A Piperlime Story

For awhile now, I've been wanting a simple gold bracelet to accompany my MK gold watch.  I've searched high and low and finally found the perfect match!  I had to have the Kate Spade "Heart of Gold" bracelet:

Perfection right?  So I asked my lovely husband to get this for my birthday but to my disappointment, it was on back order, until about February.  Well, I figured I could wait and had not seen anything better...especially for the price.  

Several weeks went by and one day H got an email saying that our order had been canceled as they no longer had the product in stock.  WHAT??!  I was slightly perturbed that I had waited all that time for nothing, but no biggie...I would find it somewhere else, right?  Unfortunately, I searched and searched...and searched, but no luck!  Sadly, I decided to accept defeat and checked Piperlime.com one last time...just to make sure.  And there it sat: "in stock"...or so it said.  I didn't want to get my hopes  hope, but I decided to call--just to make sure.

The sales representative who answered the phone was SO nice and when I told her my story, she looked in their system and found out they did have it in stock!  She apologized profusely for the error...and offered a 20% discount plus free shipping!  YIPPEE!  I was super impressed with their service...I mean, I was just happy to be getting the bracelet after all!  I am definitely a fan...way to go Piperlime!

The bracelet came today and I love it!
The gold tones look great together and I think it dresses up the watch for the weekends!

And I really LOVE the way Piperlime packages their items!  Clearly I like green...

Had any good customer service experiences lately?  It's amazing how it can really make your day.

xo natasha


  1. Ohh I love love LOVE it! I have a hard time accesorizing mine because it is the rose gold one. I find the rose gold is usually way out of my budget. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi lolo--you're in luck! Kate Spade makes a similar bangle in rose gold, for not much more:


    Great message too! :)

    A couple other options:

    House of Harlow 1960:


    And good old Nordies:

    Hope this helps! Let me know tomorrow!

  3. Ohh I like the dogeared set, the Kate Spade & the Nordies one! Would be cute all mixed together too (my wallet disagrees!) Def will be buying one of these thanks for the tip!

  4. Thanks Andee Layne! Love and appreciate your comments!

  5. So so pretty! Perfection actually =)