Golden Globes: What were they thinking?!?

I LOVE Award Season...all the dresses and glamour!  It's such a fun time of year.  However, I just don't understand these actresses who have stylists and a boat load of money and yet they wear dresses that are just so blah!  I was disappointed to see so many misses, but I'll start on a positive note.

Eva was stunning in Zac Posen...and good for her!  Tony Parker who?  She nailed it...and the back was equally as stunning.  Way to go.

I feel like this is kind of a given, but bravo to Olivia for doing the Golden Globes up right in this Marchesa gown.  I mean, if you're gonna go big, this is the way to do it.

This does not look like much on the red carpet, but on stage it was hot pink and super girlie and youthful.  Me likey!

This is not my fave, but Mila is so pretty and I think she pulled off the emerald green the best.  Vera Wang did her justice in this one.

Speaking of emerald green...what was Angelina Jolie thinking...

This color looks stunning on her, BUT that dress is just does not do anything for her and just looks cheap.  She looked much better here:

I know she always does black, but this looks so much more flattering on her and the emerald green earrings are perfection.  Great pop of color.

There is no question Halle is gorgeous and has a great body, but I just feel like this is way too obvious!  Less is more...less is more.

This is much more elegant and sultry.  Though, it was hard to find her in something more conservative...Halle likes to show off the goods!

I LOVE Lea her.  And I had such high expectations for her, but I was just so disappointed.   The color was wrong...the material was wrong...ugh and all that extra fabric.  No.  She looked so much better here:

LOVE this dress...great color and so cute on her!  She needs to stick to these silhouettes and embrace her youth!

Sandra...this was another disappointment...the dress just makes her look so frumpy and her bangs are way too 90's.

I just loved this bright and vibrant!  Don't you agree?

And the last one...really in my opinion the worst:

No no no no NO!  Wrong color...what's with the daisies...and are we 12?  I just don't get it at all.

I know she tends to go for things that are unexpected and THIS is the way you do it.  Loved this color on her and her hair.  She looked amazing here!

Overall, I loved the actual awards...there were great acceptance speeches...Natalie redeemed herself for the dress...that I was not so crazy about either.  Can't wait for more!

xo natasha


  1. Hi Natasha! Thanks for stopping by. I watch the Globes, SAG, Oscars, Grammys strictly for the fashion! I agree with every single one of your comments! Michelle Williams--I have no words. I loved Olivia's gown and will be featuring it on my blog on Friday, so stop by!

  2. I'll definitely check your post out on Friday! Thanks for all the great feedback! Have a wonderful week!