bed. I'm addicted to pillows so I'd pile on pillows in blue, green, black, and white to create a really luxurious feel. And the good things is you can just move the pillows to another room when you get sick of them. I love to shop my house for new treasures so I like to think of everything as interchangeable when you use a little imagination. :) Great blog! I'll be back soon to visit.

  19. I looks beautiful! The painting looks great over you bed.. lucky you for winning it!

  20. What a great giveaway!! It looks absolutely perfect above your bed - I really love the colors.

  21. Love the bedding and the touch of blue!!!

  22. Gorgeous! I love that bedding!

    P.S. Thanks so much for following my blog! Your sweet comments brightened my day!

  23. Hi there ... just found your blog. I like it!!! When I saw that you won the painting, however, I did not know I could continue to look at your blog because I am SO JEALOUS!!! :)
    Brooke helped me with my master bedroom and I have been REALLY thinking about one of Steve's paintings. It's so hard to decide whether to spend that money on something you have only seen online. Seeing it in your bedroom really is helping me decide! It's just beautiful.
    Congratulations and I am getting over my jealousy enough that I am going to look through some of your older posts. Vikki

  24. ha! we definitely do have the same you have good taste! :)


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