Five Design Details

HGTV and I used to have a love connection...especially when it came to Divine Design with Candice Olson.   She mixes textures and styles in such a beautiful way...I loved watching her show.  Now that we have our own home, I love finding new inspiration and pushing the limits when it comes to what's to be expected here.  Just because we live in an area that is more mountain rustic than city chic, does not mean we can't have both.  Here are some of my design inspirations:

We have these over our fireplace right now and I love how rustic they look but still very elegant.

I love the look of ikat...I don't know where it came from but I think it looks so cool!  I am on the hunt for some new pillows for our couch.  Etsy has a ton of cool ikat pillows and they're all hand crafted by individual sellers online.  Definitely worth checking out!

We bought this at Lowes for a very reasonable price.  It now hangs over the bed in our guest bedroom.  I think it adds a lot of elegance and charm to what was an otherwise boring room.

My husband may kill me if I bring another wicker piece home...I'm not kidding!  I love wicker!  I use wicker for the office, laundry, magazines, dog toys, even the tissue holder!   The list goes on!  I love the texture and how it breaks up a lot of the wood in our home.  And every place carries it...from Pottery Barn, World Market, Target, Pier get the picture.

I'm not kidding...this is one of my FAVORITE new candles!  I know Christmas has passed, but this is a classic winter scent and a must have.  You need to go but it now!

And there you have it!  What are your design inspirations?

xo natasha


  1. Thymes Fraiser Fir - My absolute FAVORITE!! I have a stash of them right now :)

  2. I just can't believe I only recently found out about it! I should stock up too! :)