Hunt for the Perfect Black Handbag

There are many few things I will spend a lot of money on...and handbags are one of those things.  Quality is very important to me in a purse...after all, you carry it all day-everyday with you and it holds precious cargo (one of my biggest fears is losing my wallet or car keys-such a pain!).  It's one of those few items that I hold on to and will last a long time, if classic and well-made.  So though many of these handbags are WAY out of my league, I can't help but share them with you and dream...maybe one day...!

UMMMM I L-O-V-E this YSL bag.  It is so beyond beautiful in person and very's flat and large and sleek and perfect.  However, this item is definitely sold out and DEFINITELY way waaaaaay out of my price range.  But I still love it.  Sighhhhhh...

This Alexander Wang bag has been bookmarked for awhile now...I think it's simple yet classic with a little twist...check out the bottom:

How cool is that?  But again, this baby is just a bit (ok WAY) out of my league price-wise.  Yet, I will continue to watch and see...maybe some fabulous sale will come along!?

Halston Heritage  makes this bag, and although it looks like a's actually quite large and versatile (see link for details).  It's definitely different and fun, right?  Though probably not the most practical handbag for everyday use.

 Almost as equally as I love the YSL purse, I am quite obsessed with this Tory Burch handbag.  In fact, I have a good story here: I bookmarked this purse a while back and decided to watch and see if it would go on sale.  Well it DID and literally the next day it was gone!!!  So you know the drill...I searched and searched everywhere online, but to no avail.  And of course at this point, I wanted it no matter what the price (it's what happens when you want what you can't have!).  So tonight, I was getting ready to post it and VOILA!  There it is again...and on sale still!  I am this close to buying it and will definitely let you know I do.  I really love Tory Burch and think her quality is top notch.  What do you think readers...should I go for it?

And last but not least, a fun little bag to share:

This Kate Spade clutch is so cute and appropriate for the industry I work in...(which by the way is newspaper...not fashion)!  Very Carrie Bradshaw too...didn't she have a dress like this?  :)

OH and a special shout out to My Obsessions Boutique.  My friend was recently lusting over a Botkier bag, that unfortunately went out of stock.  She searched and found the bag at this website and asked the owner to match the price of the bag that went out of stock...and she did!  Major kudos and good tip: Don't be afraid to ask for the deal!

Hope you enjoyed taking a trip down "La La Lane" with me!  Do any of you have any handbags you're lusting over right now?

 xo natasha


  1. Oooo, go for it Natasha! That TB bag is classic and timeless. I love her so much, it all started with the Reva flats and then for Christmas I got one of her cosmetic pouches. Next a bag? Maybe...but I do think you should go for it, if your budget allows of course. I'm really lusting for an LV bag, in the damier ebone. I'm considering the speedy 30. I have about 200 put away for one, so we shall see ;) And of course, my ultimate dream of a bag is a Chanel. Total fantasy at this point!

  2. Gosh, I used to dream about owning the LV Cabas Piano day! :) And of course Chanel is amazing...and so classic! We'll have to remind each other to keep saving and celebrate when we make the big purchase! xo

  3. There is nothing like finding the perfect bag. Funny though I usually always get mine online, so it really is a "love at first sight (or (web)site I should say!)". Currently I am using a Rebecca Minkoff bag that I adore. (And my sisters are fighting over!) But I am so excited for my new purse to come in the mail! Thanks for the shout out! I think the Botkier Conor Satchel is going to be a welcome addition to my closet! Yay!

  4. You know I love that Rebecca Minkoff bag...such a great buy! Can't wait to hear what you think of the Botkier bag! xo