Master Bath Reno

When we bought this was unlivable...and that's probably an understatement.  The previous owner was a major smoker and hoarder.  The walls were yellow (from the smoke), the appliances were pea green, there was different flooring in every room, and a HUGE brick fireplace in the main living area.  We gutted the entire house down to the studs.  Unfortunately, in the beginning, we didn't know how much work we were actually going to take on.  So sadly...I have very few "before" pictures to share.  

Below is the transformation of our master bath.  There are many more rooms to follow, but this is the start:

And here's the finished product:

 We turned the bath/shower into a walk-in shower with a bench.  The glass enclosure really opens up the space and is much more functional for us.  We used white subway tiles for the counter tops and beige 13x13 tiles for the floors and shower wall.  The wood cabinets are alder with a natural stain which gives a little warmth to the space.  We found the lighting fixture and bamboo curtains at Lowes...both at great prices!  The floor mats are from Target...I think it adds a nice touch of color, since everything else is very neutral.

We think it's a vast improvement from before.  Hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

xo natasha

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  1. Beautiful bathroom! Oh how I love tearing down walls and re-building! So much fun! Thanks for the follow!